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Re: WWE needs a Main Event Stable

Originally Posted by Rated-R Intellect View Post
I know faction storylines have been done to death in the WWE, but it's because they are logical and simply work.
There's no need to explain a Superstar's actions in joining a Stable as its a simple case of "Together we will make it".
Factions have often always proved to make new Superstars at the same time as Solidifying Main Eventers as such.

Something like Evolution is needed where you have an already established Main Event Star run the group. Add a tag team and an enforcer (or vocal young star) and you have a neat pack of four Superstars who can challange on every Championship front.

Who do you think would make a great four man 2013 stable in the current WWE landscape?

"The League of Champions"

I have always thought that this would make for a great stable name especially with these members. Alberto Del Rio as the leader of the group, Antonio Cesaro, and McIntyre along with Jinder Mahal as the tag team. You are probably wondering what happened to 3MB? Mahal, and Drew finish him off thus leaving the band. No, I wouldn't mold this in to a stable that is completely against America. I would have them ridicule Americans, and say that they(members of LOC) are no longer minorities in the wrestling world. Del Rio claims that their "greatness" has been oppressed, and their achievements held quiet.

They aren't here to burn our flag, or spit on our soil. The League of Champions should be a stable that recognizes the importance of Foreign Super Stars, and how they are part of the future of the WWE, and the past. Have the members talk about famous Canadians like Piper, Hart, Edge, Jericho, and many others. Del Rio could talk about Eddie, Morales, or Mysterio. Mahal could talk about Sabu, The Iron Sheik, The Original Sheik etc. Drew could have his last Piper's Pit with his most idolized star as a kid, Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Cesaro could say that he is the only Swiss born star in the WWE, and that he is the equivalent of The Rock in his home land. He says that when he comes back to Switzerland he has to wear a disguise in order for the mobs of ladies not to rip his clothes. When you think on how many stars aren't all Americans they can come up with a strong list of names that have meant something to pro-wrestling. What this does is gives them something to speak about during promos, and their point is that they are here to dominate all talent, but most specifically, win titles.

Have them show up in a limousine every night live on Raw, and even Smackdown. Show vignettes of all them traveling together, partying on city rooftops, eating at 5 star restaurants, yacht parties, and such. Basically, living well, and spending well. Proving that success is not just born in the United States of America. They see it as getting paid to win, and dominate in front of a crowd that isn't mature enough to understand them. They are a League of Champions. The greatest alignment since the first solar eclipse witnessed by man.
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