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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

They would never do/say some of the things I'm going to mention, but here it goes:

R-Truth heel turn:

R-Truth fails to win the US title, so he challenges Joey for the IC title. After losing clean, he loses his temper, but he doesn't turn on him. He asks for a rematch, he loses clean again. Truth snaps and beats the hell out of him, smoking another cigarette in the process (gotta calm his nerves ya'll).

Truth grabs the mic and cuts this promo:
This past year, I have been a damn corporate sell out. Vince McMahon tells me that he wants to put Lil Jimmy on a shirt, and in order for that to happen, I have to be a good R-Truth. I have to be kid friendly. I have to tap dance and kiss ass. The truth is, my continuous call out of Lil Jimmy and the conspiracies in this company against me was too controversial because Linda McMahon was running for office. So I was forced to change my behavior or else I would be terminated from the company. A company that can't give me a raise, but can pour 90 million dollars into a failed election. Guess what Linda, guess what Vince? I voted Democrat. That's right, I voted against you. And as far as I'm concerned, the entire McMahon family can kiss my ass.

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