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Re: WCW 2002: The Return

WCW Monday Nitro
January 21, 2002
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Footage from the attacks over the last two weeks on Nitro airs. The video package shows the men in ski masks working with Kevin Nash at the end of the first Nitro, and walking past Eric Bischoff, implying that they work for/with both Nash and Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff arrives to the arena prior to the show. He is stopped dead in his tracks by the men in ski masks. Bischoff notices that there are now five of them, and they hand him a note. The five men walk away and Bischoff continues into the building.

WCW’s Nitro video package plays and the pyro display goes off in the Brown County Veteran Memorial Arena in Green Bay and 4,900 fans pack the arena for the show. Tony Schiavone and Jerry the King Lawler welcome fans to WCW Monday Nitro.

Eric Bischoff’s music plays and the owner of WCW walks down to the ring with the letter still in his hand from the gang. Bischoff gets in the ring and is handed a microphone.

(Eric) Before Nitro goes any further tonight, I wanted to share this note that was just handed to me by the gang upon my arrival here tonight.

Bischoff opens the letter, puts his glasses on and continues.

(Eric) it reads “WCW fans, we’re not who you think we are, and deception will only get you so far. We’re not taking over, and we have no intentions of being the NWO. We are the next generation of superstars making our mark. We are the highlights of the night, the instant classics of professional wrestling. We are wrestling to the extreme and we will take out everyone in our path. We’re on a mission to take WCW and professional wrestling to greater heights and we will stop at nothing until we get there. Everyone in the locker room, everyone in head office, and fans around the world are put on notice. We will resort of anything to get what we want and nobody will stop us. We are the X-Factor.”

Bischoff takes his glasses off, puts the letter back in his pocket and addresses the crowd.

(Eric) You make think you’re the X-Factor, but the reality is that you’re all a bunch of cowards trying to wreak havoc in my company. If you want to make a statement then don’t hide behind your masks; come out here and face me and WCW nose to nose.

“Thus Sprach Zarathustra” plays and the Nature Boy comes out to the ring again. Flair, dressed in his finest suit gets in the ring and addresses Eric Bischoff.

(Ric) Do you really expect all of us to believe that you aren’t the person behind these attacks? Last week they walk right past you, not evening bothering to lift a finger to harm you. This week they conveniently chose you to hand a letter to, once again without hurting a hair on your head. You make me sick Bischoff.

(Eric) Ric, you and I have never seen eye to eye before and this is no different. There is nothing I can do to make you realize that I have nothing to do with this, but I know that these guys are dangerous and I don’t trust them one bit.

(Ric) And I don’t trust you Eric, so this is what’s going to happen. You have until the end of the night to get them in the ring with me so I can talk to them man to man otherwise, all the investors backing you right now will pull out and that will mean goodbye Eric Bischoff.

(Eric) Why don’t you go talk to Nash, I’m sure he knows more about this than I do.

(Ric) I’m talking to you, you cheap SOB! The end of the night Eric!

Flair leaves the ring as Eric Bischoff is an emotional wreck kicking off Nitro.

Tony and the King hype tonight’s Nitro with the start of the Lethal Lottery to determine the new World Tag Team Champions. 4 experienced tag teams will square off against 4 comprised teams in an elimination tournament with the finals taking place at WCW Superbrawl.


David Penzer introduces the first contest for WCW Nitro.

World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament
Buff Bagwell and Curt Henning w. Bobby Heenan vs. Kronik

-Brian Adams and Bryan Clark get the early advantage over Bagwell and Henning, double teaming both of them as soon as the bell rings.
-Bagwell is isolated from his corner as Clark and Adams beat him down in the corner. Clark drops him with a powerslam.
-Adams follows through with a leg drop from the top rope. He covers Bagwell for a near fall when Henning breaks the pin.
-Charles Robinson focuses his attention on Henning; allowing Bagwell to be double teamed in Kronik’s corner.
-Bagwell is whipped into the ropes, but counters with a double DDT on Kronik. He crawls to his corner and tags Henning in.
-Curt cleans house with both Clark and Adams then dropkicks Clark to the canvas.
-Henning follows up with a snapmare and covers Clark for a 2 count.
-Adams gets back in the ring, but soon Bagwell jumps in and all four men brawl in the middle of the ring.
-Kronik goes for the high times on Bagwell, but Henning nails Clark out of the ring and hits the Henning Plex on Adams for the 1...2...3
Curt Henning and Buff Bagwell advance via pinfall (4:12)

Henning and Heenan leave the ring immediately following their victory. Bagwell is left standing alone in the ring.

Jeremy Borash interviews AJ Styles.

(JB) Standing beside me at this time is a young man from Gainsville Georgia. He plans on making a mark in WCW and plans on doing it through the Cruiserweight Division. I’m talking about the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

(AJ) Thanks JB.

(JB) You haven’t been with WCW for very long, but you already have your eyes set on gold as you look towards getting a Cruiserweight Championship from the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

(AJ) I’ve been watching Daniels compete for the last while, and he’s a great wrestler and will no doubt make a great champion, but there is one thing he isn’t and that’s phenomenal JB.

(JB) The Cruiserweight Division is filled with a lot of great talent AJ, what makes you think you have what it takes to be the next champion.

Just as AJ’s about to speak they are interrupted by Christopher Daniels. Daniels comes with the championship around his waist and an appletini in his hand.

(Daniels) He may think that he has what it takes to be champion, but the reality is that there can only be one champion and right now that is the Fallen Angel. I am the most dominant Cruiserweight Champion in the history of the world. I am the only undefeated champion and the man who has revolutionized WCW.

(AJ) I will make it quite clear Chris; I will do whatever it takes to be the Cruiserweight Champion.

(Daniels) Well then have an appletini on me...

Daniels cracks the martini glass across the head of AJ Styles then throws him into the wall. AJ falls the ground and Daniels crouches down over him.

(Daniels) Or should I say on you...Man what a waste of a good drink.

Daniels kicks AJ in the mid section then leaves the set.


David Penzer announces the next contest for WCW Nitro.

Rhino vs. Lance Storm
-Storm comes down and asks the fans if he can be serious for a moment. He cuts a promo on being excluded from all the Championship Matches and states that it’s because he’s from Canada.
-Rhino comes down and Gores Storm immediately.
-Rhino covers Storm for the 1...2...3. And the match is officially over.
Rhino wins via pinfall (0.10)

The War Machine gets on the microphone and addresses the WCW fans and Scott Steiner.

(Rhino) Let me make this very clear to you Scott Steiner. Don’t overlook your match at Superbrawl because you will lose. I will be the new WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Big Poppa Pump comes down to the ring and gets in Rhino’s face.

(Scott) What makes you think for a moment that I’m over looking our match? Is it because I keep getting jumped by thugs? Let me tell you something you fat piece of garbage. Even on my worst day, the Big Bad Booty Daddy will still walk out to the ring; kick your ass; and leave with the World Heavyweight Championship around my waist. You can bet your ass on that!

(Rhino) One word... GORE!!!

(Scott) Bring It!

Rhino and Scott Steiner start exchanging blows back and forth in the ring. Rhino gets the better of Big Poppa Pump at first, but Steiner fights back. Big Poppa Pump backs him into the corner and beats Rhino down, but the two big men continue going toe to toe against each other. Security races down to the ring to attempt a blockade, but Steiner and Rhino continue their war, and a number of security guards are knocked down in the cross fire. More security come to the ring as Steiner and Rhino continue beating the living hell out of each other. Rhino charges after Steiner and nails him with a Gore. Security pulls Rhino out of the ring and force the War Machine to the back.


Eric Bischoff is on the phone in his office when Booker T shows up. Booker tells Eric that he wants the Total Package Lex Luger and Jeff Jarrett tonight. Bischoff makes a Booker T where if he can find a partner, he can wrestle them in a tag team match tonight. If he’s successful in winning the match, he will then get his pick at Superbrawl. Booker leaves the office.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan is walking through the back on his way to find Sting. After looking through locker rooms and closets he finally spots Sting sitting on a staircase in a dark part of the arena.

(Hulk) Listen brother, I need to know what’s going on brother. Do you have anything to do with these attacks?

Sting doesn’t say anything to Hulk.

(Hulk) I know you were watching as Scott Steiner and I got our butts handed to us last week dude. Why didn’t you help?

Sting continues to sit on the step without saying a word.

(Hulk) Com’ on Stinger I know you better than this. You know what’s going on brother!

Sting grabs Hogan and pushes him up against the wall.

(Sting) The truth isn’t always easy to find, but sometimes it’s right in front of your nose.

Sting lets go of Hogan and walks away.


David Penzer introduces the next contest for WCW Nitro.

World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament
The Road Warriors vs. Shane Douglas and The Sandman

-Hawk and Animal start brawling with the Extremists before the match even starts.
-The match goes around the outside of the ring with the Road Warriors getting the better of Douglas and the Sandman.
-The Sandman nails Hawk with his Kendo stick and rolls him into the ring.
-Hawk is clotheslined a couple of times before the Sandman drops him with an inverted DDT.
-Sandman puts a side head lock on Hawk in the middle of the ring.
-Hawk fights to his feet and slams the Sandman repeatedly in the corner until the head lock is released.
-Animal is tagged in and the veteran team does a double team on the Sandman.
-Animal whips the Sandman into the ropes and drops him with a back body drop.
-Animal covers him for a near fall when Shane Douglas breaks up the pin.
-The Road Warriors get control of the match again after a brief brawl in the ring, they take the Sandman out of the ring.
-The Road Warriors nail the Doomsday Device on Douglas and covers him for the 1...2...3.
Road Warriors advance via pinfall (5:19)

The X-Factor hangs out in the parking lot outside the arena. When a car drives up outside the building they approach it and start breaking the windows with baseball bats. They open the door and pull the driver out then start assaulting him outside. They slam his head through the windshield then leave.

Tony and the King comment on the viciousness of the assaults by the X-Factor.


The Lethal Lottery Tournament continues with David Penzer announce the next contest.

World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament
Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. The Nasty Boys w. Jimmy Hart

-RVD is jumped from behind by the Nasty Boys at the start of the match.
-Knobs throws Rey onto the floor and they double team RVD until the referee gains order.
-RVD hits a side leg sweep on Sags and drops a splash on him. Knobs gets in the ring and RVD nails him with an enzuigiri kick.
-The Rolling Thunder makes its mark on Sags and RVD covers him for a near fall.
-Van Dam is about to go for the Five Star Frog Splash when Sags and Knobs both climb onto the middle rope. They drop him to the canvas with a douple superplex.
-Rey gets back in the match, but is once again taken out by the Nastys.
-The Nasty Boys are about to go for the Pitty City with RVD, but Van Dam counters and runs Sag’s face into Knob’s pit.
-Van Dam kicks Knobs off the apron and drop Sags to the mat with a spin kick.
-Mysterio is tagged in and dives off the top rope with a hurricanrana on Sags.
-Rey follows up with the West Coast pop and covers him for a near fall when Knobs breaks the count.
-The Nasty’s isolate Mysterio from RVD and double team him. Van Dam attempts to get in, but the referee keeps him in the corner.
-After several more double teaming moves, the Nastys are finally taken down by a double DDT from Mysterio.
-Rey tags Van Dam in and RVD clotheslines Sags over the top rope. Mysterio hits Knobs with the 6-1-9 and RVD immediately dives off the top rope with a Five Star Frog Splash. They cover Knobs for the 1...2...3.
Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio advance via pinfall (6:48)

RVD and Mysterio’s celebrations in the ring are short lived when the Nasty Boys take them both out with the megaphone. The Nastys leave the ring with Jimmy Hart as the victors lie in the ring.

The most impactful return to Pay-Per-View is happening on Sunday, February 3rd when WCW presents Super Brawl. Hollywood Hogan’s career is on the line when he faces Big Sexy Kevin Nash in a Steel Cage match, plus Bill Goldberg makes his WCW return when he squares off against the Legendary Macho Man Randy Savage, and the Main Event sees Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner defending the World Heavyweight Championship against the War Machine, Rhino. All this plus more of the most exciting wrestling in the world will take place live in Toronto, Ontario and only on Pay-Per-View.


JB Jeremy Borash interviews Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

(JB) I’m joined tonight by Kevin Nash. There is a lot of people questioning what involvement you might have with this group of thugs known simply as the X-Factor?

(Nash) That definitely is the question of the day. I’ve heard the accusations from Hulk, Bischoff, and others around WCW, but think about this. Who were the people most influential in the forming of the NWO? Hollywood wants everything to think that he’s reformed his ways, but the truth is that he’s just as devious now as what he was in the NWO, and as far as Easy-E is concerned... well, Eric is all about controversy so why wouldn’t he try to recreate the greatest group in professional wrestling?

(JB) So you’re not involved?

(Nash) I’m not going to deny that they gave me an advantage in the World Title Match and I would have won if it wasn’t for Scott Steiner cheating me at the last minute, and I may have even gone out for a beer with the guys afterwards, but I’m going to leave the questions up to you and all the fans. Think whatever you want JB, the truth will come out soon enough.

(JB) And how are you prepping for your upcoming match against Hollywood Hogan at Superbrawl?

(Nash) I’m relaxing and taking it easy JB. By the end of Superbrawl the name Hollywood Hulk Hogan will cease to exist and Hogan will be nothing more than a myth.

(JB) Well thank you for your time Kevin Nash. Next week folks, I’m going to have an exclusive interview with Bill Goldberg, but for now lets go back to you Tony and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

In the arena, King and Schiavone comment on Nash’s interview then head things back to David Penzer for the final WCW Lethal Lottery Tournament Match.

World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament
Diamond Dallas Page w. Kimberly and Raven vs. Chuck Polumbo and Shawn O’Haire

-The misfit team of DDP and Raven jive well in the opening moments of the match, but soon the Natural Born Thrillers take control.
-Raven refuses to tag in and DDP is left at the hands of both Polumbo and O’Haire as they make quick tags in and out of the match.
-DDP drops O’Haire with a DDT and slaps Raven across the face before climbing out to the apron.
-Raven gets in and dominates O’Haire, backing him into the corner before whipping him across the ring.
-Raven drops O’Haire with a clothesline then covers him for a two count.
-When Polumbo comes back in he cleans house with Raven, slamming him to the canvas with a fall away slam.
-Polumbo holds the referee back while O’Haire takes Raven out on the floor with a clothesline straight to hell. He rolls Raven back in and Polumbo covers for a near fall.
-Raven and Polumbo both drop to the canvas after a double clothesline. DDP is tagged in and he takes out both opponents.
-Raven gets involved in the match and inadvertently hits DDP. Page questions what happened when he is dropped with a back cracker by O’Haire. Polumbo covers Page for the 1...2...3.
Natural Born Thrillers advance via pinfall (6:06)

After the match, DDP and Raven get into a confrontation in the middle of the ring. They start exchanging rights back and forth until the referee breaks it up. DDP and Kimberly head to the back.


Tony Schiavone and Jerry Lawler announce two more matches signed for WCW Superbrawl; Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles for the Cruiserweight Championship and Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven. They also announce the semi final matches for next week’s Nitro will feature The Road Warriors taking on Buff Bagwell and Curt Henning while Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio take on the Natural Born Thrillers.

Michael Buffer makes the official Main Event introductions for WCW Nitro on HBO.

Main Event
Lex Luger and Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T and Hollywood Hulk Hogan

-The roof in Green Bay erupts when “Voodoo Child” plays and the yellow and red pyro goes off for Hollywood. A “Hulk Still Rules” chant emerges from the crowd and Hogan joins Booker T for the main event.
-Luger starts the match off by jumping Hogan in the ring the ring. Hogan walks around the squared circle while Luger still beats on him.
-Hollywood stops in his tracks and starts beating down Luger in the ring. An Irish whip sends Luger into the ropes and Hogan nails him with a clothesline.
-Hogan is in control of the match, taking both Luger and Jarrett to school with right hand chops and knees into their mid section. Hogan throws Luger onto the floor and brings Jarrett into his corner where he then taps Booker in.
-Booker remains in control of the match, nailing Jarrett with a Harlem side kick then slapping a sleeper on the Chosen One.
-Luger gets involved and breaks up the hold, allowing Jarrett to get back to his feet.
-The Chosen One nails Booker with a low blow and follows up with a couple of uppercuts before backing Booker into his corner.
-Jarrett and Luger keep tagging each other in, remaining fresh while they isolate Booker from Hollywood.
-Hogan gets the crowd pumping from the apron as Booker T makes a break from the corner. He crawls towards Hogan, but Luger grabs him and pulls him in at the last moment.
-The Total Package slaps the Torture Rack on Booker in the middle of the ring, but Booker rakes the eyes of Luger and the hold is released.
-Booker is about to make the tag to Hogan when Nash pulls Hollywood off the apron and boots him in the face. Hogan lands on the ground and Booker is left helpless in the ring.
-Nash whips Hogan in the ring steps before the referee calls him on it. With Hogan out, the match is now two on one.
-Booker is at the mercy of Luger and Jarrett in the middle of the ring for several more minutes, but is still able to kick out of pinning attempts.
-Booker clotheslines both Luger and Jarrett to the ground then starts towards his corner, but nobody is there.
-The Icon Sting runs down to the ring and climbs on the apron and extends his hand for Booker. Booker makes the tag and Sting is the legal man.
-The Icon takes out both Luger and Jarrett in the ring. He puts them in opposite corners and dives with a Stinger Splash on both of them repeatedly.
-Nash comes back down and tries to interfere in the match, but Sting takes him out as well. The Icon drops Luger to the canvas with the Scorpion Death Drop and tags Booker T in to the ring.
-Booker nails the Harlem Hang Over on Luger and covers him for the 1...2...3.
Booker T and Sting win via pinfall (10:01)

The Icon and Booker celebrate their victory in the ring when Nash, Jarrett, and Luger jump them again inside the ring. Luger beats down Sting while Jarrett cracks the Guitar across Booker’s head. Hollywood Hogan gets in the ring and starts Hulking up. He takes down the opponents, leaving only Nash standing in the ring. Hogan and Nash come face to face when the lights go off.

After a couple of moments, the lights come back on and Hogan, Booker, and Sting are all taken down by the X-Factor. They continue their assault on the three men while Kevin Nash stands by to watch. Hogan is busted open by them and Nash approves of the carnage happening in the ring. After the thugs are through with Hogan they turn and celebrate with Nash.

Nash offers them the Wolfpac sign and they all celebrate in the ring. The celebration is cut short though when the X Factor turns on Nash and take him out as well. They beat Nash with baseball bats and steel chains. Then spray paint a huge X across his back.

Eric Bischoff arrives to the ring and orders them out the arena. They kindly oblige and exit the ring. For the second straight week they leave without touching a hair on Eric Bischoff’s head. Ric Flair comes out and has an argument with Eric Bischoff on the arena floor. The X Factor comes back and takes the Nature Boy out right in front of Eric Bischoff before leaving once again.

Next Week on Nitro:
World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament Match
Road Warriors vs. Buff Bagwell and Curt Henning w. Bobby Heenan

World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament Match
Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. The Natural Born Thrillers

World Championship Wrestling
Superbrawl 2002
Live from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (c) vs. War Machine Rhino

Steel Cage
Hogan’s Career Threatening Match

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Big Sexy Kevin Nash

For the First Time EVER!
Goldberg vs. The Mach Man Randy Savage

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Phenomenal AJ Styles

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven

WCW World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Finals

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard

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