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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Jigsaw vs. Eddie Kingston(Chikara’s Aniversario:The Ogg and I):****
Kingston is the man (not really big news there). I really love some of the little things he does like whenever he has a submission he will tell the referee to ask his opponent if he quits. This is one of the matches in what I would call the best title reign going in America right now. Jigsaw is no slouch either though he is more typical of an indy fellow. That sort of played into things for me honestly.

In the earlier parts of the match Jigsaw hits the weak knee of Kingston and works it for a bit and Kingston sells it really well as always. It is when Jigsaw starts taking it to Kingston with success that he abandons working the leg for a style he is more comfortable with and that’s hitting people in the head with his foot.

Another thing Kingston does in this match that I thought was nifty was using the count on the outside. He’s got the championship advantage so when he is getting beaten up by Jigsaw, he goes to the bar area to get a breather while Jigsaw has to go to the ring to restart the count. When Kingston had the advantage on Jigsaw he did a Kingston dive spot and then took a breather again, this time in the ring.

Something Chikara is really good at doing is having their big matches build. Along with that they know that every show doesn’t need a big match on it. These guys build with matwork towards the beginning, some crowd brawling in the middle-ish, and then end with a fantastic finishing stretch. Chikara doesn’t really have both guys bust out all there big moves but these guys did it and Kingston ends it in a perfect and brutal way. Not going to win MOTY for real or anything but a great match in Kingston’s reign for sure.

Sara Del Rey vs. Eddie Kingston(Chikara’s The Great Escape):****1/2
This match was absolutely incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone give this match this high of a rating but to me this was one of the best matches of the year and in my Top 5 for sure and right up there with Kingston vs. Quack at High Noon. I’d also like to say, many have said it and that doesn’t make any less true, that this is a match you’d only see in Chikara.

Kingston is one of the best male wrestlers on the American indy scene and I could maybe think of only one guy I would put ahead of him for sure. Del Rey was the greatest female wrestler on the indys and possibly the entire world. I don’t think there are any North American female wrestlers I would put above her, EVER. You mix these two elements together with the willingness of a company willing to have a truly competitive match between a male and a female and that’s a recipe for success.

During the entire match Kingston makes a point that he doesn’t think he should be wrestling this woman. He doesn’t do what some men would do in this situation when approaching a match against a woman in this way. Other men would do lots of exaggerating taunting right in front of the woman. Kingston does taunt Del Rey but while he is either beating up her or getting beat up by her. In the earlier parts of the match he is getting kicked and even though he is clearly getting his shit rocked his shit rocked he says “C’mon sweetheart”. Another part that has less to do with Del Rey being a lady is when she goes for a submission on the leg and Kingston says “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” and thus Del Rey replies by standing up and kicking the piss out of the leg which starts a “She’s not kidding” chant. That was awesome.

The amount of emotion in this match from Del Rey is simply a sight to behold. There is a point in the match where she had a crossface locked in and it looked like she was trying to use her legs more to damage Kingston’s arm that she had been working 2/3 of the match I’d say and her facial expressions are perfect. You think she is about to cry because she is giving everything she has and she wants to win so damn badly.

Though I thought the finish could have been ever so slightly better the entire match as a whole was beauty that I really haven’t seen anywhere else outside of Chikara. You can tell why WWE wanted Sara to train their divas. She is one of the best wrestlers on the planet (man or female) and maybe the saddest thing about this is that this would be the last great match we may ever see her in.

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