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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by #Mark View Post
Yup, the GOP is worse off than we all expected.. There legit only hope is if a libertarian wins candidacy because those are the only republican candidates that would at least have a shot with the majority (which are ironically, the minorities). I doubt it though, if Rand is anything like his father than Conservatives would think he's bat shit crazy.

As for Obama, any confirmation on whether he actually droned Yemen hours after his re-election? If so, I'm fucking done with him.. he always seems like he has something to prove, like he's trying to distance himself from being associated with Islam so he bombs the living shit out of the Middle east and Somalia.. Really despicable.
Rand would have a better shot than his father if he runs. For one, he's a much better politician than Ron was in the sense that he knows how to work with the GOP, yet keeps his voting record GOAT in the process. His endorsement of Romney wasn't because he supported him; it was because he knew he wouldn't have a shot in 2016 if he didn't and he looked good by endorsing Romney since his father didn't, as it shows the establishment that A) He's different from his father and B) He's willing to work with them.

When you really think about it, he's a brilliant politician. His strategy seems to be working, as FOX seems to like him as well as the people in the comment section on Neo-Con sites, which is funny since he is almost exactly like Ron if you look at his voting record. Only difference is that he's willing to "play the game.", which Ron never did.

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