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Re: PsychedelicStacey

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
One does only need to see your chubby, downs syndrome face to see that you're a fat ass cunt.

I don't need a treadmill. What I need is for you to get on your knees and make love to this meat pendulum dangling from my Greek God bod. I only give you that privilege because I know obese forever alone virgins like you can suck like champions.

My hair is superior to that poor excuse of a wig you're wearing. That shit makes you look like one of the Godfather hoes.

Ah Apoc, you do make me laugh. And you use the phrase 'Down Syndrome' to insult about 95% of the people you talk to. Get a new phrase.

And you have to be the only legit person on this planet to refer to themselves are a 'Greek God' LMAO! I don't know if you are serious or not. But hey, I know something that you like that is Greek....Taking it up the ass as you refer to the phrase many many times in your posts.

Honey, you hair is in need of a good wash and some volume, some grease lock you got there. Hey I've got some volumizer, I'll lend you some. And to be honest, I'd rather have my hair than you're thin stringy hair. But I know your type Apoc, Ive seen plenty of sweaty, metal kids walking about University all Woe is me. So what do they do? They hope of the internet, they ain't getting no attention from females in real life, nah they just over look you for the healthy boys.

"So depressed, so angst, I know! Lets join tumblr with all the other pre-teens who are looking for validation in life too!" So that's what you did. But the type of girls on tumblr ain't the ones you want so you become angry. So angry you think you can insult all the females that does not want to look upon you nor do they want a piece of you.

Just do the forum a favorite and fuck off back to your other accounts because this gimmick is as bad as Santino with xpac heat. God, you have failed on so many levels.

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