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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
Eddie/Mysterio ~ ***
MITB ~ ****3/4
Undertaker/Orton ~ ****1/4
Trish/Christy ~ DUD
Michaels/Angle ~ ***
Sumo Match ~ N/R
Cena/JBL ~ *1/2
HHH/Batista ~ **

slap a gimmick on Cena/JBL & HHH/Batista and they instantly became GREAT. Especially the HIAC between HHH/Batista. One of my all time favorites right there.
I actually blame booking for the main events. Especially Cena/JBL. Througjout KBL's whole title reign he couldn't win clean to save his damn life. No matter what he found away to slip out with the belt, which is fine. It kinda reminds me of HBK late 97-early 98. But when Wrestlania came Cena just beat him clean. No attempts at cheating, no interference, nothing he just sort of won. Well of course he's going to win under those circumstances hell Booker, Taker, Eddie, Angle, and Show could've beat him clean. At WM14, HBK stemmed unstoppable because he had DX and Tyson but JBL just sent OJ to the back and then lost. It's one of the few situations where the finish sort of HAD to be somewhat overbooked. Sort of like Orton/Trips where some shenanigans had to happen.

As for Batista/Trips I think HIAC probably should've happened here. Have it just be Trips/Batista one-on-one. However, I don't think their match was that bad. And I have both Angle/Michaels and Orton/Taker at ****1/4.

BTW Orton's RKO counter>>>>>>>>> HHH's Tombstone in terms of believability in ending the streak.
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