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Re: Who should CM Punk drop the title to ???

Originally Posted by Vin Ghostal View Post
Definitely true; however, he didn't work house shows during his reign, as I understand it. I suppose it boils down to different definitions of "full time". I do agree, however, that 2003 Goldberg is more full-time than 2013 Rock would be. Hell, even as champion, he'd probably spend half his time reigning VIA SATELLITE BITCHES.
Rock winning the title would be bittersweet for the WWE. On one hand they have a major player in Hollywood taking the belt all over the country and world and thus bringing a lot of exposure to it and on another hand,he'll also be the most legitimate guy to take the title off of Punk because if not even Cena could take the title from Punk then the guy who beat Cena at WM should be able to do it. And lastly, Rock holding the belt will probably boost some ratings and the RR buyrate should get a decent rise. The title may lose some credibility though because Rock won't even be there to defend it and they may not even waste him on a B level ppv like EC. Also, he has a crazy schedule and I doubt that he can make all the Raws live for almost three months. So, I do see some via satellite promos from Rock as WWE Champion occurring. I just hope they don't have him carry that belt anymore and introduce a new one. If you're gonna have Rock walk around with it to public appearances, at least have the belt look like a championship belt and not a toy.

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