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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Originally Posted by obby View Post
Kane goes totally insane and reveals that putting the mask back on was all a ploy to make him marketable again. He takes his anger out on the entire roster and management, and embraces who he truly is over the course of several months, being driven more insane to the point that all human qualities he ever had are totally gone. Finally, after a long path of destruction only one person stands in his way - The Undertaker. They agree that they will have a match at Wrestlemania, on the condition that no matter what happens, it will be the last match either of them ever competes in. Kane wins, finally having proper revenge on Undertaker after all these years, and they disappear into urban legend.
I quite possibly would shed a tear or two there knowing that they were completely gone, I can stop watching WWE and never come back wouldn't bother me if they were gone or not but seeing them battle it out for the last time, KNOWING it was the last time or chance they will be wrestling on television would suck right in the feels. It would be more emotional than the "end of an era" match at WM.

On another possible storyline angle i would kill to see this (posted in rocky champ discussion on ppv board):
It was just running through my head tonight about Rocky at the Rumble, If CM Punk is still holding championship it would be smart money to put Austin as a guest referee just have it worked in there, with rocks historic rivalry with Austin and CM Punks remarks about Austin it would set up a nice "who's gonna win" for the casual fans as well as sell a shit ton of tickets. On top of that rock goes over ergo Austin "screwed" Punk Wrestlemania set up.

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