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Re: Raven appreciation thread

Totally underrated & underutilized. I can understand him leaving ECW for WCW, likely due to financial reasons but IMO, his career was never the same. WCW & WWE didn't know what to do with him.

He's one of the few ECW guys who I felt should have instantly been given a main event push (more than RVD). He had the perfect character, original look, helluva mic worker and damn underrated in the ring. His best work was as a heel and those damn politics obviously played a part in his WCW run not picking up until the end. The problem was both WCW & WWE tried too hard to duplicate what Raven had did in ECW but should have known it would fail because of the setting. It was dumb to recreate Raven's Nest (which at 1 time included the original Dudley Boyz, Stevie Richards, Meanie, Nova, Brian Lee, Bruise Brothers, etc) as The Flock. Then, they duplicated nearly everything about the Raven/Dreamer feud with Raven/DDP, even down to the chairshot heard around the world.

IMO, WCW should have brought Raven in, maybe even with a team similar to Raven's Nest and just have them be loners. No affiliation with WCW or NWO. He could have fit well in what was going on and gotten a main event push. Vince seemed to just not have much like for Scott Levy, as I've heard stories about how Raven was in the mid 90s when he worked for Vince and how he & Shane would party hard.

All that aside, everything about Scott Levy was underrated. At this point, either WWE or TNA could benefit greatly from having him as a booker because the guy has a mind for the business.

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