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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown
September 23rd, 2011
Blue Cross Arena – Rochester, New York

Much like Raw, Smackdown kicks off this week with stills from the Night of Champions event this past Sunday. In the first of three Smackdown exclusive matches Cody Rhodes retains his Intercontinental Championship against Sin Cara after using his plastic mask; and is shown holding the title high in the air afterwards. Christian and Daniel Bryan walk down to the ring for their Submission Match, and we see a couple of stills from during the match that show Christian hitting Bryan’s leg with a chair and then applying the Cloverleaf on Bryan, but Bryan is eventually able to get the LeBell Lock in and Christian taps out. Now finally we see the six combatants in the World Heavyweight Championship Six-Pack Challenge before the bell rings. Quick still images of memorable moments in that match most mainly Mark Henry ploughing Sheamus through the side of the stage and then both men taking turns to dominate the rest of the field afterwards. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on The Great Khali but Henry comes in to steal the pin. The VP ends with Henry holding his new title high up into the air. ‘Crash’ by Decyfer Down (New Smackdown theme, thanks Flux ) echoes around the Blue Cross Arena as the 13,000 fans in attendance are seen to be pumped for this post-Night of Champions edition of Smackdown. We are now treated to the voices of our 3-man announce team of Michael Cole, Booker T and the one and only Josh Matthews to welcome us.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! I am Michael Cole, and alongside me are my two broadcast colleagues Booker T and Josh Matthews!

Josh Matthews: We are only five nights removed from the historic Night of Champions Pay-Per-View spectacular; where we have entered a new era on Smackdown!

Booker T: Da Mark Henry Era has begun dawgs! We even got some new music!

Michael Cole: We would like to thank Decyfer Down for ‘Crash’; it’s a great single and we’re proud to be using it for Friday Night Smackdown!


The fans let out a mixed reaction, leaning towards boos but there are some definite cheers mixed in from the older male members of the audience as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY walks out onto the stage with his brand new title hanging over his shoulder as he slowly starts to walk down the ramp.

Booker T: Here he is! Dis man has waited fifteen years for dis; to become a champion!

Michael Cole: And just think how much sooner it could have been if he didn’t spend the last few years acting like a fool and trying to entertaining these idiots; Mark Henry realised that he is just a lot better at hurting people.

Josh Matthews: Well we’ve seen Henry be as destructive as any Superstar in history in these past few months; this past Sunday he put Sheamus through the side of the stage! He could have killed them both!

Michael Cole: In all of my years in this business I’ve never seen anything like that before! But what struck me was that both men were able to get back up and back into the match... with Henry winning the damn thing!

Smackdown’s brand new top man gets to the bottom of the ramp and he takes a deep breath before walking towards the steps slowly. A fan reaches out to try and touch Henry, but his hand brushes the championship and Henry turns around and starts shouting at the young man “EXCUSE ME DID YOU BEAT ME FOR THIS?! NO WELL DON’T TOUCH IT!” which gets a mixture of laughs and heat from the WWE Universe as said fan craps his pants. Henry trudges up the steps and he picks up a microphone that is rested on the top step. He gets into the ring and slowly walks to the centre of the ring. He raises his title high into the air to a mixed reaction with a smirk on his face as he lowers the belt back over his shoulder and adjusts it whilst he waits for the music and the fans to quieten down.

Mark Henry: Fifteen years... Fifteen damn years it has taken me to finally get to this point in ma career. Fifteen years of being someone’s bodyguard or being a joke to make all you people happy and finally... I’m happy.

The fans give a little heat for that comment.

Mark Henry: At Night o’ Champions I finally won the World Heavyweight Championship, so all of those years of bein’ a joke and tryin’ to make you people laugh have finally paid off because now I’m the top dog on Smackdown!

Henry is very forceful as he speaks; he seems relieved to have finally proved his point.

Mark Henry: I was putting all yo’ happiness in front of mine before... but now it’s ma turn! I’m happy as World Heavyweight Champion and I just dare anyone to try and take this title off of me; cos no one got a chance in hell o’ beating me!

Henry still smugly looks around the arena has he speaks.

Mark Henry: Five men tried to stop me this Sunday and they couldn’t; I beat dem all! Sheamus-

Henry is cut off by a big pop for the mention of The Celtic Warrior which causes him to frown a lot.


Quite loud booing around the arena as Henry is referring to the stage incident at Night of Champions.

Mark Henry: Every day he’s gon’ wake up and feel... pain! Every time he’s stepped into this ring with me Sheamus has got hurt; and Night o’ Champions was no diff’rent! I’ve inducted him into ma Hall of Pain three times now but he just can’t get enough! Hell, I’m jus’ not sure if he’s tough or stupid.

Henry now motions towards the stage.

Mark Henry: See those three boys dat are gonna fight each other t’night are signin’ themselves up for the beatin’ of their life inside dat Cell in nine night’s time! So I wouldn’t blame any of y’all for pullin’ out of dat match for the sake of not just your career... but yo life. The man that steps inside that Cell with me is goin’ straight into my Hall of Pain!

That is met by a mixed reaction from the fans as Henry now turns towards the direction which he came from.

Mark Henry: So how ‘bout it, boys? Sheamus, Bryan, Barrett? Any of you wanna come down here an’ admit dat you don’t wanna face me for this title?

A little sprinkling of heat for the new champion, but as expected none of the three potential number one contenders emerge.

Mark Henry: No one will-


There’s a pretty loud pop in the arena as it seems Rochester are fans of the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long, who struts out onto the stage dressed in a ghastly brown suit that is about two sizes too big for him. He is wearing a smile on his face as he marches down to the ring with the World Champion looking confused as he stares his former manager approaching him.

Josh Matthews: Well this man is the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long! He’s been under fire in recent week and he is being closely monitored by the WWE COO Triple H, and I just hope for Teddy’s sake that he isn’t being the bearer of bad news for Mark Henry or this could get ugly for our General Manager!

Michael Cole: Well I hope he is bringing some bad news; he deserves to get snapped in half for interrupting our brand new World Heavyweight Champion; what a show of disrespect!

Booker T: Aw just lighten up, Cole!

Long also grabs a microphone as he climbs up the steps and joins Henry in the ring. He makes sure he keeps a good distance away from Henry. Macmillitant fades out and Henry is kind enough to let Long speak first but he doesn’t look impressed by the GM’s presence.

Theodore Long: Mark, I just wanted to come out here and let you know that I’m proud of ya that ya finally got to tha top of tha tree, playa; if anyone deserves it it is you afta all of tha work and dedication you’ve put in over tha years... so congratulations, playa!

The fans give a mixed reaction as Henry just looks down his nose at Long who seemed to have been giving very sincere congratulations.

Theodore Long: But as I’m sure ya understand; I’ve got a show ta run and given recent circumstances I’ve gotta make Smackdown tha best it can be, and the best way I can do that is putting on great matches for tha WWE Universe!!

Long holds his arm out as he preaches to the fans that give him the customary cheap pop.

Theodore Long: That’s why I made tha main event for tonight’s show with Daniel Bryan (pop) taking on Wade Barrett (boos) going against Sheamus (MASSIVE POP; Henry looks angry) in a Triple Threat Match! And tha winner will face you for tha World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell in a Hell in a Cell Match!

A big pop for that from the Rochester crowd; Henry smiles as he is clearly looking forward to stepping inside the Cell.

Theodore Long: But there’s one thing about t’night’s main event that everyone has been askin’ be about all day... they all wanna know why I ain’t put one man in that match.

A little pop goes up in the arena as some fans click on to who Long is talking about.

Theodore Long: That man... is ‘Tha Viper’ Randy Orton!

A HUGE pop echoes around the arena, and Henry sniffs in disapproval.

Theodore Long: People have been askin’ me why Randy Orton isn’t getting another chance ta become number one contender... I’ll tell ya why, Mark! That is because Randy Orton is getting his rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship... RIGHT NOW!!

The fans go wild!! Long holds his arms in the air as Henry’s eyes go huge in true black man style as Long now motions towards the entrance ramp.


The roof almost blows off of the arena!! Wearing his “Security” T-shirt, RANDY ORTON walks out onto the stage with a pretty large smile on his face despite losing the World Heavyweight Championship last Sunday. He stares down Henry as he walks down the ramp slowly and Henry shakes his head. Long exits the ring and starts to walk up the ramp and he shakes hands with Orton as he passes him.

Michael Cole: Oh My! We’re going to have a World Heavyweight Championship match right now!!

Josh Matthews: It seems that the former World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is NOT scared of the new World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry!

Booker T: Dis is what Friday Night Smackdown is all ‘bout, dawgs!

Josh Matthews: Theodore Long said the best thing he can do to keep his job is to put on exciting matches for the WWE Universe, and he is sure living up to that; our first match tonight is going to be for the World Heavyweight Championship! Wow!

Orton gets into the ring and he walks across it before mounting the turnbuckle and striking up the destiny pose as the camera sweeps around. Orton turns back and looks at Henry; the World’s Strongest Champion giving him a look of anger in return. The referee walks over to Henry tentatively and asks him to hand over the title, which Henry begrudgingly does, although he has an air of confidence about him as he seems ready for his first title defence. ‘Voices’ fades out and Orton walks back across to the other side of the ring to face Henry, and the referee raises the title high in the air to just signify that it is the title up for grabs in this match. Ref passes the title down to someone at ringside and calls for the bell! Let’s kick this huge match off!

Match One:
World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry © vs Randy Orton

Henry walks into the centre of the ring straight away, and he beckons Orton to come and meet him but The Viper decides he wants to pace around the ring first to try and find a way around Henry. Orton tries going in to Henry, but he is able to dodge the big man’s grasp and retreat back to the safety of one of the corners. Henry once again calls for Orton to meet him in the centre of the ring. This time, Orton cautiously walks towards Henry... and leaps into action! Orton catches Henry out with a right hand to the side of the head that rocks the champion and Orton follows up with a stiff looking kick to the gut! Henry is knocked back a little after the couple of hard strikes from the former champion, and Orton now charges in... Only for Henry to knock him down with a forceful shoulder block! Orton falls right down to the mat after running into what must have felt like a brick wall, and The Viper instantly grabs his shoulder that was causing him problems in the build up to Night of Champions after that RKO on the concrete! Henry, like a shark to blood, instantly tries to zone in on the now injured Orton, but the former champion smartly rolls out of the ring and out of harm’s way to tend to the knock; Henry in pursuit as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break and we come right into a shot of Randy Orton’s face as he is being choked over the bottom rope by Henry! Henry has his boot on Orton’s upper back as the referee counts to five to break it up. We’re shown a replay of events that occurred during the break with Henry sending Orton into the steel ring post on the outside before chucking him like a missile into the steel steps. Henry lets his boot off of Orton’s back and the former champion desperately clasps for air as he can now breathe properly again. Henry starts to walk back across the ring under the referee’s instructions as Orton scrambles back up onto his knees, using the ropes... BUT HERE COMES HENRY-He crushes Orton’s neck across the middle rope and follows through all the way to the outside!! Orton almost falls through the ropes but he is left hanging across the middle rope. Henry looks smug at ringside, and he turns around and rocks Orton with a right hand to the side of the head!! Orton drops down onto the canvas in a heap after the strike and the champion now hops up onto the apron and goes back into the ring. The time taken for Henry to get into the ring allowed Orton to start getting back up to his feet and The Viper turns around as Henry waits behind him... and Henry floors Orton with a clothesline! The champion beats his chest as the fans pour down heat on him. Henry studies Orton as he lays flat in the centre of the ring. The champion runs against the ropes and he comes off looking for a LEG DROP-But Orton moves!! Henry lands right on the mat and he winces in pain, whilst Orton quickly springs up to his feet as quickly as he can and he comes in with a boot to Henry’s face!! Orton follows through with his boot that sends Henry down onto the mat. The fans pop as the challenger now rebounds off of the ropes himself and drops a knee right onto Henry’s face!! Henry holds his hands across his nose after that shot as he already starts to bring himself back up, and Orton is quick to come in with boots and punches to the recovering champion but Henry still fights through all of it and is still getting to his feet! Orton looks shocked and he is now staring Henry right in the face as the champion looks pissed off. Henry shoves Orton back, and The Viper rolls backwards after the push and he immediately charges at Henry but is met by a Big Boot!! Orton is rocked once again and now Henry goes in for the first cover of the match...One...Two-Orton kicks out!

A big pop rings around the arena as Orton shoots the shoulder up to stop the pinfall. Henry is right back up to his feet after that, and he quickly checks his nose for blood after the knee from Orton but there was nothing there. The champion bends down and grabs Orton, and he throws him up into the air and catches him... and plants him to the mat with a forceful Scoop Slam! Orton immediately goes to clinch his shoulder after the impact but he has no time to tend to it as Henry swiftly runs against the ropes and drops an emphatic elbow right across Orton’s chest!! Orton’s chest could be caved in! The fans start willing the challenger on with “LET’S GO ORTON!” chants as he starts to scramble towards the corner. Orton props himself up in the corner as he is looking like he could even be struggling for breath now at this point but HERE COMES HENRY!! OH!! The fans are devastated as the champion comes in with a HUGE Body Splash in the corner that sees Orton crushed up against the turnbuckle! Henry backs off and Orton starts to just stumble forwards, but it is right into the path of Henry... and the champion scoops his prey up- World’s Strongest Slam-NO!! Orton is able to slide off of Henry, but Henry pushes him right back against the ropes and he bends over; looking to catch Orton on the way back, but Orton comes in with a kick to the face!! Orton’s boot connects with Henry’s nose for a second time and the champion’s arms flail out to the side rather comically as Henry is stunned. Orton looks to capitalise by running against the ropes himself now and he goes for a Thesz Press on Henry... but Henry catches him!! The fans boo big time as Orton is in serious trouble because Henry has got him caught in a Bearhug!! Henry has a look of determination on his face as his tree-trunk like arms are wrapped around Orton’s waist like a vice! Orton groans in pain at the predicament he is in as he tries to push Henry’s arms away but he is of course unable to do so. Henry is smiling and he shouts “YOU AINT MOVING THESE ARMS, BOY!” before he screws his face up and tightens the Bearhug in even more. The WWE Universe continues with the “LET’S GO ORTON” stuff, and The Viper seems desperate to find a way out of the hold. Henry still has the hold locked in extremely tightly, and the commentators notice now that Orton is FADING! The Viper is FADING! Orton’s head drops down slightly and his arms stop moving as much as it seems that all of the force he was trying to use to escape the hold has diminished, and the referee is now left with no choice but to try and see if Orton has gone. Orton shakes his head that he doesn’t want to give up.

The fans pop as suddenly Orton starts to come back to life – he’s getting a second wind! The challenger’s head suddenly rears up and the camera reveals a fire in Orton’s eyes as he now brings his right arm up and rocks Henry in the head with a jab! Henry is unfazed as Orton now goes for another one- but still Henry is not budging! Orton now places both of his hands right onto Henry’s head... and Headbutts him right in the nose!!! This causes Henry to immediately break the hold and Orton drops down; he lands on his feet but drops to his knees as he grabs his ribs after suffering the duration of that hold. Henry is still focused on his nose, and he doesn’t see Orton spring up in front of him and Orton uses all remaining energy to leap into the air and catch Henry with a dropkick to the face!! The champion is knocked back into the ropes as Orton now feeds off of the crow d and defiantly gets up to his feet. He cracks his neck slightly and marches towards the champion and grabs him around the neck! Orton uses his other arm to pull Henry around and he manages to throw Henry’s legs out onto the apron!! Orton now uses all of his strength to pull Henry towards the ring... He holds him up.... and drops Henry with a Rope Hung DDT!!! The fans are going wild as Orton uses all of his power once again to turn Henry over and he hooks the giant leg! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Henry keeps his title safe and Orton holds his head in his hands!

The momentary disappointment doesn’t last long however as Orton slowly gets back up to his feet as Henry is stirring... and there is only one thing on The Viper’s mind! Orton sinks down into the canvas and he starts to viciously pound it as Henry starts to get back to his feet slowly after taking a battering to his face. Orton is basically foaming at the mouth now as he waits on Henry to get back up. Henry is up to one knee and Orton and the crowd wills him on... Henry finally gets up and Orton is right there! RKO-NO!! Henry was taking his time on purpose as he used the chance to recover and he stops Orton and shoves him shoulder first into the turnbuckle!! Orton screams in pain as he stumbles back out of the corner following the impact and right back into Henry’s path!! Henry scoops him up and plants him with the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! There is total silence from the crowd as Henry hooks up Orton’s leg and the referee counts! One...Two...Three!!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry (18.31)


There's a mixed reaction from the fans as Henry gets back up to his feet with a relieved grin on his face following his first successful title defence against the former champion. He is handed his title by the official and has his arm raised high in the air as his championship rests on the other shoulder.

Josh Matthews: Wow... Randy Orton is one of the toughest Superstars in WWE History and Mark Henry just made mince meat out of him!

Booker T: Mark Henry is gonna be World Hea'yweight Champion fo' a long time if he carries on like dis... he's unstoppable, dawg.

Michael Cole: Well there is Mark Henry's first defence of the World Heavyweight Championship, but we know that the next one is going to be in nine nights time at Hell in a Cell. We also know that his opponent will be decided in tonight's huge main event! We're going to see Wade Barrett take on Sheamus and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match!

Booker T: Well we've never seen Mark Henry inside Hell in a Cell before but I can imagine it aint gon' be pretty! Haha!

Orton is still down on the mat as the referee is down there checking on him. Henry backs up the ramp, looking out onto the WWE Universe and shouts "Y'ALL BETTER GET USED TO THIS SIGHT!" and he raises his title high into the air to a mixed reaction from the fans; Henry is winning over some of these fans with his performances it seems. The World's Strongest Champion turns around and heads to the back as we fade out for commercial.

*Commercial Break*
We’re backstage for the first time tonight and we see the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long talking to some random backstage workers. Teddy seemingly doesn’t realise the camera is on him and carries on with his conversation until...

???: HEY! Teddy! I need to talk to you!

Long looks shocked and he turns around... it’s Christian! ‘The Saviour of Smackdown’ looks rather irate and Long quickly apologizes and excuses himself from the workers.

Theodore Long: Playa, you can’t just-

Christian: Be quiet, and listen to me. I’m the saviour of this show; I’m the Saviour of Smackdown, a former World Heavyweight Champion and to put it simply the best damn wrestler on this show... so why aren’t I not in the main event tonight? Why can’t I be number one contender?

Christian gives Long a long, hard stare but the GM remains stoic; Long’s face quickly transitions into a smile to a decent pop.

Theodore Long: Christian... you aint in that match because you aint done nothin’ to deserve it! Wade Barrett, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan-

Christian: Daniel Bryan? Daniel Bryan doesn’t deserve anything! He’s taken my spot and I want... it... back.

The Canadian is quite angry now, and Long still remains calm.

Theodore Long: Well, he made yo’ ass tap out at Night o’ Champions; I think yo’ spot is gone. Holla Holla!

There’s a loud cheer in the arena as Christian’s face lights up like he’s just been shot in the arse and Long walks off leaving a very, very disgruntled Christian fuming. The workers that Long were talking to beforehand are seen giggling in the background which only causes Christian to get even angrier as we now fade away...

Back into the arena and we can see Percy Watson standing alongside his tag team partner Titus O’Neill in the ring. Watson is kind of shuffling around shouting “OH YEAH” to O’Neill’s amusement and the big man holds his arms up in the air and barks like a dog in return. Both are dressed to compete but it is Watson that is in singles competition tonight. All attention now turns to the Titantron however...


The fans let out a large cheer as Justin Gabriel jobs out from behind the curtain and he leaps up unto the air and lands in a crouched position - a burst of pyro shoots upwards from either side of the stage as he lands!! This causes the cheers to grow even louder for the South African, who looks up and smiles before walking down to the ring, slapping hands with fans down the aisle as he does.

Booker T: Aww boy, its ma favourite time of da show now! Ma boy Justin Gabriel is in da house, dawg! Haha, I wanna see dat four-fiddy splash; it’s off da chain!

Josh Matthews: Folks, Booker is getting excited for good reason; Justin Gabriel has been impressing everyone for the past few weeks with dazzling victories on Smackdown; and he even defeated Heath Slater in the Night of Champions Pre-Show this past Sunday, but tonight he faces another NXT Alumni, ‘Showtime’ Percy Watson!

Michael Cole: Percy Watson is no slouch; he knows what it takes to win a match here on Smackdown, but winning is all Justin Gabriel has been doing these past few weeks!

Josh Matthews: As Booker eluded to before, the four-fifty splash finishing manoeuvre from Justin Gabriel is one hell of a sight; if you haven’t seen it before you are missing out.

Gabriel steps into the ring through the ropes and he immediately mounts the turnbuckle and nods his head along to his theme music; looking to get his 7th win in a row since Summerslam. He jumps down and turns to face his opponent and he gives Watson a knowing nod as the referee asks Titus to leave the ring. Gabriel’s music fades out and he approaches the centre of the ring as the referee calls for the bell.

Match Two:
Justin Gabriel vs Percy Watson
w/ Titus O’Neill

The bell rings and Watson starts to walk towards Gabriel, and just when it looks like both men are about to lock up, Watson holds his hand in front of Gabriel and asks him to wait so Gabriel does... and Watson shouts “OH YEAH!” and does a little jig in front of a confused and focused Gabriel. Watson nods his head now and says “Okay, I’m ready now! I’m feelin’ it!” before he approaches Gabriel and the two men lock up. Percy actually gets the better of it and he sends Gabriel into the corner with an Irish Whip and follows him in quickly, but Gabriel sees Watson coming and he floats over, causing Watson to quickly have to stop in his tracks to avoid the turnbuckle. Watson now charges in at the South African but Gabriel catches him with a deep Arm Drag!! Watson is back up to his feet and he has his back bent after the move and he starts to back right into the corner on the other side of the ring. Watson shakes the cobwebs out a little as Gabriel now comes charging in and he lands a Flying Forearm right to Watson’s face!! Percy lulls in the corner for a second and then drops down to the mat right onto his face.

Gabriel holds his arm up in the air to a decent pop from the fans as he is now waiting on Watson to get back to his feet. O’Neill starts banging his fists against the ring apron to try and inspire his partner to get going in this match. Watson gets up to his feet once again and Gabriel comes in, looking for a clothesline, but Watson ducks it! Gabriel carries on right towards the turnbuckle and Percy comes in with a knee to Gabriel’s back!! Gabriel screams in pain after that shot as now Showtime starts to work away on Gabriel’s lower back with clubbing forearm blows that causes Gabriel to wince in pain with every shot. Percy is now quick to turn Gabriel around and bring him out of the corner. He hooks his head under Gabriel’s arm and takes him over with a Snap Suplex! Gabriel’s back arches on the canvas after the impact but instead of following up, it seems Watson wants to... dance? Showtime starts to strut his stuff with a little shuffling kind of move to the annoyance of some of the fans but there still are a fair few members of the WWE Universe enjoying Watson’s antics. Watson finishes off his little jig with another “OH YEAH!” and a cheesy grin. He turns around to follow up on Gabriel-BAM!! Super Kick from Gabriel!! Watson is out like a light and drops flat down on his back and now the fans cheer extremely loudly as Gabriel gets up to his feet, not really feeling the effects of Watson’s minimal offence and he starts to walk towards the corner! Gabriel climbs up the turnbuckle as Titus has his head in his hands and Gabriel is now standing on the top rope; ready and waiting in position... 450 SPLASH!!! Gabriel favours his stomach as usual after the impact but he’s quickly into the cover on Watson! One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (3.45)


The fans cheer loudly as Gabriel gets up to his feet and Watson rolls out of the ring. O’Neill is not there to help his partner though as he has a microphone! Everyone focuses on Titus as he speaks.

Titus O’Neill: Yo! Hey! Cut the music!

The music stops to reveal a mixed reaction from the crowd. Gabriel holds his stomach as he looks at O’Neill climbing up the steps into the ring.

Titus O’Neill: Great win, Justin; I know Percy is a tough competitor. But I have an idea... why don’t you put yo’ money where yo’ mouth is and how about you go one-on-one with The Big Dog Titus O’Neill right now? What d’ya say?

The fans start to cheer pretty loudly and Gabriel looks a bit unsure.

Titus O’Neill: Justin, I think these fans wanna see dat!

After another loud cheer, Gabriel looks around and he nods his head... we’re going to have another match right now! Watson gets up at ringside looking a little worse for wear with his glasses out of place but he claps anyway. The referee takes the microphone from O’Neill and hands it down to someone at ringside and he calls for the bell once again!!

Match Three:
Justin Gabriel vs Titus O’Neill
w/ Percy Watson

The bell rings again and this time Gabriel is faced with the bigger half of the Watson/O’Neill tag team, and has just finished a match himself. Titus nods his head at the fans, but they reply with a “GAB-RIEL” chant. The two men go to lock up, and O’Neill’s strength advantage comes into play as he grabs Gabriel by the shoulders and forces him down into the mat face-first that causes the South African some discomfort. O’Neill now quickly runs against the ropes and lets out a huge dog bark and drops a huge elbow right down across Justin’s lower back!! The commentators note that Titus is picking up right from where Watson left off by working on the lower back area of Gabriel. The Big Dog now lifts Gabriel back up to his feet and he grabs him by the arm and whips him across the ring into the corner with all of the force he can possibly create and Gabriel’s back goes right into the corner! Gabriel stumbles out but Titus is there to meet him and scoop him up... and he drops him with a Sidewalk Slam!! O’Neill stays in position and he hooks Gabriel’s inside leg up! One...Two...Gabriel kicks out!

There’s a nice response to that kick out from the fans and O’Neill is right back up to his feet. He starts to jump on the spot and shake his head to pump himself up as Gabriel starts to get back up to his feet slowly, and when he does, O’Neill comes charging in and he lifts Gabriel up and runs him right into the corner back-first!! Gabriel yelps out in pain once again as Titus now walks back and into the opposite corner before turning around and going to squash Gabriel- but Justin gets the boot up!! O’Neill staggers back and Gabriel backs himself up onto the second rope behind him... and he leaps off; knocking Titus down with a Flying Clothesline!!! The big man drops to his back and Gabriel dives on top for the cover! One...Two...Titus kicks out! Gabriel is undeterred however as he stumbles up towards the corner again and he begins to scale the turnbuckle whilst O’Neill is down in the centre of the ring! This brings the fans to life as Gabriel must be thinking to finish this one off as early as the last match. Gabriel gets up to the top rope, but Titus leaps into action! He was playing possum! O’Neill storms towards Gabriel and he grabs him... and throws him off of the top rope back into the ring!! Gabriel flips over in mid-air and lands hard on his back!! Titus starts to bark like a dog once again and he is quick to go down and lock in a rear chinlock on Gabriel; driving his knee into the South African’s back as he does.

The fans start to rally behind Gabriel once again by chanting his name loudly. The commentators put over how Titus has done a much better job than Watson in neutralizing Gabriel, but Booker starts to get excited as he sees that Gabriel is fighting the hold! Gabriel manages to grab O’Neill’s arms and he pulls them apart and Titus has a look of shock on his face! Gabriel now rolls back and places his feet on O’Neill’s chest and rolls forward; executing a Monkey Flip on the big man! Titus gets back to his feet and he holds his back now after taking that bump. Gabriel comes in and meets him with a Savate Kick to the midsection that doubles O’Neill over and Gabriel now follows up with a Snapmare on the big man! Good strength from Gabriel and rebounds off of the ropes and creams Titus in the face with a Low Dropkick!! The fans pop as Gabriel is now into the cover! One...Two...Thr-Titus saves himself!! Gabriel is shocked as he thought he’d gotten the win then but he gets right back up as quickly as he can due to his back hurting. O’Neill is right back up to his feet after that flurry from Gabriel. Gabriel is first to the punch with a forearm to the side of Titus’ head, and now Gabriel charges into the ropes and comes back... Right into a Sitting Spinebuster from O’Neill!! Gabriel is planted by that huge move and now Titus with the pin! One...Two...Thre-NO!! Another massive pop greets that kick out and now O’Neill gets in the referee’s face! The ref says it was only two but O’Neill isn’t happy.... but here’s GABRIEL WITH THE ROLL UP!! One!! Two!! Three!!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (5.27)


HE DID IT!! Gabriel sits up with his arms raised in victory as he seems pretty shocked himself. O’Neill on the other hand looks confused as anything as he looks around the arena and finally pounds his fist against the mat in frustration that he was caught out. Watson slides into the ring, still smarting a little bit from his whipping by Gabriel but he comes to console his partner as Gabriel has his arm raised by the referee for the second time tonight.

Michael Cole: Oh My! What a fantastic night’s work for Justin Gabriel! I don’t usually agree with you two about anything but I’ll admit that this kid has a bright future as a singles star here on Smackdown.

Josh Matthews: It isn’t often that WWE Superstars compete twice in one night, even rarer that they win both matches but Gabriel brushes aside Percy Watson and a pretty impressive-looking Titus O’Neill!

Booker T: We saw dat four-fiddy splash against Watson – HEY! WHAT DA HAYELL?!

Booker is furious as now GABRIEL IS JUMPED FROM BEHIND BY WATSON AND O’NEILL!!! The crowd instantly boo the duo as they look to get a measure of revenge on Gabriel by knocking him down and laying into him with vicious boots to the back and the head! Everyone is crying out for a saviour now as Gabriel has no defence to these two men on him like a pack of dogs. O’Neill starts to direct traffic and he orders for Watson to bring Gabriel up and Percy lifts up the limp body of the South African. Titus starts to bark like a dog again to some quite loud heat now, and Watson sends Gabriel into O’Neill’s path and he deals out another sick Spinebuster!! Gabriel is out but now Watson starts to head over to the top rope! Watson gets on top of the turnbuckle nearest the ramp and he steadies himself... but he’s shoved off by JOHNNY CURTIS!!! The fans go wild as FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM HAVE COME TO SAVE THE DAY!! Watson lands in the ring in a heap as now Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman start to take it to Titus O’Neill!! Titus has no counter for the two freedom-fighters and they’re able to overpower him and send the big man packing over the top rope!! The crowd go wild as now Bateman points towards Watson and the crowd erupt! The Prince of Justice now picks Percy up and he hooks his head underneath his arm... and drops him with a BRAINBUSTER!!! Watson is out after the impressive move and now Curtis starts to scale the turnbuckle!! The fans all wait in anticipation and Curtis stands straight up on the top rope. He leaps off and scores with a DIVING LEG DROP across Watson’s neck!! Curtis leaps back up to his feet to a massive reaction from the WWE Universe! The two men who are ‘not Superheroes’ now go and help Gabriel back up to his feet.


(it's just a metal remix of the Superman theme.)

Josh Matthews: What an impact made by Fighting for Freedom! They might claim not to be superheroes but they really saved the day for Justin Gabriel!

Booker T: Did you see all of dat! Dat was off the chain, dawg!

Michael Cole: Well I don’t know what these two goons were doing out here! Justin Gabriel could’ve fought them off by himself!

Gabriel gratefully accepts the helping hand back up to his feet and he shakes both the hands of Curtis and Bateman before Fighting for Freedom raise the arms of the South African who must be ecstatic with two victories in one night. Watson has now joined O’Neill on the ramp and both men are sitting down licking their wounds looking extremely annoyed at the men in the ring after a bad night across the board. Smackdown heads off to another commercial with the parting shot being three of the blue brand’s up and coming stars standing tall in the ring.

*Commercial Break*
Backstage once more after the break and we’re once again with the man that is just popping up everywhere at the moment... that’s right; it’s Matt Striker! He is as enthusiastic as ever and he’s got hold of his trusty microphone as usual.

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time is a man that everything is going right for him at the moment. He is Smackdown’s very own Mr Money in the Bank, he defeated Christian at Night of Champions this past Sunday and tonight he has the chance to go to Hell in a Cell and compete for the World Heavyweight Championship... I give you Daniel Bryan.

With that, a loud pop erupts within the Blue Cross Arena to greet Daniel Bryan entering the interview area, with his briefcase in tow.

Matt Striker: Daniel, I know that you have that Money in the Bank Contract that entitles you to a World Heavyweight Championship Match any time you wish but how do you feel about getting the chance to win the title from Mark Henry at Hell in a Cell in nine night’s time.

Daniel Bryan: That’s a good question Matt... I know I’ve said before that I’m going to wait until Wrestlemania Twenty-Eight until I cash in this briefcase and I still intend on doing that... if tonight doesn’t go as planned.

Bryan gives Striker a smirk.

Daniel Bryan: I know some people might see it as cheating but if I win tonight I’m going to go to Hell in a Cell and I’m going to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

A nice pop meets that statement from Bryan.

Daniel Bryan: I know I’ve rightfully earned my place in the match tonight because I made Christian tap out to the LeBell Lock at Night of Champions.

Another, louder pop this time.

Daniel Bryan: Y’see I knew that when I won this briefcase I was going to be a target for anyone desperate for the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion; which is just about everyone in this locker room.

Bryan now holds the briefcase up into the camera shot.

Daniel Bryan: And I will fight through the entire locker room if I have to because this briefcase represents all of the years of blood, sweat and tears that I have poured into the wrestling business and this briefcase is the key to me achieving my dream.

Bryan is getting very passionate right about now.

Daniel Bryan: I know that because I won this at Money in the Bank that I am now only months away from realising my dream and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania!

Now with a full blown smile on his face, Bryan turns to Matt for one final question.

Matt Striker: So Daniel, any particular strategy tonight when you face Sheamus and Wade Barrett?

Daniel Bryan: Strategy? Haha, my strategy is simple, Matt. Sheamus, Barrett... tonight you have two choices; TAP or SNAP!

The fans join in with the last bit and the closing line leaves Striker with a smile on his face as well as Bryan leaves the shot and our camera ventures off somewhere else...

And into the office of the Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long; he gets a pretty good pop from the fans after he destroyed Christian earlier on in the show. As for now he is just sitting at his desk reviewing some paperwork and signing some cheques. That is until there is a knock on the door. Long starts to quickly finish up what he was doing as the door to the office opens. Long looks up at who enters the office and he beams up at them as he rises to his feet. The camera turns slightly to reveal that it was in fact Kelly Kelly and Eve that had entered the office! Kelly looks a little down-hearted after what has been a terrible week for her but Eve is all smiles.

Theodore Long: Ladies! What can I do for you?

Eve looks at Kelly as if it is now her cue to speak but the blonde doesn’t and Eve is forced to nudge her friend and that prompts Kelly to lift her head up; we can see that she is still quite upset.

Kelly Kelly: Teddy... we came here to find out what I could do... to earn a Divas Championship Match.

This is greeted by a decent pop from the fans that are all on Kelly’s side tonight. Long looks confused, however.

Theodore Long: Kelly, what d’ya mean, hunny? You are the former champion; you already have a rematch whenever ya want one.

Kelly Kelly: No, Teddy... you don’t understand. I don’t feel like I deserve a rematch after Night of Champions... after what Beth Phoenix did to me.

Kelly now lifts her head up again and looks right at Long.

Kelly Kelly: I want to earn it.

Theodore Long: Well, Kelly, at this moment you are tha number one contender but if that’s how ya feel I’m sure I can find ya an opponent-

???: How about me?

That question was asked with some serious attitude and the cameras turn to the door again and The Bella Twins are standing there looking in; obviously interested in this conversation.

Theodore Long: I’m sorry, but which one of you said that?

That is met by laughs from Eve and the fans but a look of anger from the twins.

Brie Bella: It was me, Brie. We were just walking past and we happened to hear your conversation and I think that we have a solution for your little problem.

Brie now hands over to her sister.

Nikki Bella: Brie is a former Divas Champion as well... and when Kelly beat her for the Divas title she never got her rematch.

Brie Bella: And now I want it back. So Kelly, what do ya say?

Kelly tries to avoid any eye contact or confrontation with the Bellas as she shies away a little.

Eve: Kelly says yes; we’ll see you out there... girls.

Eve gives the Bellas a smirk after that comment and the Bellas can’t help but grin after they got what they wanted; the twins then leave. Eve now turns to Kelly.

Eve: I’m gonna go down there with you to stop them from trying any of their tricks... we all know what those two are like.

Kelly nods before Eve puts her arm around her which causes Kelly to crack a smile and Eve to smile even more that she has cheered her friend up. They both wave to Teddy before leaving the office; the GM now happy that one more issue is resolved. We’re going away from here now and backstage once again!

This time to a corridor backstage. The fans in the arena EXPLODE with cheers as on the screen is none other than The Viper himself, Randy Orton! Orton holds that troublesome shoulder in some pain after going through over 15 minutes with Mark Henry earlier. Orton winces as he walks along to presumeably the doctor’s room but he suddenly stops in his tracks and his face turns from pain to pure anger as he glares at the person in his way. The mystery is however soon solved as Wade Barrett steps into the shot, looking smugly at Orton.

Wade Barrett: Unlucky out there earlier, Randy; it is a shame that it won’t be you that I beat at Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton doesn’t give Barrett eye contact as the Englishman smugly carries on.

Wade Barrett: You know? Because that is what I’m going to do. I’m going to stop the monstrous reign of Mark Henry right before it even gets started. The one thing that you were unable to do tonight.

Again, Orton doesn’t rise to it.

Wade Barrett: I don’t even know why everyone is still calling you ‘The Viper’ anyway, Randy...

Orton’s ear perks up a little after that comment from Barrett as it seems that now he is interested.

Wade Barrett: Because I remember cutting ‘The Viper’s head off a few weeks back. But don’t worry because I’ve thought of a new name for you, Randy... The Worm.

Orton now turns his head slowly at Barrett who loves every second of this.

Wade Barrett: That’s right, Randy; The Worm. You are a parasite that does not belong on the surface with people like me; you belong underground where no one can see you.

Barrett looks cockily at Orton, satisfied with himself.

Randy Orton: I suggest that you... get out of my way.

Wade Barrett: Oh really, Randy? What? Are you hearing voices? You know what? You’re a joke, Orton. You aren’t even worth a second of my time. I’ll see you around... ‘champ’.

With that Barrett goes to leave but as he does he heavily ‘pats’ Orton on the bad shoulder!! Orton crumples down a little bit and Barrett is smiling once again as Smackdown now heads off to a commercial break with the last image being Randy Orton in pain as he clasps his shoulder.
*Commercial Break*

Back into the arena now following the series of backstage segments during the last part. The fans are now all in a state of anticipation as all eyes now return to the stage.


There’s a loud amount of heat in the arena as now the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes comes out onto the stage trying to hide his face that is behind that classic see-through mask. Alongside him is Ted DiBiase, and it seems that Ted is allowed to be there tonight after being dismissed by Cody at Night of Champions. DiBiase doesn’t bother playing to the crowd tonight as he is 100% focused on not allowing Cody to lose this match.

Josh Matthews: Well if you ask me, Cody Rhodes should not be the Intercontinental Champion right now as he screwed Sin Cara out of the title at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: Well we don’t know if Sin Cara would have gone on to win the match but Rhodes did use that mask as a weapon this past Sunday night to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Booker T: He shouldn’t even be wearin’ dat mask, dawg!

Michael Cole: He had facial reconstruction surgery earlier this year; of course he needs to wear the mask!

Rhodes motions for DiBiase not to get into the ring which causes Ted to look a little downtrodden but DiBiase suppresses that feeling and does as he is told. Rhodes gets into the ring and he seemingly hates all the attention being on him as he removes his jacket. He looks out disapprovingly at the crowd as they let their feelings be known to him. He passes the title down to DiBiase but tells Ted to give it to the timekeeper... the lack of trust apparent.


There is a much, much better reaction from the fans now as the irreplaceable William Regal briskly walks out onto the stage, adorned in an elegant purple robe over his wrestling trunks. He looks focused on Cody Rhodes as he is desperate to get his hands on Rhodes after what happened in the lead up to Night of Champions; the tag team victory last week with Sin Cara not enough for the Englishman.

Michael Cole: Why does a veteran like William Regal feel like he has to go and whine to Teddy Long if he wants a shot at the Intercontinental Championship?

Josh Matthews: Well he did team with Sin Cara last week to beat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, he is a former King of the Ring as well as a former two-time Intercontinental Champion in his own right. William Regal is an accomplished wrestler and one of the longest-serving active Superstars in the WWE today.

Booker T: Dat’s right, William Regal aint no pushover. He can beat you a hundred diff’rent ways if you let him.

Michael Cole: I don’t think a hundr-

Booker T: Well I’d liek to see you step in there with Regal, Cole. You can find out fo’ yo’self if ya like.

Regal climbs up onto the apron before doing that spin. He wipes his feet as usual before getting into the ring and when he does he quickly shakes the robe off and places it down over the top rope. He just shakes his hands out as he has no time for any theatrics ahead of this important match. With everything in order, the referee calls for the bell!

Match Four:
If William Regal wins he will become the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship;

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase vs William Regal

Regal immediately darts for Cody as soon as the bells rings and Rhodes quickly leaps towards the ropes and goes in between them so the referee comes over and stops Regal from getting any further. Regal is frustrated already and the ref tells Rhodes to get out of the ropes and into the match. Cody gives the official a dirty look before tentatively walking towards the ready Regal. Regal raises his hand up as he goes for the slower approach and initiates the lock up with Rhodes. Cody starts to slowly raise his hand before he kicks Regal right in the gut out of nowhere! Regal doubles over and Cody starts to pound away with hard forearms on Willy’s back that start to knock Regal down to size. Cody even grabs Regal’s hair and pulls him right into a Maskbutt to the back of the head!! Regal drops down to the mat holding his head after that brutal shot and Cody is quick to get the cover in... One...Two...Regal kicks out!! A pop rings around the Blue Cross Arena and now Cody looks to stay on the offence as he backs into the ropes and comes back forwards looking for a knee to the face... but Regal moves! Cody’s exposed knee crashes against the mat and Rhodes screams out in a little pain and he has no escape as now Regal is back up to his feet! Regal storms towards Rhodes and grabs his leg before laying it on the mat and stomping right onto Cody’s knee! Cody grabs it and shouts out and starts to back himself into the ropes but the referee does not call for the roepbreak this time. Cody backs up so that he is sitting on the apron but Regal grabs him and pulls him through back into the ring! Regal bends Cody over and starts to drive his knees right into Cody’s chest and he drops Rhodes down afterwards, leaving the IC champion in some pain as he struggles for breath.

Cody begins to crawl away and into the turnbuckle as Regal points at DiBiase at ringside; telling him not to get involved this time. Cody is up against the turnbuckle and Regal grabs him by the hair and delivers a measured punch right to the top of the head. Regal now holds Cody’s head back and gives the champion a Knife Edge Chop that light’s Rhodes’ chest up!! Cody is in visible pain, and the referee pulls Regal out of the corner and Rhodes stumbles forwards towards Regal... right into a European Uppercut that floors Cody! Regal is now quickly down for the cover...One...Two...Cody kicks out this time! Regal is quick to grab Cody by the hair once again and lift him back up to his feet. He goes behind Cody and hooks his arms around the champion’s head... and plants him with a scintillating Half-Nelson Suplex!! Rhodes crumples up on the canvas as Regal gets up to his feet with a broad grin, and he shouts “COME ON!” to fire up the crowd. Regal now walks towards the corner as Rhodes gets up to his feet... and Regal removes the knee pad!! The fans pop as Matthews lets us know that this means a Knee Trembler is coming up... but DiBiase is on the apron! This catches the referee’s attention as well as Regal’s, as the Englishman tries to get DiBiase but he can’t as Ted jumps down. Regal turns around towards the ring and he is knocked down by a knee lift to the face from Cody Rhodes!! This move only knocks Regal back a little but Willy turns around and Cody gets the Double Legs up... and plants Regal with an Alabama Slam!!! Regal holds the back of his head in pain as Cody hooks the leg!! One...Two...Thr-Regal keeps his chances alive!

Rhodes is shocked as his mask lets us see his full facial expression after Regal kicked out of that and the death glare is aimed fully at DiBiase after that one. Regal starts to get up to his feet and Cody springs up also. Rhodes stalks Regal from behind and once the Blueblood is up to his feet Cody comes from behind and he tries to hook Regal up for the Cross Rhodes... but Regal is able to get out of it! Regal quickly goes behind Cody and he hooks him up quickly... and drops him with a sick REGALPLEX!!! The fans mark out big time for the deadly looking move and Regal bridges into the cover!! One...TWO...THREE-NO!! Rhodes manages to wriggle out at the last second and both men lay down on the mat after that one as it took as much out of Regal to hit it as it did to Rhodes to take it. The fans break out into a “REGAL” chant as both Regal and Rhodes start to go to opposite corners in order to get to their feet. Both men get up and stare across the ring at each other Regal starts to walk towards the centre of the ring and he invites Rhodes to join him again. Cody slowly walks towards the centre of the ring towards Regal and the two men START TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER!!

The two men trade rapid right and left hands as the fans roar their approval. The ovation gets even louder as it appears that Regal is starting to get the better of it! Regal rocks Cody with forearms that put him into the ropes and he whips Rhodes across the ring and looks to meet him with a Back Body Drop but Rhodes drops down and nails Regal with an Uppercut to the face in true Goldust fashion! Regal is knocked back down onto his arse from the move and Rhodes gets up to his feet as he is fully focused on finishing this match off now. Regal is up to a knee and Rhodes starts to steady himself... before running towards the ropes and springboarding back into the ring and cracking Regal in the face with a Beautiful Disaster Kick!! Regal falls flat on his back after that and once again Cody is desperately into the cover...One...Two...THREE-NO!! REGAL WILL NOT BE DENIED TONIGHT!! There were many in the arena that thought that would be it for Regal as Rhodes protests that it was a three count and now DiBiase leaps up onto the apron once again to get the referee’s attention once again! The ref is right in front of DiBiase and the two men bicker over that previous pin fall. Although Matthews quickly points out that Cody is removing his mask!! Cody tries his best to hide his face as he has unbuckled his mask... ala Night of Champions!! Rhodes is in position with the mask in hand as Regal starts to get back up to his feet. But now all attention turns back to DiBiase as he now has his hands on the referee’s shirt to buy Rhodes some more time!! It is all going on now as the fans erupt to see that SIN CARA IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!! Rhodes is left standing still in shock as the man he screwed at Night of Champions charges down to the ring and Sin Cara grabs Ted DiBiase’s ankles and Ted faceplants on the ring apron!! The referee now starts to tell Sin Cara to get to the back but obviously the Mexican cannot understand! Rhodes also comes over and starts to weigh in and he tells the referee to eject Sin Cara! The ref now exits the ring and starts to escort Sin Cara towards the base of the ramp. Rhodes smirks as he holds his mask in his hand, and he turns around to follow through his plans... but he’s floored by a right hand from Regal!! Rhodes is KNOCKED OUT... because the cameras pick up the BRASS KNUCKLES ON REGAL’S FIST!!! THE POWER OF THE PUNCH!!! Regal stuff the knucks back into his trunks and he shouts for the ref and gets into the cover!! The official slides back into the ring and counts!! One....Two....Three!!!

Winner and #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship: William Regal (12:03)


REGAL DID IT! HE IS GOING TO HELL IN A CELL! Rhodes still hasn’t moved after having his lights knocked out by Regal and DiBiase sits at ringside in a state of shock as it appears that he has cost Cody again. Regal has his arm raised by the referee whilst wearing that classic Regal cheeky grin as he knows he has been naughty. Regal though points over to Sin Cara at the top of the ramp and he mouths ‘Thank You’ to his tag team partner from last week and the Mexican Idol nods back before heading to the back.

Michael Cole: This is a travesty! Regal used brass knuckles and he just struck Cody Rhodes in the face – his surgically reconstructed, beautiful face – with them! And what was Sin Cara doing out here! Surely Teddy Long can’t let this slide!

Booker T: Man, Cody still hasn’t moved! Dat was one hayell of a punch, dawg! Regal’s goin’ to Hell in a Cell!

Josh Matthews: Sin Cara was just getting some payback for what happened at Night of Champions and he was preventing William Regal from suffering the same fate as he did. And Michael, did you just call Cody Rhodes ‘beautiful’?

Booker T: Haha! He did!

Michael Cole: Cody Rhodes was screwed tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

Josh Matthews: Folks we are going to head to a commercial break now but please stay with us because after the break we’re going to find out who will face Beth Phoenix at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Divas Championship. Kelly Kelly and Brie Bella, two former Divas Champions will go one on one... next!

Regal is now on the ramp celebrating as DiBiase checks on Rhodes in the ring who is only just coming to his senses. Regal motions around his waist that he is gunning for the Intercontinental Championship before we fade out.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Package*

We start off with a black screen, but it is quickly illuminated with a flashing shot of the most sadistic structure in WWE history... the Hell in a Cell.

There is one match in WWE history that goes beyond all depths.

Triple H delivers a Pedigree to Chris Jericho from Judgement Day 2002 on top of the cell.

Bodies have been broken.

"The Game" is now on the receiving end of a Spinebuster from Batista onto the steel steps inside the cell.

Careers have been shortened.

Randy Orton dives off of the top rope and puts The Undertaker through a table; Taker then Tombstones "The Legend Killer".

Lives have been changed...

Mick Foley is put through the top of the cell by Taker; and then again by Triple H.

for the worse.

Sheamus and Randy Orton walk down to the ring for their match last year; Orton RKOs Sheamus ontop the steps for the win.

But only one thing will be guaranteed...

The Undertaker sends Mick Foley flying off of the top of the cell and crashing through the announce table.


OCTOBER 2, 2011

*End Video Package*

Michael Cole: That is right, folks, WWE’s next Pay-Per View event is Hell in a Cell from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans in just nine night’s time!

Booker T: Dat’s right, and both de WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship are gonna be defended inside de sadistic Hell in a Cell.

Josh Matthews: We learned on Raw this past Monday that the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio will step inside Hell in a Cell and defend his title against John Cena; who will be looking to win his tenth WWE Championship.

Michael Cole: We’ve never seen Alberto Del Rio inside the Cell before but the best quality I find about Del Rio is his ability to adapt to his surroundings; he’s defied the odds before and I wouldn’t put it past him to do it again.

Josh Matthews: Another match for Monday Night Raw sees The Awesome Truth taking on the team of CM Punk and Kofi Kingston. Those four men have a lot of unresolved problems between them and it is all going to come to a head at Hell in a Cell.

Booker T: Dat match can also be for da Tag Team Titles if Awesome Truth win em dis Monday night, don’t you forget dat!

Michael Cole: That is correct, Booker. And as we saw before the break... via dubious methods, William Regal has booked himself a shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Cody Rhodes.

Josh Matthews: What do you mean by that, Cole? I thought we talked about this?

Michael Cole: He cheated! I don’t care what you two say but I won’t accept it!


There’s a decent pop in the arena that disrupts the commentators’ bickering as quickly after the music starts Kelly Kelly walks out onto the stage with a very focused expression on her face and Eve by her side. Kelly looks down at her feet as she psyches herself up for this match. Eve pats Kelly on the back before she starts to interact with the fans at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well I’ll admit it could be worse... I could be Kelly Kelly.

Booker T: Cole, dat’s just not cool.

Josh Matthews: How can you say that, Cole? Kelly lost the Divas Championship at Night of Champions and since she’s not been the same person. Just look at her... all of the emotion has gone!

Michael Cole: Well maybe some wrestling skills have come! I wouldn’t want to throw up as much every time she comes out here if she was fun to watch in the ring.

Kelly gets into the ring and jogs across to the side next to the announcer’s desk and she is actually left watching Eve getting into the ring and Torres quickly walks over to her friend which causes Kelly to smile a little. Eve holds her hand up for a high five and Kelly takes it with a little smile.


There’s not really much of a reaction around the arena as both of the Bella Twins walk out onto the stage and both of them do a little combined pose. Brie looks the more confident as she leads the way down to the ring with Nikki in tow.

Booker T: I still don’t know which one is which.

Michael Cole: Brie Bella is a great candidate to be the next challenger for Beth Phoenix; she’s a former champion in her own right!

Josh Matthews: Well I’m interested to see how Kelly Kelly acts in this match as it is her first after Night of Champions.

Brie gets into the ring as Eve leaves it; leaving the two competitors in the ring. Eve points across to Nikki on the other side and says ‘I’m watching you’. Brie looks at Kelly with a big smile on her face and Kelly has resorted to looking back down at the ground. The music fades out and the official calls for the bell to be rung.

Match Five:
#1 Contender’s Match – WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly
w/ Eve vs Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

The bell rings but Kelly stays in the corner, looking a little shaken. She still looks at the floor as Brie starts to walk towards the centre of the ring. She holds her arms out and shouts “LIE DOWN BARBIE DOLL!” at Kelly... which causes the former Divas champ to lift her head up... and reveal a face of fury and thunder on it! The fans pop as Kelly is pissed off! Bella looks like she is staring right at a ghost.... and Kelly charges in and she levels Bella with a clothesline!! Kelly seems to have had enough as Brie is left feeling her anger and frustrations over the past few weeks. Bella gets up to her feet and Kelly meets her as soon as she does. K2 comes in with a boot to the mid section that doubles Brie over and she runs against the ropes and comes back in with a dropkick to the side of Brie’s head that knocks her down! Kelly quickly rolls into a cover! One...Two...Thr-No! Eve cheers as she supports Kelly. Bella has trouble getting back up to her feet after that and she can only scramble back into the turnbuckle. Kelly goes across to the opposite turnbuckle and she sprints forwards and cartwheels right into an elbow to Brie’s face!!

Kelly comes out into the ring and Bell walks forwards holding her face, and Kelly grabs her arm and puts her over into the centre of the ring with a Hip Toss! Brie’s back arches up as the new, focused Kelly heads over towards the corner! Kelly starts to scale the turnbuckle and she gets up onto the top rope! But Nikki Bella jumps up onto the apron! This distracts Kelly for long enough that Brie can run against the ropes which causes Kelly to drop down to the mat in a heap! Brie quickly dives on top to go for the cover...One...Two...Kelly kicks out! Brie seems angered by that so she starts to stomp away on the downed Kelly. Brie places her foot on the back of Kelly’s neck and pulls her hair!! The referee starts to come over and count to five because of the hair pull but then Brie stomps Kelly’s face into the mat! The fans shout ‘OH!’ at that as Kelly holds her face. Brie gets up to her feet and grins at the crowd. She starts to grab Kelly by the hair to pull her up, and Brie hooks Kelly’s head under her arm... and she goes for a DDT!! But Kelly spins out of it and knocks Bella down with a roundhouse kick to the head – the impact sending Brie rolling out of the ring and down to the floor below! Immediately Nikki runs right over to her sister and she huddles over her whilst the referee comes over to have a look... but Nikki rolls into the ring holding her head; trying to trick Kelly and the referee! Twin Magic! Kelly walks over to follow up on ‘Brie’ but she is met by a forearm to the head from ‘Brie’ that knocks her back. ‘Brie’ goes to follow up but Kelly comes back with a Savate Kick to the midsection that knocks ‘Brie’ down... and Kelly runs against the ropes and hits the K2 LEGDROP; sending ‘Brie’s’ face into the mat! Kelly rolls her over...One...Two...Three!!

Winner and #1 Contender for the Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly (5.18)


Both Bella Twins are now laid out at the hands of Kelly Kelly, who has her arm raised by the referee in the ring. Eve slides in and she puts her arm around Kelly, but Kelly quickly turns it into a hug. The two seemingly talk to each other whilst they embrace. They release each other and Kelly is now beaming out into the arena after that decisive victory.

Josh Matthews: Well I think after that performance Kelly Kelly may have silenced a few of her critics. Have you got a new opinion now, Michael?

Michael Cole: She still can’t hold a candle to Beth Phoenix and we’ll still get a repeat of Night of Champions at Hell in a Cell.

Booker T: Dat was a more aggressive side to Kelly and-

Josh Matthews: Booker, I’m sorry to interrupt, but did you guys here that too?

Michael Cole: Yah, Josh. We’re going to go backstage now quickly to Matt Striker who is at the scene of an incident... Matt, are you there?

On the Tron, Matt Striker now appears and the usual smile is wiped off of his face as we can see he is in a corridor backstage and there are a team of medics tending so someone on the floor.

Matt Striker: Thanks guys. As you can see behind me the WWE medical team are treating Smackdown’s Mr Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan...

A few of the men move a little and the camera happens to see Daniel Bryan laying down on the floor; holding his head as the medics treat him. His Money in the Bank briefcase is next to him on the ground.

Matt Striker: We don’t know at this time what has happened to Daniel but he was found here a few minutes ago on the floor-

???: Hey, get these cameras outta here!

Striker starts to scurry off and we see the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long burst onto the scene. He shoos off the camera and then crouches down beside Bryan. The cameras now return to the announce desk... and it seems that Cole is trying to suppress laughter...

Josh Matthews: Well a serious development of tonight’s show that does leave our Triple Threat main event in jeopardy; we’re going to try and get some more information on Daniel Bryan’s condition as soon as possible.

Booker T: Michael can you stop dat?!

Michael Cole: What? I’m sorry.... but I just find it funny. Whoever did that to Daniel Bryan deserves to be President!

Josh Matthews: We apologize for the unprofessionalism of Michael Cole’s behaviour at the moment but we will be back after this.
*Commercial Break*

Returning now, and the first thing we see is Daniel Bryan having his eyesight tested as he sits on a trainer’s bed. He clutches his briefcase tightly but his expression shows that he isn’t with it. The camera zooms out to reveal Theodore Long standing at the end of the bed watching the doctor go through the examination.

Theodore Long: Doctor, I need to know; is he going ta be able ta compete in the main event tonight?

The doctor walks to the end of the bed next to Teddy and speaks in a hushed tone so Bryan cannot hear.

Doctor: The signs point to that he’s got a minor concussion. My guess is someone didn’t want him to be in that match.... and they have their wish because there is no way I’m letting him out there and wrestle in this condition.

The fans boo the doctor’s orders as Long looks quite angry.

Theodore Long: I have quite a good idea of who did this... Excuse me, Doc, but I need to go and find a replacement quickly.

Long leaves the room in a hurry and the camera zooms back in on Bryan sitting on the bed. The doctor comes over and puts him in a lying down position as the cameras fade away.

... To the arena, and it becomes apparent that Teddy is against the clock because this main event is set to get started now as signalled by this.


A great deal of heat reverberates around the arena now as the man that was last seen taunting Randy Orton earlier tonight, Wade Barrett, steps out onto the stage and he has a very cocky grin on his face. He shoots his arms up into the air that causes his long jacket to drop to the floor before arrogantly striding down to the ring, proclaiming “IT’S MY TIME NOW!” before walking towards the ring in his dark blue trunks with the Union Jack printed on the front.

Michael Cole: Well Daniel Bryan being out of this match means that there is only one man for this man to worry about! Wade Barrett is the future of the WWE, mark my words. He is as tough as they come, no doubt about it.

Josh Matthews: Well we wish Daniel Bryan a speedy recovery from his attack earlier on, but I have to agree with you Michael. Sheamus is hurt after Night of Champions and Wade Barrett looks to be on top of his game.

Booker T: Barrett is one tough dude, and he’ll be a World Heavyweight Champion one day, just not whilst Mark Henry is around!

Barrett gets into the ring and he pounds his fist into his other hand before screaming out to the crowd that still boo him. He paces a little bit before his music cuts out and the fans pop a little in anticipation for the next man to come out.


The loudest cheer of the night so far by a mile comes from the crowd as ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus walks out onto the stage for this match. He’s not the same presence that we are used to seeing though as his ribs and back are all bandaged up. He throws his arms out to the side but he feels the pain of doing so afterwards; we catch a small glimpse of Barrett smiling at the obvious target on Sheamus’ back.

Josh Matthews: I’m surprised that Sheamus is out here to be honest! He was ploughed through the stage by Mark Henry at Night of Champions and still almost won the World Heavyweight Championship!

Booker T: Dis is showing just how much he wants to get his hands on Mark Henry, dawg! Sheamus wants to be in dat Cell with da World’s Strongest Man!

Michael Cole: If I were Sheamus I’d try and finish this match as quickly as possible as to avoid further injury. Barrett will home in on those ribs and the longer this goes the more it will favour Barrett.

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett and Sheamus have had meetings in the past when Barrett first joined the WWE over a year ago but we didn’t get to see them go one on one properly without the Nexus.

Sheamus gets into the ring and he pounds his chest to a massive pop from the fans. Barrett is now grinning at the sight of this weakened Sheamus, as the power game of ‘The Celtic Warrior’ could now be completely gone. Wade’s face screws up a little bit however as the cameras have seen that Teddy Long is once again making an appearance, and he has a microphone in his hand.

Theodore Long: Cut the music!

The music stops and now Sheamus turns around to see what Long has to say.

Theodore Long: Now I know that all of you saw what happened to Daniel Bryan, and trust me I am looking into it already. But tha thing is that I promised y’all a Triple Threat match tonight, playas... so that is what yo’ gonna get!

A pop from the fans as Teddy seems to have found the replacement.

Theodore Long: So let me introduce to you-


WHAT?! There’s a mixed reaction in the Blue Cross Arena as Christian walks out onto the stage and past Long; dressed to compete!

Josh Matthews: Christian? Daniel Bryan’s replacement is.... Christian? The man that Daniel Bryan beat at Night of Champions?

Captain Charisma pounds his chest for all of his Peeps in the crowd but it seems there has been a misunderstanding...


A rare appearance from angry Teddy here. Christian stops right in his tracks with a look of discontent on his face.

Theodore Long: Christian, what the hell are you doing out here? You aint the replacement! In fact, I have reason to believe that you were the one who attacked Daniel Bryan in the first place!

Christian’s face lights up with anger as that accusation is thrown at him, but it goes from bad to worse for CC as Long motions forward with his arm... and SECURITY come out from behind the curtain! Four men march towards Christian and he doesn’t even try to resist as he is dragged back up the ramp to a big pop.

Theodore Long: Now as I was saying... let me introduce you to Daniel Bryan’s replacement in this match... JOHN MORRISON!


There’s a very loud pop this time as ‘The Shaman of Sexy’ John Morrison walks out onto the stage next to Long and he strikes his awesome looking pose. He shakes hands with the GM before walking down to the ring, passing Christian on the way and stopping to have a little staredown with ‘The Saviour of Smackdown’ before Morrison smiles and carries on to the ring. He slides in and is given a disapproving look from both Sheamus and Barrett as Morrison didn’t seem to impress them that match at Night of Champions. Christian is now being brought next to Long who points a finger in his face and starts shouting, before ordering the guards to take Christian into the back. Long follows suit and the three men are left in the ring looking at what has just transpired... we have our main event set at long last!

Michael Cole: Well that was just a joke! Teddy Long doesn’t deserve to be General Manager if he can’t utilize his best talents like Christian! Anyway, the winner of this match will face Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell... be sure not to go anywhere!
*Commercial Break*

Main Event:
#1 Contender’s Match – World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat:
Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs John Morrison

We return for the final portion of the show and the main event had gotten underway during the break. We can currently see Wade Barrett working over Sheamus in the corner as Barrett has Sheamus seated, leaving no defence for The Celtic Warrior against boots to the injured ribs. The match is only a few minutes old but Sheamus is already in a lot of trouble as the entirety of the match thus far Barrett has been in control after flattening Morrison with an elbow to the head that JoMo is still only just getting up from. Morrison gets up to his feet and he walks over to Barrett and turns him around before cracking him in the side of the head with a forearm! Barrett stumbles into the centre of the ring holding his head and Morrison rebounds off of the ropes looking to follow up but he runs right into a Big Boot from Barrett!! Wade straightens himself back up and he picks Morrison up and sends him into the corner. Barrett follows up with an elbow crushing Morrison in the corner, before he charges across the ring and delivers a shoulder to the ribs of Sheamus!! Sheamus screams out in pain as Barrett now clasps his hands around Sheamus and he throws him through the ropes... and Sheamus lands in a heap on the floor outside the ring! Barrett has a look at Morrison before he climbs through the ropes himself and drops off of the apron down next to Sheamus. The Englishman stand over Sheamus with a smug grin before he slowly brings Sheamus back up. Barrett places Sheamus’ arm over him... and drives Sheamus back first into the ring apron!! It is academic from Barrett in his dissection of Sheamus, and he now holds onto the Irishman’s arm... and Irish Whips him back-first into the steel steps!! The top half of the steps fly into the barricade and Sheamus is left squirming on the floor in agony. Barrett wipes his hands together to say that he’s done with Sheamus but he turns towards the ring and his flattened by a Corkscrew Plancha from Morrison!!!

JoMo holds his arm up high as he is now the only man standing out of the three. He doesn’t waste too much time though as he picks Barrett up and rolls him into the ring. Morrison now turns towards Sheamus who has barely started to get up to his feet. Morrison goes to grab The Celtic Warrior but Sheamus fights back with an axe handle to the mid section of Morrison that knocks him back! Sheamus gets up and he slams Morrison’s head against the ring apron! The pain that Sheamus is going through is obvious to see because of his facial expression, but it doesn’t stop him from now bringing Morrison up and he sends Morrison right into the ring post!! Morrison flies onto the floor after taking that massive shot. Sheamus now uses all of his energy to slide back into the ring. Sheamus gets up to his feet with some difficulty and Barrett is also now back up after the big move from Morrison. Barrett comes in to try and continue his previous work on Sheamus but Sheamus ducks his big boot attempt and knocks Barrett down with a clothesline to a huge pop! Barrett is right back up and he runs at Sheamus only to be knocked down with another clothesline! Barrett is right up again and how he charges at Sheamus again and Sheamus ducks the clothesline and transitions it into a Falling Powerslam!! The fans pop but Sheamus drops down to his knees after that because of the pressure on his back. It doesn’t stop him from going for a pin though...One...Two...Barrett kicks out! Sheamus seems to be a little exhausted already as he runs his hand through his hair and slowly gets up to his feet. Barrett is quicker up to his feet than Sheamus and he meets Sheamus in the centre of the ring and he cracks him with a right hand to the face that knocks Sheamus back into the ropes and The Celtic Warrior replies with a right hand of his own! Barrett is hurting from the shot and now Sheamus brings him towards the ropes and puts his head through it... and he starts to beat Barrett’s chest against the ropes!!! The fans count along as the strikes pummel Wade in the chest, but Sheamus has to stop as his back seems to be hurting too much. The fans boo and Barrett slumps down with his upper body hanging through the ropes. There’s a small pop now as Morrison is back and he leaps up onto the apron and he jumps onto Barrett’s back!! There’s a loud pop for Morrison as he uses Barrett as a perch and he leaps over the top rope from on top of Barrett and takes Sheamus down with a Cross Body!! Morrison into the cover! One... Two...Th-NO!!

Sheamus stays alive to a big pop from the fans and he sits up after the cover from Morrison, but JoMo quickly runs against the ropes and comes back with a Shining Wizard kick to Sheamus’ head! Morrison looks to go for a cover but instead he sees Barrett back up to his feet so he charges at the former Nexus leader but is caught with the Winds of Change from Barrett!!! Morrison is spun around and slammed into the mat and Barrett opts against the cover and instead shouts out to the fans before he eggs Morrison to get back up to his feet after the big move. Morrison is back to his feet and he turns around right into Barrett’s clutches. Barrett hoists him up into the air into a Fireman’s Carry!! There is a lot of heat in the arena as Barrett roars out once again... and goes for WASTELAND-NO! Morrison rolls off of Barrett’s back! JoMo now pushes Barrett into the corner... and Barrett’s face hits the top turnbuckle and Morrison comes in with a rolling pin and he sits down on Barrett’s legs to stop the kick out! One...Two...Thr-SHEAMUS BREAKS THE PIN.... BY DELIVERING A BROGUE KICK TO MORRISON!!! Morrison is knocked flat out and Barrett gets to his feet. Barrett goes for a right hand but Sheamus dodges and lifts Barrett up for an Irish Curse Backbreaker!! Barrett’s back arches after that move and Sheamus collapses to the floor after putting in all of that strain... but he falls on top of Morrison, clutching his ribs....One...Two....Three!!!

Winner: Sheamus (13.26)


There’s a massive pop in the arena as Sheamus is helped up to his feet by the referee and is barely able to have his arms raised. He has pain etched on his face from his back but he is still able to crack out a small smile through the pain.

Josh Matthews: What a performance from Sheamus! He is a true warrior!

Booker T: I don’t know how he did it, but he did! An’ now he’s goin into dat Cell wid Mark Henry!

Michael Cole: That is going to be a HELLASCIOUS match... if Sheamus is going to be able to get there in the first place! He needs to rest up otherwise we could be without a World Heavyweight title match at Hell in a Cell.

Josh Matthews: Sheamus and Mark Henry have caused nothing but destruction whenever they have stepped foot into the ring at the same time but in nine night’s time they’re both going to be confined inside Hell in a Cell... all I can say is that I feel sorry for the referee.

Sheamus stands tall in the ring as Morrison rolls out of it but he turns around to look around the Blue Cross Arena... and turns right into a clothesline from Barrett!! The music cuts out and now Barrett starts to stomp away on the new number one contender. Barrett relents and storms around the ring, shouting ‘IT SHOULD BE ME!’ before he walks over to Sheamus and lifts him up onto his shoulders.... he’s going to go for Wasteland... but before Barrett does, he drops Sheamus to the mat because RANDY ORTON is charging down to the ring!! The fans go ballistic at The Viper’s appearance and he gets into the ring and nails Barrett with a right hand but when Orton runs against the ropes to go for a clothesline, Barrett is able to scoop him up and he now has Orton in the Fireman’s Carry!! Wasteland on Orton!! NO! Orton slides off of Barrett’s shoulders and turns him around.... and drops Barrett with an RKO!!! Everyone is going crazy in the arena as Orton holds his shoulder in pain as he makes his way back up to his feet, looking down at Barrett with a satisfied look on his face. Sheamus gets up as well and both Sheamus and Orton exchange a knowing look at each other, the old rivals being the two injured men standing tall in the centre of the ring. Although the cheering in the arena turns into more of a buzz now as we can see that Mark Henry is now on the stage! The champion holds his title high up into the air and now the cameras catch Sheamus staring at Henry intently.

Michael Cole: Oh my! What an explosive end to the show! We’ve got Sheamus as the new number one contender and I think Mark Henry is happy about it! That’s all we have time for I’ve been Michael Cole with Josh Matthews, good night!

Josh Matthews: Yes!

Booker T: What da hayell?!

Henry smiles at both Orton and Sheamus in the ring before he lowers his title and turns to the back; his large figure disappearing out of show signals the end of the show...



Quick Results:

Mark Henry def. Randy Orton
Justin Gabriel def. Percy Watson
Justin Gabriel def. Titus O'Neill
William Regal def. Cody Rhodes
Kelly Kelly def. Brie Bella
Sheamus def. Wade Barrett & John Morrison


OCTOBER 2, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Mark Henry © vs Sheamus

The Awesome Truth vs CM Punk & Kofi Kingston

Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes © vs William Regal

WWE Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix © vs Kelly Kelly
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