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Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Discussion

Originally Posted by SoupMan Prime View Post
Another COD game. I never understood how on the internet all you see is hate for COD games but for some reason each one outsells the previous lol. I loved MW3 and could play all day. I preordered Black Ops 2 and will pick it up juwt not sure when. I love the specialist strike package so much in MW3 I might continue to play it from time to time.
Its like the IWC. We all complain about Cena or Hogan, but the majority of the people who are fans or "casuals" that don't frequent to complain on the internet love it or don't care as much as us. Same theory with COD. Besides they aren't bad games. None of you were complaining about COD 1 or 2, hell even 3 and 4 didn't get much hate (even tho 3 is objectively an abortion). But once it got popular and "annualized", people found something to complain about.

And another thing, all the people that say "oh BF single player sucked! are reviewers fucking stupid? a 9/10? they even said the single player was shit and the only redeeming part was the multiplayer." Well, think about that next time you haven't touched Black Ops 2 single player and are going for your 5th prestige on multiplayer.

Hypocritical trolls* >_>

*Obviously I'm not talking about any of you! I'm talking about the IWCoD!

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