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Re: Who should CM Punk drop the title to ???

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
Someone who could use it to future their career by being the guy who ended CM Punk's historic WWE Championship reign and was finally able to shut him up. Someone who could use the win to be pushed, or established as a big time player in the company for years to come. Someone who can use it to move up.

Unfortunately, we all know who's going to beat CM Punk for the WWE Championship: The Rock at Royal Rumble 2013. The first second he said, "The Rock is going to be WWE Champion," he already had the belt.
Punk's reign doesn't mean anything besides being a number. Next to nothing is memorable about it imo. Him facing The Rock will be the most memorable part of his reign. There's nothing "unfortunate" about it. It legitimizes his reign. Right now it's just a meaningless number. Once he loses the title, one PPV later, it's little more than a footnote during promos for him to bring up and you know it.

Punk isn't a big enough star (or heel) to actually put someone over by that much if he loses to them. Punk doesn't have some kind of reign of terror like Henry, it's just. . .sorta there. You guys are gonna bitch no matter who they put over him.

They need a big star to put over Punk to make his title reign seem the least bit legitimate. But people are going to bitch hard if it's Cena. . .so it's smart to use The Rock as a transitional champion. Then we'll get some much needed WWE title movement for a change.

Originally Posted by tducey View Post
John Cena at WM 29. As much as I like The Rock, and I do, I disagree with him coming back and fighting at the Royal Rumble for the title. It cheapens the title to have a part-time superstar winning it.
The Rock holding the title for a couple months would make it mean more than Punk's 400+ days combined imo. Ratings would soar, buyrates would go up, anyone who gets put over him gets a far greater boost than someone getting put over Punk.
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