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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
All Joe Park did was yell at the ref that Bully has the chain. Didn't do much to hurt the match.

Fail to see how it's generic. Probably because it didn't have enough MOVEZ in it. Only fantastic storytelling.
I'm tempted to be as dismissive as you are here and question your sentence comprehension, given that I explained why it was generic in that post. But that wouldn't help convince you, just as you didn't contribute to conversation with this post. Let me be clearer.

How is it generic? Because it followed a structure that is done in television matches in multiple companies every week. Sympathy-Guy shows fire, gets beat up by Mean-Guy, makes big comeback and wins. It did nothing new and was deathly predictable. They did not have original counters or study each other for cut-offs; they did not have any deviation from a standard match-story that is the hallmark of better matches. Of course this beating was just setting up Aries's comeback - if anything, the Park stuff was just a further excuse for it that made it more obvious.

Watch Turning Point tonight and you're guaranteed to see the same story with the same lack of nuance in at least one match; same on Raw, Impact and Smackdown. The difference is some of these matches won't have the quality of devoted personality, which is the only thing that set this apart.

You're welcome to explain what you saw as "fantastic" in this match - I'm guessing better than average emoting from Aries and Ray, or through Aries's bumping and selling?
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