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Re: WF MAFIA (Night Two)

Night 2

Evo was wandering about looking to fuck things up some more. Known as the guy who constantly causes mislynches and basically leads town to defeat, he had much to prove. So he did what any reasonable person would do, kill a female hoping to redeem himself of all his past failures. He took aim and fired, killing Croft in the process.

She was:

Spoiler for LC:

From the moment you started playing you have showed that you will refuse to take orders from anyone if you donít believe in what theyíre preaching. The only person you listen to is yourself and because of this youíre the GF and investigation immune. The immunity comes from your common drunkenness of course because no one can actually read you when you start talking non-sense.


Finally, Evo had done something right, he turned around with a smile on his face. That smile was quickly gone as a bat nailed him right in the face and killed him.

Spoiler for Evo:
Vig- Evolution

When you want someone dead you will stop at nothing to get them lynched. Whether it means to fake ridiculous info or even just blindly tunnel the person, you donít stop until that person is lynched. Because of this youíre the vig, you may shoot at one player each night.

However, the night was not over for mafia, as someone ran up and stabbed Clover while he mourned the death of LC.

He was:

Spoiler for clover:
Strongman/ 1 shot poison- Cloverleaf

Remember that one time you pushed really hard on someone and got them killed? Yeah neither do I. But you have argued against lynches before and stood your ground if you disagreed with a lynch as well as having stopped others from lynching said person. Or maybe you havenít. That really isnít the point, youíre the 1 shot strongman and 2 shot roleblocker. You may use both of these on the same night if you wish, but the strongman is not an addition to your groupís factional kill.


Although they lost their vig, who would have probably caused them to lose anyways, that night still went well for town as they prepared for Day.

It is now Day 3, with 18 alive it's 10 for a lynch.

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