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Re: Biggest mistakes in the Attitude Era?

WWE made very few mistakes during this era which is probably why it was so successful.

Bret would have fit in fine with the Attitude era. I remember his promo where he ripped HBK/HHH and called them homos etc. He had that kind of attitude when needed.

Kane's one day title run seemed stupid. I would have had him carry it for a month or so before having Austin win it back at a PPV.

The higher power being Vince was a slight letdown but kept the Austin/McMahon feud going and gave us that memorable phrase "It was me Austin, It was me all along".

Rikishi being the driver and doing it for the Rock. WWE meant well and was trying to elevate Rikishi but even they quickly realized they made a mistake which is why Triple H very quickly became the real mastermind behind all that in storyline.

The Wrestlemania 2000 main event should have either been Rock/Triple H in a singles or Mick Foley should have won the 4-way. You should either give fans the greatest match possible (Triple H/Rock in their prime one on one at WM) or the great story (Mick winning) and they gave us neither.

Summerslam 1999 should have been Austin/Triple H one on one. Mick Foley also got thrown into this match. I suppose so Austin wouldn't have to job to a heel Triple H. Mick dropped the title the next night to Triple H but I always felt like Triple H should have won that title at Summerslam because it was the biggest WWE event of the summer and he had all the momentum in the world at that time.

I think turning Austin heel was a mistake. He became a good heel but he was just too important as a face to turn heel imo.

The whole invasion storyline. Should have just coughed up the cash for guys like Goldberg so they could be the top Alliance heels feuding with top WWE faces like Austin, Rock etc.
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