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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Superstars
14th May, 2009
Los Angeles, California

The announce team of Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield welcome us to the show, but we quickly cut to the ring where two men and one women are stood. The woman speaks first, she introduces herself as AJ Lee and introduces the two men beside her Daniel Bryan and Kaval. She hands the microphone to Bryan who says that they have travelled all over the world, but it’s all been leading up to this moment, their debut in the WWE. He hands the microphone to Kaval who says with this threesome, the fans are guaranteed to see some action, and to bring out their opponents. The fans greeted this segment with respectful cheers, but that led to boos when their opponents came out.

Match One – Tag
Daniel Bryan & Kaval /w AJ Lee def. Charlie Haas & Jamie Noble @ 8.54

This match was basically done to showcase the talents of Daniel Bryan and Kaval, and with Charlie Haas and Jamie Noble on the other side, the foursome created a pretty exciting and entertaining match. AJ took up cheerleading duties on the outside, while Bryan and Kaval hit some high impact moves from their arsenal, at one point though – Noble and Haas did manage to isolate Kaval and work on the leg until he got the hot tag to DBryan who came in and took it too both men. Eventually, they managed to get the win after Bryan locked in what the commentators referred to as The LeBell Lock and Noble tapped out pretty quickly.


We now head to the RAW Rebound, where we see The Undertaker and Randy Orton have a confrontation at the beginning of the show, and it all falls apart when Legacy attack The Deadman, but then he is saved by Shane McMahon. We then see Randy Orton yelling at his cohorts backstage, and telling them that they better hold up their end of the bargain later tonight. In the main event, Randy Orton and Shane McMahon’s fight ends up in the parking lot, and Rhodes and DiBiase appear to help Orton. The Viper RKO’s McMahon onto the hood of the car before dragging McMahon to the arena and punting him in the head.

We now head backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting, he introduces his guest as the WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix. He asks her if she has a preference who she faces at Judgment Day, alongside Maryse. She responds by saying she honestly doesn’t, he doesn’t care because it won’t make a difference, when she steps in the ring at Judgment Day, she is going to become the Unified Women’s Champion and she also can’t wait until she gets her hands on that blonde Barbie doll, Maryse.

Match Two – Singles
Katie Lea def. Gail Kim to advance to the Finals of the Divas Tournament on Monday Night RAW @ 9.18
This was a pretty long Divas match, and with the two in the ring they gave it there all to get the crowd involved and put on a show. It was a back and forth match, Katie Lea taking advantage in the early going but Gail makes a come back and looks like she is about to win, she goes for Eat Defeat but Katie counters into a roll up and picks up the victory. Katie Lea advances to the finals on RAW, and will face Melina or Michelle McCool for the chance to compete in the triple threat at Judgment Day.


Backstage, it’s time for the final interview of the evening and Josh Matthews welcomes Dolph Ziggler to the interview set. Josh asks him how he felt about competing at Judgment Day and how he feels about facing Jeff Hardy tonight. Dolph tells him that at Judgment Day, he becomes WWE United States Champion. He says it’s his destiny as he was disrespected on RAW, so he thought why should he be respectful on SmackDown. In the main event tonight, I take my rightful place against the best, and I will defeat Jeff Hardy tonight, and make sure I have all the momentum heading into Judgment Day.

The Judgment Day promo is shown.

Main Event – Singles
Jeff Hardy def. Dolph Ziggler @ 16.05
The crowd were extremely hot for this match and this helped the wrestlers put on a great main event, the crowd were very much pro Hardy but Ziggler gave it his all. Dolph looked as though he could win this match at some points, but Jeff using his experience managed to fight back, and in the end it was the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship that won the match, taking all the momentum heading towards Judgment Day, but Ziggler should be extremely pleased with his showing here tonight, he showed he can hang with the best, but we end the show with Jeff Hardy on the top turnbuckle.


WWE SmackDown
Los Angeles, California

~ SmackDown begun this week with a bunch of referees in the ring, instructing Chris Jericho to leave his seated position in the ring as the show has just begun. But Jericho doesn’t budge, instead he orders the referees to back off. They oblige but Y2J isn’t done speaking, he addresses the crowd and calls himself The Best in the World, and that the Best doesn’t take incompetent refereeing lightly. He points at the referee that missed his leg on the rope, and says that he should be fired, and he isn’t leaving this chair until Theodore Long comes out and grants him entry into the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day. Jericho sat and sat, getting impatient until someone did, indeed, come out, but it wasn’t the SmackDown General Manager, it was Matt Hardy instead. Hardy came down to the ring, and pulled up a chair, and put it next to Jericho, who looked at him with pure disdain. But Hardy then proceeded to tell the crowd that he doesn’t particulary care about Jericho’s problems, but he was the victim of a gross oversight by the referees, just as they missed Jericho’s foot on the ropes, they also missed Jeff Hardy hitting him in the head with an illegal Steel Chair. In the midst of the complaining, eventually Theodore Long came out and informed that the referee has already been spoken to and he agrees that they should get a second chance, and since he doesn’t want the show to be held up much longer, he is making a match... a tag team match, playa. A rematch from last week, if they win then they will be inserted into the match at Judgment Day.


In the opening match of the night, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson defended their WWE Tag Team Championships against The Lifeblood of Extreme. Momentum shifted between the two teams throughout this match, Kendrick spent most of the time on the outside, leaving big ‘Zeke to use his strength, and eventually Kendrick and Jackson managed to isolate Richards from his partner. A few minutes later and Richards managed to break free and get the tag to Dreamer, and it looked as if we would have new champions until Dreamer was low blowed by Kendrick while the referee was distracted. After the match, Kendrick and Jackson started beating up Dreamer, but Richards made the same when he slid into the ring with a Kendo Stick. Dreamer and Richards then stood in the ring while their rivals made an escape, and they started telling them they were still coming for those titles.


Back from the commercial break, we are in Theodore Long’s office where he is rifling through some papers, that is until Layla and Tiffany walk into the office. He stands up quickly, walks around his desk and greets the two divas. They refer to the conversation they had after SmackDown last week, and say they thought of an idea, that Teddy should hire and assistant. He likes the idea, Tiffany puts over her experience on ECW but Layla says that’s the reason that ECW isn’t around anymore. Long says that he will have a test for them next week, both of you will make a match, and then the crowd will vote on who will become my assistant. The two divas look at each other with disdain before leaving.

It’s time for an interview and that’s where Brie and Nikki Bella now come in, SmackDown’s newest interviewers, they introduce the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena who gets a massive cheer from the crowd. He puts over Jeff Hardy as an opponent before saying that Jericho and Matt should stop complaining and then says that tonight they’ll beat them again. The Twins ask him if he thinks he can beat Jeff at Judgment Day. He is about to respond when Jeff Hardy walks into the shot. He asks John the same question, and Cena responds by saying he thinks he can, just like Jeff thinks he can beat him, but Jeff tells him he doesn’t think – he knows. The two men stare off, the two most popular stars on SmackDown as the fans conduct a duelling chant of CENA – HARDY.

The second match of the night determined who would join R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne in the United States Championship Gauntlet at Judgment Day. It was between Kane and John Morrison, and the match was a back and forth match, but in the end John Morrison picked up the victor after Christian interrupted and cost Kane the match, getting revenge for last week.


After the commercial break, we’re backstage where Christian is walking down a corridor with a huge smirk on his face, pleased with what he’s done to Kane. He stops in his tracks when he sees Edge, the two of them stare at each other for a few seconds before Edge asks Christian what the hell he is doing. He says that you don’t mess with or try to anger Kane, Christian replies by telling him that he knows what he’s doing. Edge says he doesn’t think he does and Christian simply tells him that he should focus on Big Show and he’ll focus on Kane.

We now see Matt Hardy walking through the halls when he sees Gregory Helms glance at him and shakes his head before turning back to his phone. Matt takes exception to this and walks over to him and asks what the hell is problem is. Helms tells him the two of them, the three of them, Jeff included, used to be the best of friends, but Matt wrecked all of that when he attacked his brother. Matt says he doesn’t care because he’s going to become the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day. Gregory says that Jeff will become the champion at Judgment Day, simply because he is better than Matt. That doesn’t sit well with Matt as he slaps Gregory right in the face, grabs him and launches him into a production box before walking away.

In the third match of the evening, Shelton Benjamin took on former tag team partner and friend, Charlie Haas. The duo put on a solid match, but in the end it was Shelton Benjamin who picked up the victory with PayDirt, gaining entry into the United States Gauntlet Match.


The Judgment Day promo is shown...

After the JD promo, we’re backstage where Evan Bourne and Kelly Kelly are standing, and Kelly tells him that she really enjoyed last week. The two’s smiles are cut short when Mike Knox walks into the scene with flowers that are cut up and flattened, Knox tells her that he found these flowers in the trash last week, he says that he tried to save them, but he couldn’t. Evan stands in front of Kelly, and Mike tells him that he should have kept out, because Kelly is his, and once he gets rid of him, he’ll have Kelly to himself.

The next match of the night was between The Big Show and Jamie Noble. Vickie Guerrero was nowhere to be seen and Show took all his frustrations out on Noble, beating him throughout the match and ended up winning with The Knockout Punch.

After the match, Show wasn’t done with Jamie, he grabbed him and started punching him and stomping on him, before picking him up for a Chokeslam, but Edge sprinted down the ramp and slid into the ring, and Speared Big Show. Edge backed away, not bothering to help Noble up, he’s just focused on Show.


Backstage, we’re in the parking lot where Vickie Guerrero has just arrived, she climbs out of her car, presses down her outfit before walking into the arena, looking rather displeased.

This match was to determine the final competitor to enter the United States Championship gauntlet and was between Mike Knox and Christian. Knox dominated for most of the bout, inflicting enormous amounts of pain on each body part, until Christian made a comeback and looked as if he would pick up the victory until Kane walked down the ramp, distracting him, Knox took advantage and attacked Christian, picking up the victory and quickly leaving the ring as Kane entered, he Chokeslammed him and told him he wasn’t done with him, not by a long shot.


Back from the commercial, we’re with The Big Show is wiping his head with a towel, getting the sweat off when Vickie Guerrero walks in. Show can tell she isn’t happy and asks her what is wrong, Vickie responds by going on a rant about how Show put her contract on the line, and how if he loses then that means that Vickie is fired. She orders him to speak to Teddy Long and get this stipulation voided. Show says don’t worry, he’ll beat Edge but Vickie continues to complain until Show takes her orders and skulks away to Theodore’s lair.

We’re backstage with The Bella’s who introduce their next guest, Bobby Lashley. The Dominator walks into the shot and smiles at the two Divas, they question him on last week and Vladimir Kozlov but Lashley doesn’t get a chance to respond as Kozlov attacks him from behind and sends him careening into the wall. Kozlov kneels beside him and informs him that next week they’ll compete one on one, in a No Holds Barred match.

In a Judgment Day preview, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston put on a show for the fans in the arena, with a back and forth match which had R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler on commentary. The two of them arguing through out about the Gauntlet and in the midst of the arguing, Kingston rolled out the way of the Shooting Star Press and managed to hit Evan with the Trouble in Paradise. Kelly helped Evan out of the ring as the fans applaud both men for the match.


The Hart Dynasty promo is shown...

We come back from the commercial and Big Show is practically begging Theodore Long to void the stipulation in his and Edge’s match at Judgment Day, but Teddy is having none of it, informing Show that he agreed to the stipulation. Show continues to ask, for Vickie’s sake and Teddy says he hopes that Edge does win, so we don’t have to hear from Vickie again.

In the main event, Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy were seeking revenge for last week and duly got it, as the team of Jeff and Cena didn’t co-exist well, they competed well but their team work let them down as they were probably scouting each other for their match at Judgment Day. But now, the singles match is now a Fatal 4 Way match as Jericho connects with the Codebreaker to Jeff and pins him for the three count. The show ends with Matt and Jericho standing tall, knowing they are in the main event at Judgment Day.

WWE Judgment Day
Rosemont, Illinois

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs, Matt Hardy

Vickie Guerrero’s Contract On The Line
Big Show w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio William Regal

World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Tyme vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

WWE United States Championship
Gauntlet Match

R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox vs. Shelton Benjamin

WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix vs. Maryse vs. ???

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