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Re: Did Heath Ledger REALLY earn the Oscar a few years ago?

Never thought Ledgers performance was amazing. It was good but not amazing. I had too many problems with this version of the joker for me to think it was amazing

what I had problems with performance wise

-him licking his lips annoyed the hell out of me and seemed forced and overdone
-Whenever he laughed it didn't sound legit. Again for some reason it sounded really forced to me.

What I had problem with in terms of portrayal:

I didn't like his whole ordeal of wanting to "corrupt" everyone( he was more like "the corrupter" in this than "the joker". and yes this joker had a motive in this movie whether people want to admit it or not) I've never seen the joker as someone who cares about "bringing someone to his level". to me all the joker should care about is messing with people and having a BLAST doing it.... basically doing fucked up things because he CAN and because its damn fun to him. That's it. Thats his only motive. The DK version seemed too concerned with peoples moral stances to the point where it sorta came off to me as a guy who deep down wasn't REALLY evil(the joker should be PURE evil), but a guy who's only evil because something terrible happened to him and now wants people to be on his level so that he doesn't have to feel alone in his thinking. CLEARLY nolan took this from the Killing Joke comic(which turned joker into a sympathetic villain) and tbh i didn't like the fact that they did this. The Joker to me should NEVER be anywhere near sympathetic. He's purely evil, someone who can NEVER be rehabilitated because he's not doing it because of some loss or problem he had in the past.

Anyway overall i didn't think his performance was bad, it was good in some parts but overall i didn't think it was a amazing. Should he have deserved a nomination? yea but I don't think he should've won an oscar. Especially since he pretty much ripped the voice straight from this guy

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