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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 11/12/12: THIS FUCKING COMPANY

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
Oh, "the look" requirement...so unless someone looks like a bodybuilder, they arent worthy of air time?

Intimidating is a good quality to have, but what's intimidating about him squashing jobbers?

you know, part of being good in the business is to be good on the mic. If you're going to spout one line in 7 months, you're probably a chasm of charisma.

You're right, he totally doesnt hulk up to the crowd's delight

oh man...he does squash matches like a BOSS? Thats a title contender's biggest asset!

Like asenath asked...what do you see in him? What potential? The guy has an old gimmick, that was done with more success and credibility in WCW.
1. About the look. Did I ever say that if someone doesn't look like a bodybuilder, they are not worthy of air time. No I didn't, its just you making shit up. I like Ryback's look. So fucking what.

2. Yes he is intimidating, plus he has not only squashed jobbers. He has squashed the WWE champion CM Punk, former WHC Ziggler, former WHC Swagger, former WWE champion The Miz.

3. No, you don't have to be fucking good on the mic to make it in the business. There has been a ton of guys that have made it to the top that don't have almost any mic skills.

4. O wow he chants feed me more and the crowd chants it with him. At least he is not in there saying shit like "Glad to be in whatever fucking city we are in". Or "I love you fans", or other shit like that that every other fucking face does in today's WWE to suck up to the fans.

5. Yes, he is a title contender by squashing everybody in the ring, including the current WWE champion, and a handful of former World champions. In kayfabe, it makes him look like a monster destroying everybody in the way he does. Imagine if this was the UFC for example. You have one guy destroying everybody with ease, and you think hmmmmm. I shouldnt give him the next title shot because he has beaten everybody I have put in front of him so easily.

So fucking what if he has a gimmick similar to Goldberg? I should hate him for that. News flash, Goldberg did his gimmick over 10 years ago. Eventually it will get repeated. Everything in pro wrestling gets recycled. Do you hate CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler because they are just the same generic heels that pretty much every other heel in the company is? O no, CM Punks current gimmick has been done in the past as well. Now I have to hate him.

Wasn't Goldberg basically a WCW copy of the Ultimate Warrior? O fuck, now you have to hate Goldberg because his gimmick has been done in the past as well.

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