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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by BruiserKC View Post

Obama may not be the best President, but he has that certain "it" that some politicians have. It makes you want to run through a wall just to vote for them. Folks like Kennedy and Reagan had it, people like Gore, McCain, and Romney did not. Sort of a cult of personality, if you will.

Now, where do the Republicans go from here? They need to find a way to relay their message about smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Plus, they also need to find a way to perhaps stop with the culture war shit.

They need to show they will be the party that will allow you to do your thing and give you more freedoms, unlike the Dems. Yes, states are voting for legalization of pot, but will it truly be legal if the feds have their way, for example. You have a country that bans all mention of "under God" in public, and right to religious freedoms are under attack. Not to mention our new national health care, which will not be as great as people think it will be once it takes affect and you see all the flaws, plus our taxes going through the roof to pay for it.

The Republicans don't need to be Democrat-lite, they just need to find a way to repackage their message and make sure that they point out everyone is welcome. If they don't, then it's going to be a rough road for them.
Agree with all of this plus run an anti-war, non-interventionist platform and it'd be perfect. Right now Obama is basically Bush on steroids regarding foreign policy. Time to use that against him instead of pulling a Romney and COMMENDING Obama's drone strikes.

Republicans want to cut foreign aid to nations that don't like us, something I imagine 80-90% of Americans would agree with when asked. I'm sure most would also agree we have no business nation building and funding civil wars abroad when our own economy is in the toilet. These were angles the GOP didn't utilize against Obama and that's a damn shame in my opinion.

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