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Re: PsychedelicStacey

I see NoyK is back. Thanks for proving my point that you are indeed Apocalypto.

Shall we start NoyK?

You proved in the past just like you prove now in this thread that you are very dedicated to this forum. No matter how many times people told you to fuck off you refused to leave this forum, you always tried to prove a point here.

A week ago Cat made a thread about you and instead of trying to prove a point in that thread like you always do you just left. You posted only a "I ain't even mad" John Cena GIF and left because you ain't mad at all (not only this section but the whole forum) despite that you are known as a user who loves to discuss with people who dislike you to prove them wrong.
But look, on the same day NoyK disappeared Apocalypto appeared and attacked all users who agreed with Cat and other users who got no X-Pac heat.
And what a surprise, of all people who are disliked he only mentions NoyK in his rant too make it not obvious just to make it not obvious when he returned as NoyK and attacked Apocalypto because he "talked behind his back" but Apocalypto mentioned him maybe only once.
The reason was that you was mad as hell and butthurt because of this thread so you switched back to Apocalypto to make it look like NoyK is not impressed so he no-sells and Apocalypto is nothing else than a troll who insults people for no reason when in reality Noyk is your Dr. Jekyll and Apocalypso your Mr. Hyde account.
Noyk no-sells everything and is never mad because such a nice guy because he knows that with his second account he can shoot back.

I mentioned in my last response to Apocalypto in this thread that he is so dumb and will appear as NoyK on the same day when Apocalypto gets banned and what happens? NoyK appeared on the same day after not posting here for over a week because he realized that it will be indeed too obvious so you returned earlier but all of sudden Apocalypto is missing in action. What a coincidence.

Where have you been so long NoyK? Only lurking this forum? You quoted my post where I said that posting pictures of yourself means nothing. How do you know that, I posted it in the jobbers thread 2 days ago in a thread with over 15,000 replies, between the last post and a 2 days old post are 500 posts between because people constantly post in this thread. You have read over 500 posts in this thread? Or you are maybe even Turtlesauce because I quoted him.
Do you realize now how dumb you are because you make it too obvious.
You know the internet is the easiest place to fool someone, a 5y old kid can fool a 50y old man on the internet but only you are so stupid and revealed after only 3 posts that you use the NoyK and Apocalypto account.
Now you can hit your head against the wall because you can't even fool someone on the internet and even little kids are smarter on the internet than you.

Now read the Apocalypto posts and try to find out where you screwed up NoyK.
If Apocalypto was indeed the Livid One that means that the Livid One is also NoyK.
At least 3 accounts on a wrestling forum and one is dumber than the other. you really proved that you are the most pathetic user here. Congratulations
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