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Re: Wrestlers who ruined their own legacy

Originally Posted by hardysno1fan View Post
I'm not a fan of Taker's gimmick or hell the Undertaker for that matter but he did put on great Mania matches. Kane just half arses it week in week out. Why complain? He gets paid a great amount for being average and compared to HHH or Taker he hasn't had the same workload or the same amount of hardcore matches. I respect Taker but I dont respect Kane. All I feel is anger when I see him. I see 10 years of mediocrity. I disagree that masked Kane would of got old. There is always going to be a new generation of audience. Taking off the mask would be like Rey Mysterio unmasking. There's character development and then there is destroying the character.
Rey did unmask and didn't hurt him his character or legacy one bit, they put it back on him and pretended like he never took if off. Its the same deal for Kane, although his span of time wasnt as long it doesnt seem to bother anyone too much.

Not gonna argue with you about moves and staleness because you just seem to Hate Kane as a whole. But back to the OP topic, i would have to say its either Jake Roberts Or Scott Hall who have just made pure asses of themselves and the people that loved them
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