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Re: SPOILER *all five books* THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

I would say Tywin is a master opportunist, a lot of things fell in place perfectly for him, and if these things had not happened then he would not have won the war. Tywin's success in this war came from Robb's flaws pretty much, and Tywin took advantage of it. The Starks were beating the Lannister's in every battle. Had Robb not fallen for Jeyne and kept his oath to the Frey's then things would be a lot different. I don't think Tywin is as great as the people of Westeros think him to be.

Robb Stark < Tywin Lannister for me, if Robb had one flaw, it was that he was too much like his father, when he needed to be more of a Tully. Family, Duty, Honour, in that order.

Not quite on topic but just popped into my mind again, one of my favourite minor, and I mean very minor characters would have to be Raynald Westerling, Jeyne's brother. We know very very little of him but there is one moment in the series that truly makes him a favourite character of mine. During the Red Wedding when the Frey's asked him to give up his sword, he did, as soon as the Frey's started to fire arrows at Grey Wind, Raynald seized an axe, cut his way through the Frey's whilst being fired and peirced with arrows, and rescued Grey Wind from his trap, then died in the river. I envision that scene in my head so many times and think how awesome that scene is.

And yes MrMister I do believe Marwyn = Moqorro. It's just too coincidental and I think Marwyn is definitely intelligent enough to know of R'Hllor and its practices and is definitely able to use glamor in some sort of way. He's using Vic to get to Dany.
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