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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Starting the show with Orton was a good choice ahead of the match with Miz. I hope that you make this feud seem a lot different to what it was irl because these two faced off at the Rumble and I remember it to be a pretty bland build up and feud so I hope that something happens to really bring this feud to the next level. I think this rivalry needs another layer other than Miz beat Orton for the title after cashing in MITB so Orton is pissed off. When Miz came out it started to get a bit better as Miz started to talk about what Orton used to be like; this is getting the emotions tied into it and making Orton believe that he has to revert back to his former persona which makes for better reading for us as readers. Miz ducking out of the challenge only to drop Riley into it was pretty funny This has a lot of potential to be so much better than it actually was so I hope that you make it so. Make me invested in this feud. Solid start to the show but nothing too special

I was a fan of the Slater and Gabriel team (mainly Gabriel of course ) but seeing these two challenging for the titles is good and should make for an entertaining match. This was a good bout with The Usos and having Slabriel win was the obvious choice to build some momentum and put on a clinic in front of the champions. I liked the attack on Koztino after the match to show off the aggressive side of both Slater and Gabriel. I'm pulling for them at the Rumble

I enjoyed this segment with the Harts as I'm enjoying this push for Kidd which he really should have gotten properly around this time. The alliance with Andrews is proving to be good so far which is good. Natalya showing how gutsy she is really goes in with her personality and the lack of fear at attacking both Kidd and Andrews. DH Smith coming down to make the save was predictable after what happened but the right move for sure. I hope to see Kidd and Smith be given a decent amount of time soon to have a match because I'm sure you'd do a great job of it. I liked Melina's part here and thought it was crucial considered that the Divas Title was kind of playing second fiddle to the whole Hart storyline. Nice segment here.

This Nexus segment really sparked my interest because it seems that Punk is being more of a team player with Barrett more in it for himself. This will obviously become more apparent and I can't when until when it does.

Glad Regal was able to get some decent offence in against Miz as it does make him look good for hanging in there with the WWE Champion. Plus Miz gets a win over a veteran that makes him look strong as a champion. At first I was skeptical about Miz not getting the clean victory but the post-match announcement from the GM cleared up any worries I had. Now I'm a little more interested in the WWE Championship Match because it is a proving moment for The Miz and will give him that proper win to validate his title reign because he didn't actually have a convincing defence against a proper opponent in his entire run if I remember right (I won't count Morrison) I'm also interested in what Miz's reaction to this announcement will be heading towards the Rumble. Also nice job putting Regal in the Rumble match.

Seems like a good match between Morrison and Barrett which would have been a really enjoyable TV match, shame that this is in recap form Barrett getting the victory to build momentum for Nexus was the right move; they need to still look like a threat to the rest of the roster.

Interesting stuff with Cena here makes the Rumble look like a big deal.

Brilliant stuff from Punk there <3

Easy and routine win for Orton here, Riley would have never in a million years caused any major problems for him, especially since Miz wasn't even around. This was always going to be about the aftermath obviously and I liked the vicious side to Miz here. This really does add a lot more to the feud now but it could come back to bite Miz in the arse. Although the only thing I'm not sure about is why Miz went for the ankle... because Orton having an injured ankle doesn't really do much to help Miz take advantage of it because Miz doesn't have a move that affects the ankle unless you plan on giving him the Ankle Lock (would be pretty cool btw). Much like on Smackdown with Edge and Rhodes, you've done a good job in adding a lot to this feud over one show which is a crucial part. Good job.

A solid episode here dude, I know that you are capable of a lot more but that isn't to say that there was any major issues with this show. It could just be the recap format that makes it seem like there is less detail in there. But the Miz/Orton feud advanced well heading towards the Rumble and Nexus looked very strong in this show. A good job and it is good to see you making this thread your own more and more with every show. Well done brah
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