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Re: asskissing on this forum

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
Noyk, replied to you in the other thread.

As for this whole dick riders thing, who really cares anyway? Loads of posters on here ride my e-dick but it doesn't make a difference to me either way, if they're a shit poster I'll think they're shit, if they're good then I'll like them, sucking up has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of shit posters that green rep me on a regular basis, doesn't mean I'm going to like them anymore than before that.
Fair enough. I just hate when someone calls another person an ass kisser when he is probably the biggest around here, and claims they 'expose' someone with no proof whatsoever, just making shit up without facts. I expose people with facts. And for what it's worth, even though you might take this in a wrong way, so do you, against me once in fact, and I respect that. I put reason over pride.

But don't fucking act like "OH I EXPOSED NOYK, HE'S APOCALYPTO" without any fucking solid proof whatsoever. I tried to keep calm and keep this shit away from DualShock, but he insisted into pushing me. Now it's done.
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