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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
They would never do/say some of the things I'm going to mention, but here it goes:

R-Truth heel turn:

R-Truth fails to win the US title, so he challenges Joey for the IC title. After losing clean, he loses his temper, but he doesn't turn on him. He asks for a rematch, he loses clean again. Truth snaps and beats the hell out of him, smoking another cigarette in the process (gotta calm his nerves ya'll).

Truth grabs the mic and cuts this promo:
This past year, I have been a damn corporate sell out. Vince McMahon tells me that he wants to put Lil Jimmy on a shirt, and in order for that to happen, I have to be a good R-Truth. I have to be kid friendly. I have to tap dance and kiss ass. The truth is, my continuous call out of Lil Jimmy and the conspiracies in this company against me was too controversial because Linda McMahon was running for office. So I was forced to change my behavior or else I would be terminated from the company. A company that can't give me a raise, but can pour 90 million dollars into a failed election. Guess what Linda, guess what Vince? I voted Democrat. That's right, I voted against you. And as far as I'm concerned, the entire McMahon family can kiss my ass.
The next week (week 2) they replay R-Truth's promo. Truth comes out after and grabs the mic:

R-Truth promo:
The truth hurts doesn't it? And guess what? I'm not the only person that feels this way. I was able to pull some strings and I want to introduce everyone to my new manager......................Abraham Washington!
Abe slaps up Truth and grabs the mic:
Some of you may know this. Some of you may not. I was fired from WWE. In the Primetime Players match, I said that Titus O Neil was like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado. He's unstoppable. They fired me for that comment. The same company that exploits deaths, practices necrophilia and satanic sacrifices fired me for this? You know why I was fired? Because Linda McMahon was running for office so they didn't want anybody to say anything that might bring negative publicity to her precious campaign. Just like R-Truth, I voted against Linda to make sure she lost, and now that I'm back in WWE, I want to say this to the McMahons. You may have heard this last week from Truth......kiss my ass!
Week 3: Abe reunites with the Primetime Players
Week 4: Truth, Primetime Players (with) Abe vs 3 random people

A masked man in all black comes to the ring and helps Abe's team wins. The masked man takes off his mask................................it's MVP!!! He grabs the mic.

MVP promo:
It's been two years since I've been away from this dump. Being away from this company was the best thing to happen in my life. Do you know why I left? They told me that they wanted me to change my image so that families who watch WWE can be encouraged by my story, and it would boost the company image. I was forced to be this corny overly joyful good guy that preached about being in prison and how I changed my life for the better. All for the sake of Linda McMahon's campaign. It disgusted me! I am a natural cocky son of a bitch. I am Montel Vontavious Porter. All I care about is money, women and cars. Oh, and you can best believe I style and profile harder than anyone in wrestling history. Including Ric Flair! Just like Truth, just like Abe. I voted against Linda in hopes she lost. Now that I'm back in WWE, Me, Truth, Abe, and the person that pulled the strings for myself and Abe to return are taking over!
Week 5: Abe, MVP, Truth, Primetime Players are in the ring. Vince McMahon comes to the ring and cuts a promo:

You want my attention? You got my attention god damn it. Who the hell brought you two morons back to my company? It wasn't me. It wasn't Triple H. It wasn't Stephanie. Tell me damn it. I will fire that person and then kick their ass.
Abe: You really want to know......................*points at the titantron*

Long pause............long pause.........


It's Shane McMahon! Vince looks traumatized and confused as Shane comes to the ramp to cut this promo:
You look surprised Dad. You see, I stepped down as Executive Vice President of Global Media a couple years ago. I told you that I wanted to move on to bigger and better things. Which I did. But the truth is, I knew this company was going to become the biggest hypocrite in the world once my mother decided to run for office. And it did. Abe gets fired for a lighthearted comment. MVP and Truth were forced to be sellouts, you start a BE A STAR campaign when people are bullied all the time on WWE TV. The list goes on. So I stood up for what is right. You see, I may not be an executive officer in WWE anymore, but the name McMahon still carries weight around here and it was easy for me to convince the Board of Directors to re-instate these men. Oh, and one last thing dad. Even though I was on the podium with you, Stephanie and Hunter when Linda was making her concede speech, just like Abe, just like Truth, and just like MVP, I voted against her as well.
*Shane drops the mic, walks away as Vince McMahon still looks traumatized and speechless.

Boom. You can call them Most Valuable Players, Primetime Money, etc.

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