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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by BruiserKC View Post
The Democrats made no move towards the middle. They pretty much stood pat and stayed true to their platform. Obama made no move towards the center, he laid everything out there. Romney moved towards the middle and that's why people wondered where he truly stood.
That's because Obama is a moderate.. How can he make a move towards the middle when he's already in the middle? As for Romney, I think it was the opposite. Four years ago, Romney was getting shit from conservatives because of being too liberal, Romneycare, etc. During the caucuses for this election cycle, Romney completely changed his tune and preached some real neo-con ideals.

Originally Posted by Asenath View Post
To people who are not libertarians, a libertarian candidate will not rate at all. You work under the idea that with enough pestering, you can make any (R) voting person a libertarian. It's just not true. For the Republicans to have any chance, they're going to have to get off the fringe right and come towards the middle, like the Democrats did.
Agreed. A liberarian candidate has a better shot with liberals than they do with the conservatives. I think it's virtually impossible for a libertarian to win candidacy.

Goon's list is great, but that would never happen for obvious reasons. The very foundation of the Conservative party is traditionalism, the second they start preaching social liberal ideals they lose majority of their current voting base. Plus, they'll tick off special interest groups, mega-corporations and the military industrial complex.

I can't see them changing any of their ideology by 2016. Instead, I see Rubio running with the GOP relying solely on his charisma and ethnicity.. He'll come close, but he'll lose to Hilary or Tim Kaine (hopefully).
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