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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
How is it? Do you think Punk and Heyman really hate Lawler, and were mocking him IRL? No, they almost certainly wished him well like everyone else. They were playing a character and trying to offend you, and from the looks of it they have done a good job. And now it follows that you want to see them get beat up and so will cheer for their opponents. That's how wrestling works. This is no different to any other segment, the only difference is it has got to you and make you into a mark.
TV shows with gunfire is not a direct mocking of something. It's simply an action scene. The Paul E/Punk segment was a direct mockery of a serious situation.
Originally Posted by The Great Below View Post
It doesn't make sense because it blows up in your face. You're comparing two different situations (recovered King vs. dead King) and then complain when someone else does the same.

You've had no argument other than your personal moral tastes.

You then claimed there is no trashy TV anymore. We pointed out there is, and it's still successful. People like trash TV, look at Judge Judy.

So.. You are now back to your personal moral judgement, which by the looks of the poll is in the minority.
No, what I'm saying is, if it's not acceptable to make fun of death, then how is it acceptable to make fun of near death? That shit traumatizes people. There's people that are never the same after near death experiences.

I never said there wasn't trash TV anymore. I said the shift in society's focus has changed.

I swear Vince McMahon could literally shit in somebody's mouth while some random diva is playing with his balls at the same time and you people will call it great TV.

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