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Chi Town Punk
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If its a heel turn, then it better be a heel turn with a purpose. The thing is, I don't want to see bland television. If people want to like Orton and cheer for Orton that's fine, he gets some of the biggest pops of the night and sometimes for not even doing anything but saying 3 words.

If they turn him heel, he'll just be another guy with no reaction. WWE are killing all their top babyfaces right now and that's no good. How can someone who's never watched wrestling before get into this shit? Cena already gets mixed reactions; People were popping for Punk earlier this year now some crowds he comes out to dead silence. The same will happen with Orton. No one will want to boo, but no one will want to cheer either.

if they are going to turn him and fuck it up in the following 3 weeks id rather they not turn him. I'm fine with him being in the main event again, but the report says recognized as a top name AGAIN, wasn't he already a top recognized name? rton
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