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Re: asskissing on this forum

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
How about you, for starters. Also posted this in another thread, and if fits this one even better.
I admit it, you would have a point if you wasn't so dumb with and made it so obvious that you have an alt account
Look at you now, you make it again too obvious that you are Apocalypto
Apocalypto posted thousand times that I am an ass kisser and after he realizes that I don't give a fuck what he thinks and ignore it you return with your NoyK account and ask me the same question.

Of course I posted that you was a great user, even after you made a fool of yourself I posted via PM and repped you that I never had a problem with you personally. To be more clear, I never had a problem and still have not a problem with the NoyK account.
You see, every fool knows that Apocalypto and the Livid One are the same person. Livid One joined in July and Apocalypto joined in August but they know some things that happened before so it's obvious that these are alt accounts. The only question was who is it?
You don't need a detective to find this out. Apocalypto appears when NoyK leaves, NoyK appears when Apocalypto leaves. NoyK is mad at Apocalypto for no reason because "Apocalypto talked behind his back". Apocalypto is mad at NoyK for no reason because "NoyK ran away when he saw that he logged in".
To make it clear, I never had a problem with the NoyK account, I have a problem with Apocalypto and because NoyK and Apocalypto are the same person I could care less about his other "nice" account.
But nice try, starting a discussion as Apocalypso about ass kissing and when I ignore it you come back as NoyK and you want to start a discussion about ass kissing
But like I said, you can't do anything right on this forum.

And how cute to tell me to fuck off, sadly I posted already fuck off to you in the rep message many hours before Mr. NoyK/Apocalypto/Livid One.

You will now as usual leave with class and return as Apoc and pick me now as target because you are a little butthurt bitch

Cat's thread, jobber stables, ass kissing, dick riding and bandwagoning has nothing to do with it, you was just stupid and made it too obvious that you are Apocalypto

EDIT: and once again, you can post green reps how much you want because that doesn't prove anything. I would still (green) rep the NoyK account if you wouldn't make it too obvious that you are Apocalypto.

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