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Re: El Chapo, the time has come.

Here is why this rant is shitty.

Let's take Headliner for example. When he makes a rant about a member of this forum, it's addressing a current matter. But, when getting his point across, that is when he brings up previous posts of that particular member, in order to expose "holes" or contradictions of what someone said then and what they're saying now. Usually, it's about a matter that most even had no knowledge of or a particular story that just doesn't add up (see Mystical/Samantha). The end result is someone being exposed or "trolled into trollhood". A big reason his rants are successful is because he knows what the fuck he's doing.

Problem with this rant is, OP addresses a matter, by quoting multiple posts from months ago. Posts that aren't relevant to a current situation or did nothing in exposing or "owning" me. He simply repeated what everybody else has been saying for months. So, what is the catch? What makes this any different then what GOON, scrilla, Cat, JM or sXe Maverick have said in the past? Nothing. It was nothing more than a cry for an attention, an attempt to somehow avenge the red rep's I've given him in the past, hence why the running topic is "red rep".

And after that failed, he posts a picture of me, in yet another recycled attempt of what other's have been doing in the past, as a way to make up for the lack of relevancy in his rant about me. He goes on to address my sex life and mock my non gangsta appearance. Again, something that seems to have been done plenty of times before.

Problem with OP is, he may have had good intentions. In the possibly 30 minutes it took him to construct this rant, he was convinced that it would be epic, an instant classic and that I would indeed be "gotten to". But, what he forgot was a few key things that have made various rants in the past so successful. He lacked legitimate proof of any form of contradictions in my post, any form of ownage or any form of exposure. Why? Because he chose to take the "try hard" route and make a rant based on everything that has already been said by others. It lacked originality. It lacked meaning. It lacked logic. It came off as nothing more than a cry for attention and being butt hurt over the fact that I've been red repping him.

So, he's limited at this point. His only way to revive this disaster of a rant is to bring up more posts from months ago. Or maybe he will post a picture of me again, with various comments about my somewhat chubby frame, mention that the pistol in my hand is actually a BB gun, make some sort of comment about me sagging my pants or take the childish route and again, speak on my sex life. In other words, there is no way of reviving this rant and making it "must read".

So OP, come on. Post some more quotes of me from the summer. Continue to make jokes about my picture. Call me out as a "fake gangsta". But in the end, I get the last laugh. Because as I've said before, this all came about from you being butt hurt over a red rep, so you decide to make a rant on me.

Originally Posted by Whap Me Jungles View Post
Sickburn red repped me once. I can't recall why, but I'd said nothing to displease him. What a fggt.

EDIT. As it stands there are only 4 red reps on my CP, and two are from that jealous fuck El Crapo.
Admit it, thats what all this is about, isn't it?

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