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Re: Why console gaming is dying

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post

Didn't read your comment? Who the hell was talking to you, ya sawed off runt? Did I say "Hey Bully" at any given time? Yeah, no I didn't, because you weren't being addressed, you bent over bungalow boy with scat on the mind. "playing games since before..." yadda, yadda just shut up, ya gabbing foreskin hatted dunce. You aren't that old, and if you are, then you belong in a fucking home with a nurse wiping your drool off your crotch while you tell stories about the Korean War and how your parachute got tangled in a tree and your torn jumpsuit had your asshole dangling out the back.

Next time you try to be a bigshot, you should probably make sure the person your addressing isn't the guy who can verbally buzzsaw a hole through you easier than you can piss all over the toilet seat while high on LED, Leisure Suit Larry. Especially when I wasn't even speaking to you.
LOL such rage. Amusing post though. So looking past the schoolyard insults, did you have anything meaningful to add to the discussion or counter anything that I said? Nope. So you failed you Knuckle dragging pill popping dribbling mong. Also I don't believe it's possible to get high on "LED" I believe you meant to say LSD right? I mean I've spent hours watching my LED tv and never got high off it once. Get an education, learn how to construct an argument and get back to me.

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