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Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
It should remain that way? Are you serious? This is exactly why wrestling and wrestling fans have a bad name.
I'm pretty sure...no...I'm VERY sure the whole wrestling being "fake" in the conventional means takes of care of that

The point of pro wrestling is to suspend your belief. To make you think you're watching something that's realistic and believable. Vince ruined that long ago, and instead created the image of wrestling that is just fake bullshit with no morals. Yet he does hypocritical bullshit like BE A STAR.
which is awesome, the whole thing is fake, if it wasn't there wouldn't be storylines, writers or bookers doing the whole thing backstage and being one of the backbones of pro-wrestling, or at least, the WWE, the whole B A STAR it's complete borderline hypocrisy and imho it should not exist at all with backgrounds such as attitude era

if people want to "suspend disbelief" in a classy way by watching Wrestling and enjoying the whole "choreographed" show they should go to New japan pro wrestling and the like, WWE already made their name and precedent by doing over the top wacky borderline trashy stuff, it's complete hypocrisy and idiocy to negate all of that and create a "tasteful family show that cares about sensitivity"

Unbelieveable. And then McMahon wonders why he's been shit on by the general public for well over 20 years now.
because he doesn't want to accept the fact that WWE it's not a mainstream entertainment business and he shouldn't appear to a demographic that in all honestly doesn't even care about anything regarding sports to begin with, aka, the birth of the PG era

it's the same way linda mcmahon is running for senate while her own money is being made of something as the WWE, spending 90 million of dollars why denying health care to their own workhorses, the ones that put money in her pockets to begin with and pretending she has nothing to do with it
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