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Re: WF MAFIA (Day Two)

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
Evo don't follow Fap. I hate that people are so willing to put that much faith in him. If it weren't for Clover i'd be all over him. Tat is so obvTown. Tat give me some Town/scum reads that I can trust please
You might be Town, Doc. I'm not sure about Faraday nor Rush. Please don't ask me to try to read any of the newish or totally new players because I can't.

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
Why is it 'not great'. Dan is scum anyway so it's fine.

@Tatiana. Read his posts. I'll make a case tomorrow if I don't get sheeped. But I should be sheeped. + cases lead to confirmation bias anyway.
Too tired to read/analyze his posts now. All I can recall right now is that Dan didn't seem particularly scummy.

Originally Posted by IMPULSE View Post
FARADAY line about sounding not coached or attempting to sound not coached was fucking stupid. someone needs to hold him accountable for crap like that, shit was just as bad ziggler's mark posts in the previous phase.
If you really think that, why don't you do that?

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
This leads me to believe Fap is Town although he's perfectly capable of acting as such as scum I suppose.

Skyfall is not scum, unless there is something seriously fucked up. I'd stake my life on Skyfall being Town though and it's pretty obvious if you'd read mine/his last few posts.
What about that makes you think he's Town? Wait a second here. Are you implying that you're masons with him? If that's the case and it's true, then there's two sets of masons in this game since Taylor was a mason.

Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post
vote RUSH

he killed lawls
Okay, you need to fully claim. All your posts during Day 1 I took as a joke because it was obvious that you were messing around, here I'm not so sure. This uncertainty really irritates me.

Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post
rush visited lawls. lawls is dead. 1 plus 1 is 2. he scum bro
Kenny, if this info. is legit than you're a fool for faking info. on Day 1. Most won't believe you now. If I had a Day Kill I'd use it on you now simple out of pure frustration at your play. What the hell are you doing?

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
You think that Kenny's role is obvious, yet you cannot work out what i mean when i say it is impossible for Kenny to have info on me.

cmon son, connect the dots.

also would you believe me if i said that i didn't kill Lawls? b/c i didn't, but me saying that i didn't is fairly irrelevant.

oh the irony
Are you the investigation-immune Godfather who didn't carry out the mafia kill last night?

Vote Kenny
I want a full claim and reasoning behind faking info. on Day 1.

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