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Re: State of Affairs

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
So many good points proven here.

Especially the fact that when someone gets shat on by a 'higher up old-timer' of this forum, even though if that person who is being dissed didn't do anything wrong in the present, and everyone's okay with him, everyone seems to change their opinions about that certain someone for no reason. Well actually, just because the 'other guys' are doing it too, so you want to fit in the party. If they (the -2008'ers) out of the blue buried the hatchets with that certain someone, everyone else would follow and start replying ""'s to that user, because it's what the others are doing.

How about having your own god-damned opinions, you talk with who you want to, you are a 'e-friend' of who you want to, why must others affect your judgement on someone else? One thing I respect about Chapo even though he dislikes me, is that he keeps his opinion about people intact, not changing them because of what others think. One should follow.

And yes, this thread derailing needs to stop. Might I remind you, when I came back a few weeks ago, I kept posting on-topic replies in Rants, and a fair amount of cretins kept replying stuff that had nothing to do with the damn OP, even though I kept no-selling it all. That is just one example. HEELKris is a douche, but the Rant he made about the catchpas(?) was actually interesting, and look at what it turned out to be. And the funny thing is most of those exact same people claim it's the likes of me who are ruining Rants.

I get it. I'm far, very far from being a good, hell, a decent poster. I'm going to change with time, that I can promise you, even though it will be hard to accept such thing after that infamous 'saga' I had.

But at least I don't wander around every single thread in this section, stalking a certain member I dislike, so I can start a E-War that has no place in such thread. I think it's ridiculous.

Call it dick-riding if you want, but Rush is right. This nonsense needs to stop. Either make a "User Rantwars" general thread, or stop with this pointless bickering in every thread created. And yes, that includes myself, which I am about to do from now on. Let's see if I'm going to be the only one.
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