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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Ah, no feedback for this one? I guess I'm doing that badly in the Tourney, then. Oh well. Lots to get to. I'm becoming fond of these 'let me dump a lot of info on you guys at once' posts...

Spoiler for Latest Round of News:
Originally Posted by The Informer
~AOW’s case regarding William Regal looks to be a shut one, according to many reports. Regal making a second appearance for AOW seems to have sealed that deal, but no one is quite sure why it was passed so smoothly. The leading theory is simply a cash consideration on behalf of the WWE, potentially ‘selling’ Regal to AOW. But with a company that has a reputation of being very strict with things like this – things like the “90-day No-Compete” clause and the terms on Brock Lesnar competing in a company not named the WWE – this is quite surprising. Could this be the calm before a legal storm…?

~The way things are going at the moment, This is Exile numbers may be worse than World Ablaze’s. While the marketing and advertisement for World Ablaze didn’t really kick into high gear at any point, Exile’s promoting has been going heavily going on three weeks now, however, ticket sales are far slower and lower than last time. A big factor may possibly be the card is nowhere near as deep this go ‘round, as many of the star power is confined (literally) in the War Chamber main event, as well as only four (potentially five) matches being announced the week before the show.

~Speaking of the structure that will host the main event in less than a week, there’s really been a good lock on what the thing will actually look like as far as actual pictures go, but one source has been cited as saying it’s very “Elimination Chamber-esque”, which may quell the fan rumblings of the contest being more based on WCW’s old War Games concept (although it should be noted that the War Games concept heavily inspired the Elimination Chamber concept)

~With AOW assured to be back on the air post-Offseason and earlier than expected at that, the hotshot booking may be on its steady way out, but their effects will remain for a while. Plus, with only five weeks between This is Exile and The Outer Limits, there may be some strains on the entire booking notion anyway. AOW has never had less time than that between big shows, Supershows included.

~And finally, many speculations were dropped regarding Matt Hardy being the man behind the “Saint is Coming” promos after his appearance per getting kicked in the head by Randy Orton on RAW a week or so back. While his brother, Jeff, did come up short in his WWE Championship venture at the Royal Rumble, rumors have not subsided completely, but have lost plenty steam. Perhaps this was done intentionally, but for whatever reason, AOW may have waited a bit too long in unveiling whom they had swiped straight off the ‘E roster.

Originally Posted by aohdubya.com

A few weeks ago on Wednesday Night Oblivion, Kofi Kingston and Tyler Black, who men who had never worked in any major wrestling promotion in their lives, lit up the wrestling world by going at it for nearly an entire half hour. The match would live in infamy, and while Tyler Black won, as soon as it was over, people were immediately rumbling about the two having bright futures ahead of them, as well as whether there could possibly be a rematch between the two sensations.

Ask and you shall receive.

By order of both Paul Heyman and Acting Commander Mick Foley, Kofi Kingston and Tyler Black will meet in what is being called “The” Rookie Rematch, as both men took each other to the limit from the first second of their first bell. After the awe-inspiring contest put on by these two young studs in their own big bangs, will they be able to match up to it? Will the outcome be different? There’s only one way to find out and that’s watch them go at it again Sunday, 8/7c on PPV!


As noted last week after his completely ruthless assault on Matt Sydal, Muhammad Hassan was promptly suspended by Acting Commander Mick Foley for an indefinite amount of time. Now Hassan, like many people with a great deal of money, is going to appeal his suspension to the only court higher than the Acting Commander…and that’s the actual Commander. While Paul Heyman is still being treated for his injuries sustained by the Worthy Legion, he still holds some power, even while absent, such as actually taking Mick Foley’s office away.

And now Hassan looks to have him give him his job back.

Hassan was presented with the notion that he would not get an ‘automatic rematch clause’ and neither will anyone else in AOW should they lose a championship, but he still believes he is owed a Dynasty Championship rematch against CM Punk. Will he be successful and force Punk to fight a battle on two fronts?


This week’s edition of Exclusives revolve around two words that have separated AOW from the rest of the wrestling world so far – TAG TEAMS! And not just two or three…but FOUR Exclusives come to you this week! The Samoan Fight Club has business plans, The Mercenaries meet a familiar face, American Made explains their actions, and the only solo man on the .com this week opens the doors for a certain special guest come TIE…

Spoiler for When AOW is in Ashes, You Have Finlay’s Permission to Die:

We’re brought to the scene of the backstage halls, no one even remotely around with very little bustle being heard. This stays until Dave Finlay walks out from a door, still tending to his tender lower back area. The man holding the camera tentatively appears to approach the Fighting Irishman…

Uh…Mr. Finlay?
~Finlay turns and stares into the camera, then at the cameraman

Whaddya want, boy?

Um…well, I was hoping I could get your thoughts on what’s going to be happening at This is Exile.

I don’t care about some dinkly little ‘War Chamber’ or whatever its called.

No, no – I’m talking about who is going to be in attendance.

Aye. Well then, I care even less about some celebrity they’re bringing in for promotion.
~Finlay starts to walk off

No, I’m talking about Rob Van Dam – er – Rob Szatowski. He’s got a ticket and he’s going to be there.
~Finlay’s interest takes a sharp turn, stopping his walking and turning back towards the cameraman

Oh is he now?

According to all reports, yes sir. You didn’t know that?

Does it look like I knew that, you daft bastard?

Um…er…no. No sir.
~Finlay goes from a scowl to a devilish little smirk

Well then. If Robbie wants to show up to the show, maybe I should invite him in the ring, aye?
~Finlay’s smirk grows wider, showing some teeth on that one

Robbie if you’re watcin’ this, I’m gonna issue an Open Challenge come This is Exile. And ANYONE who is in the arena that night can come in the ring and face me.
~Finlay grabs hold of the camera and pulls it closer to his face

I’ll only break you if you want me to, Robbie. But I’m not done with you yet.
~Finlay then throws the camera and its holder back, giving us a very off-balance angle while he walks awy with a very hearty, but sinister laugh…

Spoiler for ~The Mercs and a “Friend” Meet Again…~:

~Backstage halls…

We’re back at some point in the previous Oblivion, as The Mercenaries are trekking the halls, Albright with a towel and wiping the apple juice off his face

I don’t care how much he’s payin’ us, I don’t like him.

Well that’s not in our job description, is it? We’re not required to like the clients, we’re just required to do the work. Understood?

But he cost us a match AND now we have a match with him at This is Exile.

Well then, we’ll just have to refrain from beating him to a pulp and let them do it. But I do have the insatiable urge to want to pummel The Mexicools now.

Oh yeah. That is true. I got that feeling too.
~Just as Burchill and Albright seem on the same page about getting another chance to pound the ‘cools, a vaguely familiar face in a damn nice suit walks up to them…

Oh, hello gents. A rough evening, I presume?

Hey. You’re that Regal guy.

Sir William Regal, lad. I’ve still been keeping a close eye on you two.

What do you want with us this time, old man?

I’m just here to remind the two of you that my offer is still on the table. You can work for me, make more money, and stay all the more classy. Oh, and you’ll probably actually like me.

I still don’t understand. What does an old-timer like you want with a couple of two-timers like us?

All in good time, blokes. It’ll all be known in good time. Let me know when you’re interested.
~Regal goes into his coat pocket and pulls out a card, handing it to Burchill

How do you know we’ll –

Oh, trust me. You will be calling, mate.
~Regal then turns and walks out of the frame, disappearing as quickly as he showed up, as both members of the stable look and read the business card presented to them as we fade away…

Spoiler for ~American Made Answers a Hooligan Gauntlet~:

We fade in to a very general scene, Nick Nameth and Jake Hagar standing in front of a simple white wall, but posted up on that wall for all to see is Old Glory herself – the American flag. Hagar actually has his hand over his heart while Nameth doesn’t even look at the camera when he’s speaking, instead talking to the sky, it appears

Four score and a bunch of years ago, our forefathers came to this great country in search of freedom. To escape persecution. And the right to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
~Hagar closes his eyes and nods his head while Nameth slicks his hair back

And yet on this day, what has happened to these sought principles? For the last week, my tag team partner and I have been continually hounded and persecuted for our actions against Paul London.
~Nameth finally looks towards the camera, while Hagar crosses his arms and opens his eyes to also look right at us

And the answer to all of your judgments is simple…we have a right to pursue happiness. And our way of doing that is taking up the Hooliganz on their challenge they made a few weeks ago.

Lemme break it down for’em, Jake. Because chances are if they’re watching this, they’re in their mommy’s basement ready to post a new video to YouTube about how terrible we are. So let me just explain briefly why your cruddy little judgments don’t matter to us.
~Nameth slicks his hair back again

A few weeks back, Paul London and the Hooliganz issued a challenge. They said they wanted to get back in the running for an AOW Tag Team Championship opportunity. And so to do that, they opened up their wacky little doors for anybody to face them. That’s where we come in.

That was very simple, Nick. Thank you for that.

And now I’m gonna put it into even simpler terms so you can run back to your World of Warcrafts – WE. ANSWERD. A CHALLENGE. We’re not in the wrong here. We’re just being the great Americans we are and seizing opportunity when it strikes.

Except this time, we kind of struck opportunity there, Nick.

Spare me the technicalities. All we’re saying is that we’re next in line for a fair, two-on-two match for the Tag Team titles that should be ours right now anyway. And we’ll go through anybody to get it.

Even you, London and Kendrick.

Especially you, London and Kendrick. You wanna do something about it, you know where to find us. Until then, we are American Made. And Hooliganz, you’re gonna be soon to realize that no matter how hard you try, you’re never gonna be able to beat America.
~Nameth points between he and Hagar on the last line, once again slicking his hot-blonde hair back while Hagar flashes a smile with his arms still crossed as we fade away…

Spoiler for ~The Fight Club Opens Its Doors~:

The Green Zone interview set. AM’s heel tag tam counterparts, the Samoan Fight Club, Manu and Siaki, are standing center focus and looking hard at the camera. Manu is just looming and breathing heavily before Siaki starts to speak.

Imma make this real brief for y’all. We’re pissed. No, we’re beyond pissed. We’re livid. Right Manu?

~Manu picks up the small pillar that stands in the middle of the broadcast and CHUNKS IT OFFSCREEN WITH AUTHORITY~!! We hear it crash and break before Siaki continues

We’re being left out of the loop. And we don’t like that very much. Tag champs and tag challengers all voicing up, but the one team no one seems to be talking about…is us.
~Siaki’s eyes get a little crazy as he points between he and his monstrous partner

And see, that’s in direct violation of rule one of Samoan Fight Club – and that’s ALWAYS talk about Samoan Fight Club. But wouldn’t ya know it, AIN’T NOBODY TALKIN’!!
~Siaki damn near lunges at the camera, Manu even stopping his heavy breathing for a brief moment of surprise

So I got to thinking. And I came up with an idea on my own. No offense, Manu, but I’m kind of the thinking man out of the two of us.

~Manu shrugs his massive shoulders a bit, obviously some sort of beastly compliance

See, I asked myself what’s something me and Manu love doing more than anything else in the world. What we love more than competing. What we love more than championship gold. And then it hit me. We love kickin’ muthaf*cka’s asses.
~A rare sensor bleep goes over the most obscene word in that sentence

So that’s just what we’ll do. Not to tread on The Mercenaries’ business demographic or whatever, but as of today, the Samoan Fight Club is open for business. Anybody need to get some asses kicked, we’re your guys. And believe you me when I say they’ll be nothin’ but pulp when we’re done with them. Satisfaction guaranteed. Because here at the Samoan Fight Club, we aim to please. But most importantly –


…and that’ll get’em talkin’.
~Siaki puts a hand on Manu’s shoulder to somewhat calm the beast down after their signature two-word outburst, both men looking on intensely before we fade away…


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York

“Impending Doom...”

We’re just four days away from This is Exile, and the main event is set in stone and to be enclosed in steel, but there’s much dissention going on in the ranks of the men given the duty to save AOW. Following the returning Christian Cage’s ripping into his teammates, the very men who are charged with facing the entire Worthy Legion this Sunday are at each other’s throats. But after the savage attack on Torrie Wilson, does Christian feel the same way? Regardless, not only does Christian have to team up with Bryan Danielson to face the Legion’s monstrosities Lashley and Wight, but CM Punk and Samoa Joe butted heads to the point that Punk’s first ever title defense…will be against his own team member. The Dynasty Championship is on the line, but it may as well be the fate of AOW as much in the balance. Can this team get together? Or is the Master of War and his Legion already licking their chops?

As announced on aohdubya.com, “The Rookie Rematch” will take place in just four days, as Tyler Black and Kofi Kingston look to bring the house down one more time on a much bigger stage. But before they do it there, they have the chance to do it again right in the Hammerstein Ballroom once more. Their tag team partners for that chance will be tearing the house down in four days as well, but they’ll be vying for a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. And after Gregory Helms’ dig at the beliefs of Low Ki, are we in for a beatdown? “The Man With No Land” Kofi Kingston and “The Warrior” Low Ki team up to face the brutal team of Gregory Helms and Tyler Black.

The AOW Trios Tournament is right around the corner, and perhaps giving us a brief preview of how it’ll be done is this ongoing tension between The Mercenaries, Carlito Colon, Aero Star, and The Mexicools. While Carlito cost his This is Exile teammates a big win last week, Carlito hasn’t exactly been mum on his feelings about the representations their opponents show off. What’s going to happen between them this week?

It’s the penultimate edition of Oblivion before the second biggest show in AOW history, and there’s just so much in store!! Paul London puts up to shut up American Made, will the WGTT get new challengers, and what does Chris Jericho have to say about the War Chamber…? All this (and more!) on the final edition of Oblivion before This is Exile, 9/8c only on FX!!

.:Confirmed for Oblivion:.


CM Punk(c) v. Samoa Joe

Christian Cage & Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson v. The Worthy Legion (Bobby Lashley and Paul “The Great” Wight)


Low Ki & Kofi Kingston v. Gregory Helms & Tyler Black

Paul London w/Brian Kendrick v. Nick Nameth w/Jake Hagar


~FIRST EVER WarChamber Match~
~Team AOW~
Christian Cage, Samoa Joe,
Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson & Dynasty Champion CM Punk
~The Worthy Legion~

AOW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, Bobby Lashley, Ken Doane & Paul “The Great” Wright

~Grudge Tag Team Match~
Aero Star & The Mexicools v. Carlito Colon & The Mercenaries

~#1 Contendership for the Cruiserweight Championship~
Low Ki v. Gregory Helms

~The Rookie Rematch~
Kofi Kingston v. Tyler Black

~Finlay's Open Challenge~
*Anyone present in the arena at This is Exile is eligible

Show should hopefully be up later in the week. I have to hide LayethTheSmackethD's body a lot of late term work to get to in addition to all this Newsletter stuffs to get on, so again, can't promise any feedback for anyone I'm still heavily in debt to. But hope all remain well


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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