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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 11/12/12: THIS FUCKING COMPANY

I was surprised at that Orton/Ziggler match. Both of them put good work into that match. As soon as i saw Teddy Long come out I just knew there was going to be some sort of tag team. Don't get me wrong I like that they're attempting to put spark in the tag division, (and I don't have a problem with Teddy) but what I don't like is that Teddy = Tag Team matchups every time. Unless within my absence of watching for so many years Teddy declared it's his mission to revive the tag division...I don't know. I thought that tag match was okay. It had action that caught my attention here and there.

I was disappointed to see Regal doing a one-on-one with the Big Show because I knew he was gonna wind up with slap marks on his chest again. Within the storyline, though, it's kind of admirable how much pride and determination Regal has even if he knows he might not win.

It was nice seeing Lawler back. He made a nice emotional speech and it didn't drag on too long. I kinda figured that someone would interrupt (WWE equation) and I knew it would be Punk. At first I thought that WWE was going to go on some sudden illness bandwagon starting with Heyman so I rolled my eyes at his antic, but when I realized Heyman was just being Heyman I got back into it.

I can see that AJ is back to her old ways and now Cena is the new victim.

I was disappointed with the Maddox/Ryback match. I didn't think Maddox would win clean, but I was hoping he'd somehow figure out a win-by-disqualification or at the very least disqualify himself by beating Ryback senseless with a sort of melee weapon. I hope that they continue to bring back Maddox but make him more dangerous and cunning.

D-Bry-Bry was...just...so silly last night. He's starting to realize how much he needs Kane and it may just be too late. It's like something out of a fan-fiction. Bry-Bry has bumped his way up my favorites list little by little and I used to hate the guy. Same with the Miz too. I love Miz's sort-of face change. Kane...well...Kane is Kane.

The main event was pretty cool. Good performance by Cena and Punk but I don't understand the point of Foley being a main enforcer. What does the enforcer role give? I was hoping that he'd be a guest ref or something. Anyway, the end got me chuckling when Ryback and Cena were tugging at the belt and Punk kept trying to grab it with that pouty face.

Overall I'd say it was average. I didn't record it this time and the only times I got up off the couch was during commercial breaks. Then again I was playing my DSi during the matches that bored me.

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