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Re: WF MAFIA (Night One)

Night 1

It was a cold and snowy night(well at least it was here) and all was quiet. Lawls came out of his bedroom because he couldn't sleep. He began to wonder why does this always happen to him? Why is it every single time he's a cop that no one believes him and he somehow gets a huge wagon on him. It was bothering him almost as much as the lie detector. He was about to go back to sleep when someone approached him with a sledgehammer. Being lawls and all, he paid no attention to it and just tried to walk past him, instead he got a sledgehammer straight to the head. Unfortunately for lawls, this isn't wrestling, and a sledgehammer to the head is quite deadly.

He was:

Spoiler for lawls:
3 shot cop- Lawls

Remember that game when you had like 5 different cops with varying sanities? Yeah, it was worth a great laugh. This game you’re a 3 shot cop, you may cop one person during night, but choose wisely, as you only have three shots.

The night was still young for some people as MDP had just walked out of the bar, stumbling and slurring all his words. He had no idea what was going on so he decided to just pass out on the side of the road while mumbling something about pregnant women and feet. With his head face first into a puddle he never saw that car coming that ran him over...and reversed and ran him over again...and then again.

He was:

Spoiler for MDP:
Town Drunk- MDP

You’re usually very quiet in games, but when talk you mostly speak nonsense and gibberish. It might be because you’re constantly drunk, I doubt it, but it would explain a lot. So in this game you’re the town drunk, you must slur and speak nonsense in your posts, if you don’t you will be mod killed.

Taylor was plotting more ways to ruin yet another mafia game with his stupidity and unwillingness to claim. Too bad for him someone had simply had enough and decided to end his shit. lawls.

Spoiler for taylor:
Mason- taylor

You play better when you’re in QT and discussing shit instead of your usual garbage which gets you lynched. This makes you a mason, you may discuss with in your partner in this QT.

And that was the end of night, one that ended very poorly for town.

It is now Day 2, with 21 alive it's 11 to lynch.

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