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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Gaz. View Post
I'm relatively new to the forum as a whole, and I've decided to do my own thread. I was trying to look at a few threads which are clearly regarded very high by readers here (Legend's 2006 thread, Reney's 2003 thread, Wolfbeasts 'Being the Booker') in order to improve my own writing, but it denies me access, stating that I don't have permission. Has anybody got any ideas how I can read these threads? Would mean a lot, thanks
This has actually happened to me recently, actually. There seems to have been a lot of threads either dumped or something because I've been wanting to access PARA, Alcho's, and KOP's old threads and even Legend's Linen for a while now, but they seem to have disappeared. They don't even show up on search (which, Gaz, you need I think a membership to fully access). If it hasn't been posted in or linked to in a while, it seems to just be gone (although Wolfy's thread should be around if you go back enough pages, I think, but just in case, here it is)

I've even notified an Admin about it, but haven't gotten much of anywhere on that.

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
What are your opinions on a booker/writer saying in their thread "WWE is no longer PG blah blah blah, ratings are low, low income, need to renew interest in the industry blah blah blah." The reason i say this is because a lot of ideas I have in my head that I would love to execute in my thread wouldn't exactly cater towards the PG audience, or they would thrive under non-TVPG conditions. However, I don't just want to go the route of what I said before - Just some bullshit WWE press release with Vinny Mac and Linda McMahon saying that they're not longer PG.

How would you personally go about doing it?
Would you be put off or against that simple press release and/or news article in a thread?
Just general thoughts/comments?
I'm totally with you on most of these sentiments. I would, honestly, be put off by something like a press release for something like this. It seems like a really big cop-out to me.

If I had to do it personally, I'd go with a realistic approach. Did the WWE have a press conference when they decided to go PG? No. Not to my knowledge, anyway. It was more of a small press release if anything. Point is, did they just up and say NOW we're gonna blatantly appeal to kids? No, they gradually did things in their programming before formally making the rating turn. So I'd probably do that if I had to. A gradual steering away from 'PG-ness' more towards what you want before at some point maybe make a small news note that the TV grade has changed or something. Plus, it'd be a slow-build on and offscreen scenario, which I would find very interesting. This all being only on point if you're that deeply rooted in realism.

If not, you could just completely ignore the PG thing and do whatever you want since, in theory, it shouldn't apply to us anyway *shrug*.


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