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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, November 12th - #23


1. Ryback
2. Randy Orton
3. Big Show
4. Sin Cara
5. Rey Mysterio
6. Kofi Kingston
7. Wade Barrett
8. Kane

B1. CM Punk
B2. John Cena


(Powell is seen talking on his phone)

What do you mean, I'm not in the main event? Who am I facing? BANGARANG? Are you kidding me? So what's the main event? And who's in it? How the fuck is Martini in it? He lost to me at Hellbound? Even Craigy should get a title shot before he does. Next thing you'll tell me Mascara is also in in the match...

WHAT! Has Andrews completely lost it? I think I'll have a little chat with our "general manager".

(Powell shuts of his phone, when Nelson King steps in)

What do you want? Let me guess, you want to ruin my day by telling me you're in the #1 contender's match. Well, tough titties. My manager just tole me the "good news." And you've also come to gloat that you "beat" me last week. We'll listen to this, buster, the fact that you pinned my tag partner last weak means nothing. You didn't pin me. I was clearly the better man in that match, and I got screwed.

(Powell gets a huge grin on his face)

But I have to give it to you, you proved last week you're actually worth something. You're not an old fart like Cricket, you're not as delusional as Martini, you're not as insane as Mascara.

(In the background you can hear Mascara yelling "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS")

You're actually a pretty decent wrestler, with a bit of a mouth. And that's why I'll be rooting for you tonight. So that in our match, I can do you the pleasure of shutting you up.

(Powell walks away)

"He's better than you and you know it ..."

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