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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
That IC Title match looks great, take Kingston out of it and it would be a dream match of mine to see.
I've had Dolph vs. Christian quite a few times now, the inclusion of Kofi freshens the feud up a bit.

I take it Kane's World Champ because he cashed-in MITB? I remember you saying he won MITB, lol.
Yeah, just wanted to get it out of the way haha. Barrett will be getting his belt back at Survivor Series.

Kane has essentially stolen Dolph Ziggler's push, all because I couldn't be arsed playing the MITB ladder match. I'm kinda happy he didn't win it now though, I'm enjoying building him up the old fashioned way. Ziggler and Bryan have resurrected the midcard belts, similar to how he and Cody did in real life last year.

Is Punk still the WWE Champ and that's why there's no WWE Title match because he's in the 6 man Elimination match?
Yup, just wanted to give him another month as Champ, plus it's an excuse for having a pretty awesome match. He's beaten like every contender, kinda running out of possibilities. I'm thinking Triple H as his opponent at TLC, with Rock at the Rumble like in real life.

Btw since you brought it up, have you had any injures yet? I haven't had a single one and I've played some brutal matches, I guess they've really toned out the likelihood of getting injured this year and that's good.
I've been relatively lucky with injuries, the highest profile one I've had has been Santino. I think the only reason he got injured was because I put him in an extreme rules match with Brock Lesnar on Raw, and hit him with about 7 F-5's.

Originally Posted by JuulDK View Post

Pretty great looking card there actually Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Jericho and Miz could be a very good match, but not liking the tag name. Not even when it's supposed to be funny.

Both mid-card matches looks awesome. I like the fact that DB is US Champ, and Ziggler vs. Kofi vs. Christian sounds great.

Looking at your main event, it reminds me of how great it would be if it was possible to make 5-on-5 Tag matches... Maybe JUST for the Survivor Series card.

Pay-Per View looks great, and hope to catch the results if you post them
The name is the best part of the team. I'm thinking at Wrestlemania I'll put them in a match together with the tagline "The Y2Jiz Explodes!"

I wish we could have 5 on 5 Survivor Series style matches, it's something they should look about implementing in future games.

Yeah, I'll make sure to post the results when I play through it.

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