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Re: Who should CM Punk drop the title to ???

Originally Posted by faceface View Post
I feel like a blind fan saying it, but I don't really see anyone he can drop it to. If he drops it to The Rock then the WWE have allowed a former star to go over their two top current stars and if he drops it to Cena without ever having had a clean win all the work they've done building him up as an equal is crushed. The only other option is Ryback and, while I know this isn't a great argument, I just don't think he's earned it. He may or may not be ready, I can't tell, but I think Punk deserves better than to drop the title to someone who's been launched above him based solely on Vince McMahon's whim. I'd like to see Ryback succeed naturally.

I guess I'd most like to see Punk drop the title to someone who fits credibly into the same position he's in. A realistic competitor, not some kind of superhuman, the ilk of which he has to deal with these days. Bryan would be fine, Barrett would be fine, Miz, Orton, anyone who fits into that sort of bracket. Upper card guys who'd actually be put over by a victory over Punk. As it stands, the few people who are actually likely to take the belt from him gain nothing. That's a shame.

The age of larger than life wrestling is over. Why book these last gen stars or vinces big men instead of booking modern day classics? For example, how can booking Bryan over Punk in an iron man match not be good for business? It would do wonders for both men and the wwe. Everybody wants Punk to drop it to a former star...losing it to a really good competitor in an epic match would be more believable, more effective, and much more rewarding.

This hierarchy thing in the wwe really needs to die.
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