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Re: PsychedelicStacey

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
I don't know if you ever heard about this device. It's a wonderful device, created by William Staub, a mechanical engineer.

It's called a treadmill. See, what you do, is you turn on the machine, you get on the treadmill and run on the conveyor belt, this will help you lose all that jiggly fat that seems to weight down on your skeleton and make you a little more healthier. But you know what really amazes me about your grotesque physique? Is the fact that your horrendous 80s hair do that looks like it was lighted on fire still can't seem to cover your behemoth carcass.

The treadmill, babe. The treadmill.

Ok, ok. Lets get technical. Fact number 1, You can't see my body on any picture I have posted so you really cannot comment on my body. Lol, Not that it's anything to do with you, You're just jealous cause you want to be a woman but were born a male. Shame.

Fact number 2: You clearly need a treadmill too and some weights to lift and get some muscles because you're physique is very malnourished so maybe you will look a little healthier too. Some sun will help you too so you don't look quite so undead. Man, Zombies must be lining up to bang you.

Fact 3: Jesus Christ you have no right comment on peoples hair. You have hair dating back to the 1900's when counts and barons were in fashion. Get a fucking hair cut and then maybe I will to.

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