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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

The first time I read this it put me in hospital and I just got out, so I thought I should give you some thoughts.

SmackDown Feedback

Starting off with the new World Heavyweight Champion is a good way to go, really the only way you could go after the PPV. I applaud you by the way of putting the belt on someone different like Henry, bold move but I feel he would make a dominant World Champí. Liked the little bit with Henry screaming at the fan. The start to the promo was okay, not liking the negative reference to Sexual Chocolate. Comedy gold he was with good old D-Lo Brown, shame on you. Anyway, I didnít really get the second line, it was almost as if he was saying that pleasing the fans actually helped him, because he won the World Championship. Henry challenging anyone in the back to come out and face him was a good way to show he means business and will take on all comers, I would have liked him to maybe go into detail about his time in the Nation of Domination, perhaps saying he learned then not to be someoneís bitch and take things for himself, couldíve got more heat by running down the leader of that group, The Rock before referring to Sexual Chocolate and then continuing the promo. Liked the intensity of Henry when he was talking about Sheamus, and Iím actually surprised that Sheamus never came out but Theodore was expected. I liked Teddy congratulating Mark because they have history with each other, so props for referring to that. What? No tag team match? You sicken me. Triple threat main event is huge but I can already tell that Sheamus will be the one that wins it. Really surprised that you gave Ortonís rematch away on Television, not sure how I feel about it, but with Hell in a Cell right round the corner than I guess it makes sense. Anyway, solid opening to the show.

Interesting start to the match, with Orton being wary of Henry, which is understandable as it shows that Henry is a beast and even Orton needs to think smartly about facing him. Orton showing his smarts by rolling out the ring to rethink his strategy was a good segue into the commercial break. Henry looked extremely dominant in the opening exchange, and after the break as well, maybe even too dominant. I was really surprised by how much little offense that Orton got in this match, it seemed like for the whole match, except the end, he was dominated by Henry. Henry picking up the win was expected, and he looked like a total beast in this match, dominating the former champion like he was nothing. A good match to kick things off.

Solid backstage segment here, Iíd have rather Christian tell Teddy to shut up instead of just saying be quiet. But anyway, good to see Christian getting more and more annoyed, expect to see more of him later in the show.

Youíve already told me you are a fan of Gabriel so I expected him to pull out the victory here, what I didnít expect though is the second match. It shows how brave and tough Justin is after accepting another match, and picking up the victory again just consolidates how good he can be, I am concerned that it made one of your tag teams look a little weak. The post match was interesting, the team getting some revenge after being shown up and Fighting For Freedom making the save was good. I like this duo for some reason.

Another good backstage segment, I feel that you done well in hyping up the main event and making Daniel seem fearless and referring to him having to work his way to the top will only make the fans like him more. I found the start to the next one confusing, but you cleared that up with Kelly saying she wants to earn it. Iím actually interested in what youíre doing with Kelly tbh, which is a first for me. Donít know if you realized this, but itís me, Brie, actually made me laugh, just the way it rhymed. Anyway, like I said this Kelly situation is actually interesting to me, and I get the feeling will Eve will play a huge part in this storyline. Another solid bit of hype for the main event, but it makes it pretty obvious that Orton will play a part either during or at least after it.

Good match here, the match writing was solid and Regal picking up the win was expected, as we do need a challenger and Regal will no doubt be a good one for Rhodes. Sin Cara getting involved, I didnít expect, but he needed to get some retribution after NOC, and the referee telling him to leave but he didnít understand was gold. Good segue into Regal getting the win with the brass knuckles.

Time for the divas match, match quality will be top notch, I can tell. Liking the new aggressive nature of Kelly, as her old happy go lucky stuff in real life was awful. Not much to say on this match, Kelly had to win to get her rematch, the writing was solid though. I did expect Phoenix to show her face though. Bryan knocked out? Iím guessing Christian, did find Teddy ordering everyone away was a little strange but it does add some intrigue to the main event later.

I was gonna say that having Christian in this match wouldnít make any sense, so glad you stopped him and put Morrison in the match. Really good and exciting main event, again Ė youíre match writing was solid and a nice way to end the match portion of the night. Barrett attacking Sheamus was a good way to get Orton involved in the closing moments of the show, and a Henry appearance was needed. Sheamus and Henry should be a good title match for the PPV, and Hell in a Cell should make it that much more special.

All in all, despite my grievances about the start of the Mark Henry promo, you know why , it was a solid show after the PPV. You had it tough in that you had to create a good card in just two weeks. Like I said, I enjoyed this show, like RAW, and I look forward to the next one Ė my doctor is on call for when itís posted. <3
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