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Re: Biggest mistakes in the Attitude Era?

Same problem wcw had, not creating future stars for the business. Vince rode Taker,Austin,Rock,HHH as much as WCW rode Hogan,Nash,Savage,Sting with both companies not really creating to many future talents. When the AE started to die down in 2001, Vince thought he would do alright buy buying the wcw roster and creating the dream feuds that we always wanted to see. But push came to shove and Vince thought he could just buy a few of the guys and go from there. It didnt quite pan out. So he did the draft split but still he relied on the stars from the AE. Yes guys like Big Show werent old but they were tv old. Then it seemed like anytime he pushed an ew name, it didnt quite work out: Brock left,Benoit/Eddie didnt draw, JBL although a good heel just wasnt that good for buyrates and attendance. So it took a little bit longer but Vince finally got some good all stars for his company: Cena,Batista,Orton..and now Punk but it took awhile to get there.

I mean look at the top stars of the attitude era and by 2002 how thin the roster was:

Rock-left for hollywood, was only a part timer.
Kane-Got stale
Undertaker-doing good as the biker, but not as much of a draw as he used tobe.
The list goes on and on

Im going to say the biggest mistake of the attitude era, was not creating new stars towards the end.
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