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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

Impact Wrestling starts off this week with the traditional recap of the previous week’s action. The recap starts off with the initial confrontation of Jeff Hardy and Kevin Nash where Kevin Nash challenged Jeff Hardy to a championship match which brought out Jeff Jarrett to intervene. The recap then transitioned to the exchange between Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles where A.J. volunteered to watch Jeff’s back. The recap then wraps up with what happen after Jeff and Kevin’s match where Scott Hall and Sean Waltman attacked A.J. and Jeff and then getting scared off by Jeff Hardy. Once that’s all done, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

The cameras pan over the Impact Zone, going over the entire crowd as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s broadcast. They also run down the card for tonight’s show but before they can finish, they are interrupted by the music of the New World Order. Soon after that, “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall slowly begins making his way down to the ring. A few members of the crowd chant “Razor, Razor, Razor” as Scott walks down the ramp while the majority of the crowd just boo him.

Scott Hall: Hey yo!

A majority of the crowd does pop for that however.

Scott Hall: So you people know why I’m here, I’ve got some biznass to discuss with the champ.

A few seconds go by between Scott Hall speaking and Jeff Hardy’s music beginning to play. The crowd pops huge for the world champion as he makes his way down to the ring, with the world title draped over his shoulder. Jeff then enters the ring and simply stares right at Scott Hall.

Scott Hall: Long time no see champ, you been good I take it?

Jeff simply nods his head.

Scott Hall:
Cool cool. You and me, we got some history, your first match up in the federation was against me and now here we are.

Jeff Hardy:
No offense Scott but I know you didn’t call me out here to reminisce about old times.

Scott Hall: You’re right big man, I didn’t. I was told by Big Kev and Easy E to come out here and personally invite you to become a member of the N.W.O.

Jeff laughs a little to himself.

Jeff Hardy: You’re joking, right?

Scott Hall:
No meng, I’m not joking. You’re the world champion and world champions belong in the N.W.O.

Jeff’s still laughing.

Jeff Hardy: No thanks. Sorry but I’m going to have to pass.

Scott Hall:
Give it some thought for a minute. All the power, all the prestige of the N.W.O. to go along with your world title, you could be unstoppable.

Jeff Hardy: I’m fine by myself.

Scott Hall: Come on meng, you know it’s what you want.

Jeff moves to speak but before he can, they are both interrupted by the music of Jeff Jarrett. The interim general manager makes a mad dash down to the ring to confront Scott Hall.

Jeff Jarrett: He said no, you piece of trash, what more do you need?

Scott Hall: Excuse me?

Jeff Jarrett: What? You got a hearing problem too to go along with your drinking problem?

Scott and Jeff Jarrett then get face to face where they start taunting each other. Jeff Hardy is then forced to separate them.

Jeff Hardy: Jeff I don’t need you to fight my battles for me, I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself.

Jeff Jarrett:
No disrespect to you Jeff but I’ve had enough of you Scott and your little friend X-Pac constantly sneaking up behind either myself or Hardy. All that ends right now. Why don’t you gather your little friend and meet me and Jeff in the middle of the ring later tonight?

Both Scott and Jeff Hardy are a little taken aback by Jeff’s proposition. Jeff agrees to it right away but Scott isn’t so sure.

Scott Hall: No way, no way. I may be a lot of things but I ain’t stupid.

Scott then starts walking away before he is stopped by Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: You seem to have forgotten one little thing. You and Pac are not members of the Impact Wrestling roster, you have no right to be here. I could call the police and have you both arrested right now for trespassing or you two could man up and face us. Now I know you don’t want to go back to jail so the choice is yours.

Scott takes a few seconds to think about it and finally agrees by nodding his head.

Jeff Jarrett:
A wise choice. We’ll see you later.

On that note Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and both the Jeff’s exit the ring together, leaving Scott alone to think about his upcoming match. As the Jeff’s are walking up the ramp, the show cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, before Impact Wrestling gets going with the first in-ring action of the night, Mike Tenay and Taz announce that they have just heard from the back that tonight’s main event between the team of Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett against Scott Hall and X-Pac will be contested inside a steel cage, to avoid any outside interference. Once the announcement has been made, Impact Wrestling transitions to the first match of the night.

Match #1: The British Invasion vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Match #1 tonight features the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions The British Invasion taking on Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of The Motor City Machine Guns in a non-title contest. The British Invasion became the champions once again last week when they defeated Beer Money to capture the titles. The Guns have been involved recently in a feud with Paul London and Brian Kendrick so it will be interesting to see how much that plays in to tonight’s contest. First out to the ring are the Guns followed then shortly after by the champs.

Early on the Guns have the advantage. They are hitting their moves with precision and executing quick tags, near perfect tag team wrestling. More importantly for them they don’t seem distracted at all by thoughts of London and Kendrick who surprisingly are nowhere to be seen. They put the distractions aside for a chance to impress against the tag team champions. Everything continues to go well for the Guns until as expected; London and Kendrick with their bodyguard Tommy Mercer finally make their appearance. They don’t seem however to have any interest in getting involved inside the ring, preferring to watch the action from the crowd. With their appearance in the crowd, all the momentum and good luck that the Guns were having suddenly went away. The Brits seize the opportunity and never let go. The Guns try fighting back but at this point it’s too hard to regain their composure, they eventually succumb to the Brits impressive offensive arsenal.

Winners: The British Invasion

The British Invasion celebrate their victory while the Guns have no choice but to hang their heads in shame that London and Kendrick have gotten the best of them. Meanwhile, London, Kendrick, and Mercer simply laugh at the Guns misfortune as they walk away. The Guns soon follow, leaving the champions alone in the ring. As the champions start heading back to the locker room as well they are interrupted by the music of Beer Money. James Storm and Robert Roode, both dressed in street clothes, quickly make their way down to the ring.

James Storm:
We’re going to make this nice and simple for you guys because I know you know why we’re out here. We want another shot at those titles!

The crowd cheers as Doug and Brutus look at each other to ponder the proposition.

James Storm: So, what’s the word?

Doug and Brutus look at each other again, then turn back to Beer Money. They raise their belts and then out of nowhere, they use them to knock both Storm and Roode out. Brutus Magnus then grabs Storm’s microphone.

Brutus Magnus: You’re on!

The crowd cheers as the match is now made official, it’s Beer Money against The British Invasion for the titles at Victory Road. The champions then exit the ring as the camera cuts backstage.

Going backstage we see Kazarian walking down the hallway when Christopher Daniels comes up and interrupts.

Christopher Daniels:
Kaz, Kaz, stop a minute will ya?

What do you want?

Christopher Daniels: I need to ask you a favor.

Kazarian: Ok?

Christopher Daniels:
I want you to take out Mistico tonight.

Kazarian: Umm, why?

Christopher Daniels: Because, don’t you see? The man is making a mockery of our X Division, going around with his fancy colored masks, pandering to the children, it makes me sick!

Kazarian is still unsure of what to make of what Daniels is asking him but he humors him anyway.

Kazarian: Don’t you remember though Chris, you once wrestled under a mask, you did all those things that you’re accusing him of.

Christopher Daniels: Yeah but that was different.

Kazarian: Sure man. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a match coming up next.

Kazarian then walks further off camera as Daniels grows frustrated. Daniels then mumbles to himself as the camera cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts to the office of Jeff Jarrett where Jeff is right in the middle of a conference call with Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan:
Jeff, I just saw what you did and let me tell you brother; I can’t be having you do that. You’re the interim general manager of Impact Wrestling; I need you to be in partial, I need you to call things right down the middle.

Jeff Jarrett: I realize that Hulk but something needs to be done about those guys, they need to be stopped!

Hulk Hogan:
I’ve known those guys a long time brother and let me tell you, you can’t let them get you riled up like that. You have to stay cool because it’s playing right in to their hands if you don’t.

Jeff doesn’t say anything, he just starts pacing back and forth.

Hulk Hogan: I think I need to step in here and save you from yourself a little bit. As long as your general manager, I am banning you from competing in in-ring action. I need you in one piece when I’m gone, I can’t have you fall victim to one of their traps.

Jeff Jarrett: But Hulk…

Hulk Hogan:
But nothing brother. Now I gotta go, you take care of yourself.

On that note, Hulk hangs up the phone, leaving Jeff to ponder what to do now that he can’t compete in the ring anymore. As Jeff continues thinking, the camera cuts to the ring.

Match #2: Kazarian vs. Mistico

It’s now time for match #2 tonight between the X Division champion Kazarian and the luchador Mistico. Earlier Christopher Daniels tried to get Kazarian to agree to try and take Mistico out because Daniels believes that Mistico is somehow making a mockery of the X Division but Kazarian laughed him off. Now here we are. Mistico is already in the ring when the camera cuts to the ring area. He patiently awaits his opponent who is making his way to the ring now.

Almost right off the bat Kazarian has a hard time trying to respond to Mistico and his attack. Mistico moves so fast that it’s almost disorienting for Kazarian, it seems like he’s always turning his head trying to see where he’s at now. Luckily though, eventually Kazarian manages to slow the pace of the match down some, at least to where he’s able to get in some offensive moves. Kazarian briefly takes a hold of the momentum in the match but this momentary swing is short lived. Once again Mistico has command. Now back in control Mistico does all he can to not let go, to the point where he almost becomes too cautious. Watching your back is necessary but there is such a thing as going overboard. Mistico spends so much time thinking that he has no time to do anything. He is able to drag the match on this way but eventually he’ll have to do something to win, something that he’s not quite able to do. One momentary lapse by Mistico is all that Kazarian needs. Exploiting the gap, Kazarian finishes Mistico off with a Fade to Black. Kazarian then covers Mistico for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Kazarian

Following the match the referee hands Kazarian his X Division championship and Kazarian starts to walk out of the ring. Before he can make it however, he is stopped by the sight of Christopher Daniels who has appeared at the top of the entrance ramp. Daniels can be seen mouthing the words “Get him! Get him, he’s down” at Kazarian but Kazarian wants nothing to do with it. He simply walks right by Daniels and to the back.

Before Impact Wrestling cuts to commercial, it cuts to a brief backstage segment where we see Jacqueline preparing herself for her upcoming no disqualification match against Alissa Flash. Jacqueline finishes taping up her hands and wrists and heads out the door as the cameras finally cut to commercial.


Coming back from commercial Impact Wrestling goes right to a backstage segment where we see Bobby Lashley and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero involved in a serious brawl. The two fight alone for a few seconds before Impact Wrestling security intervene and break the two apart. The two continue going back and forth until Jeff Jarrett steps in.

Jeff Jarrett: What in the hell is going on here?

D’Angelo Dinero:
That son of a bitch just jumped me!

Bobby Lashley:
He’s been stalking my wife!

D’Angelo Dinero: I was not!

Bobby Lashley: You were too!

The two lunge at each other again but security stops them.

Jeff Jarrett:
I know you’re lying Pope, I’ve seen the security footage.

D’Angelo Dinero:

Jeff Jarrett: Ok, then you’ll have nothing to fear when I put you and Bobby in a King of the Mountain Qualifying match at Victory Road.

Pope suddenly gets silent.

Jeff Jarrett: Good luck!

Security and both Bobby and the Pope quickly disperse, leaving Jeff alone. As Jeff starts walking away, he notices A.J. Styles in the distance.

Jeff Jarrett: A.J. come here! I need to ask you something.

A.J. Styles: Sure, what is it?

Jeff Jarrett: Since I am interim general manager, Hulk has barred me from competing in in-ring action but I’ve already made the match against Hall and X-Pac for tonight. I need you to take my place.

A.J. Styles:
Me against those guys in a steel cage? Bring it on!

Jeff Jarrett:
You sure it won’t be weird, you working together with Hardy and all?

A.J. Styles: Nah, we’ll be fine. We both hate those guys as much as you do so we’ll work good.

Jeff Jarrett:
Ok good!

A.J. Styles:
Well you’ll have to excuse me now then, I have a match to prepare for now.

The two then shake hands and A.J. walks off view of the camera as it cuts to the ring.

Match #3: Alissa Flash vs. Jacqueline – No Disqualification

Cutting to the ring area we see that Jacqueline and Alissa Flash have already started fighting.

Jacqueline has Alissa by the hair and is pulling her all around. At the moment the two are battling at the top of the entrance ramp. Jacqueline uses the pillars that hold up the entrance as a weapon, repeatedly irish whipping her opponent in to them. The referee begs the two ladies to move their fight closer to the ring but they don’t listen. Now closer to the announce table, Alissa and Jacqueline begin trading vicious punches back and forth at each other. Both women clearly want to win and they’ll do everything they can to do it. Slowly the two ladies make their way closer to the ring. Now more of an even fight, they continue going back and forth, using whatever they can as a weapon to inflict damage. Jacqueline is the first to show signs of weakness but she doesn’t let that slow her down. Eventually the action finally makes its way in to the ring. Now in the ring, Alissa Flash starts to capitalize on Jacqueline’s weakness by employing a series of submission holds to wear her down further. Slowly Jacqueline’s energy begins to fade but she doesn’t give up. Digging down deep, she powers out of Alissa’s holds, reversing them in to her own. Now in control, Jacqueline uses all her remaining might to get Alissa to tap. Just as Alissa looks like she’s about to give up, out of nowhere an unknown women enters the ring and levels Jacqueline with a steel chair. The women then helps Alissa up, draping her nearly motionless arm over Jacqueline as the referee reluctantly counts 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Alissa Flash

Alissa Flash has once again stolen a victory from Jacqueline, this time with the help of the mystery woman. The mystery woman then helps Alissa up and to the back. As they are walking to the back, the woman looks back at Jacqueline who is just now attempting to stand and smiles as the camera cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial Mike Tenay and Taz recap what happened right before the commercial break when a mystery woman helped Alissa Flash defeat Jacqueline. They both wonder aloud who this mystery woman is. Once they are done with that, the music of Jay Lethal begins to play.

Jay Lethal, dressed in his traditional Macho Man like garb, steps out of the entrance tunnel. But he stops and waits. A few seconds go by before his music stops and a new music begins to play. Soon, out of the entrance steps Eric Young, dressed in clothes very similar to Hulk Hogan when he was Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Dressed in black and silver, complete with the boa as well as fake beard and mustache, Eric Young and Jay Lethal begin making their way down to the ring. The fans can’t help but laugh at the sight of these two.

Jay Lethal: Ooooo yeeeaaahhhh! Let me introduce all you maniacs to my new tag team partner, the one, the only…Hollywood Eric Young!

Eric Young starts poising like Hulk Hogan, even tearing his shirt off like Hogan is known to do.

Jay Lethal: And together we are, The New Mega Powers, ooo yeah brother!

The crowd gives them a mixture of laughs and cheers. Eric Young then starts to speak, doing his best Hulk Hogan impression.

Eric Young: Let me tell you something brother…Whatcha gonna do when Black Machismo and Hollywood, the New Mega Powers, run wild on you, Whatcha gonna do?

The crowd cheers them as they both remain in the ring to pose for the fans. They continue posing until they are interrupted by the music of “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. Joe makes his way down to the ring, looking rather pissed. He enters the ring and an awkward stare down ensues. Eric Young decides to break the silence by extending his hand towards Joe. Big mistake! Joe then grabs Eric’s hand, pulling him closer to him and then proceeding to toss him out of the ring. Jay Lethal then tries to attack him but that gets nowhere as well. Joe gets Jay into position for the muscle buster, hitting it perfectly. Joe then takes a moment to survey the damage he’s caused before exiting the ring. The crowd continues booing him, even as the camera cuts away.

Cutting away to the back, we see “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan walking out of the Impact Zone when he is stopped in his tracks by Mick Foley.

Mick Foley:
Matt, wait a minute would ya?

Matt doesn’t say anything but he does stop.

Mick Foley:
I need to know man, who was that you were talking to on the phone last week? You said you were going to let him know of a decision that you’ve made. What decision?

Matt Morgan:
I’m not going to tell you who it is but what I can tell you that I’m heading there to meet him right now and that we plan to be in Madison Square Garden next week so you, like the rest of the world, will just have to wait. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late.

Matt then steps out of the door as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle – Round #2 of Television Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for match #4 tonight, the final match in round #2 of the television championship tournament between Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle. Whoever wins this match will go on to face Raven next week in Madison Square Garden to determine who becomes the first ever Impact Wrestling T.V. Champion. First man out to the ring is Desmond Wolfe, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. Last but not least is “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle who gets a very good reaction from the crowd.

Initially the match starts out very even, both men appear to have their opponent well scouted, being able to respond to and counter each other’s moves with ease. If an advantage were to be given it would probably have to go to Kurt Angle who’s moves appear to have more power behind them but again at this time it’s anybody’s contest. Kurt Angle has chosen to go the route of using submission holds to try and gain an advantage whereas Desmond Wolfe prefers the brawling approach. Slowly but surely Desmond’s approach starts to pay off. Where it takes Kurt time to set up his submission holds correctly, Desmond can hit several moves with very little effort. Desmond builds up a head of steam and before you know it he’s taken nearly 100% control of the match. Feeling good about himself, he continues right along with his offense, knowing it’s only a matter of time before he’s able to put Kurt away. Eventually though, this cocky attitude ends up coming back and biting him in the ass. Feeling good, Desmond forgets to set up a move correctly which results in Kurt catching him and hitting him with the Olympic Slam! The straps come down and Kurt then grabs Desmond’s leg, locking in the Ankle Lock. Desmond tries and tries to reach for the ropes but Kurt pulls back. Desmond fights off the temptation to tap for quite a while but eventually he has no choice but to tap.

Winner via Submission: Kurt Angle

Kurt now moves on to face Raven in the finals of the T.V. title tournament. After the referee gets done raising Kurt’s hand, Kurt shows good sportsmanship by helping Desmond up to his feet. Kurt extends his hand towards Desmond. Desmond ponders it for a moment before eventually deciding to shake it. Kurt then heads out of the ring, followed closely behind by Desmond Wolfe.

Just before Impact Wrestling goes to commercial, we see Samoa Joe exiting the locker room, apparently heading home when Eric Bischoff steps in.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. My name’s Eric Bischoff, it’s nice to meet you.

Joe just stares at Bischoff and walks on by without saying a word. Oddly Bischoff does not seem upset by this at all. In fact he’s smiling as he walks off camera.


Match #5: A.J. Styles & Jeff Hardy vs. Scott Hall & X-Pac – Steel Cage Match

Coming back from commercial it’s now main event time. This match is bound to be interesting as not only does it feature two men who will be facing each other for the world title at Victory Road but it features two men who aren’t even on the Impact Wrestling roster at the time. Plus it’ll all be contested inside a steel cage. The finishing touches are being put on the cage as Scott Hall and X-Pac make their way down to the ring. Since they are not members of the roster, they don’t get entrance music so they are forced to come out to the ring in silence. Next out to the ring is “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles who the crowd loves, followed by the world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy who the crowd loves even more. Once all four men have entered the cage, security on the outside lock the cage and the match can begin.

Right off the bat, A.J. Styles faces off against X-Pac whereas Jeff Hardy takes on Scott Hall. Scott is clearly the weakest link in this match, moving much slower than the other three but still better than everyone was expecting. On the other hand, X-Pac manages to hold his own against Styles, even managing a few times to knock Styles down. Pac manages to knock Styles out momentarily which allows him to join Scott in wearing down Jeff Hardy. Styles doesn’t remain out long enough though for Pac and Hall to do much damage. Styles gets to his feet and starts helping Jeff fight off the two. Hardy and Styles then switch, Hardy takes on Pac and A.J. takes on Scott. Like before, Pac holds his own quite well against Hardy where Scott does very little against A.J. Soon though, the youth of Styles starts to pay off and Scott falls off. Realizing he must double his efforts, Pac tries fighting both Styles and Hardy but that ultimately costs him. With both men nearly out of it, Styles and Hardy set them up for a big finish. Styles gets X-Pac in position for the Styles Clash and Hardy climbs on the top turnbuckle to prepare for the Swanton. Both men hit their finishers at the same time and cover both men at the same time as the referee counts 1, 2, 3!

Winners: A.J. Styles & Jeff Hardy

Both men celebrate in the middle of the ring as the cage is raised. Jeff Jarrett then comes from the back to celebrate with him. All three men then stand in the middle of the ring with their arms raised in victory. Just as they are about to exit the ring, the video screen and arena goes dark. The screen soon starts playing static and a voice says “The following presentation is a paid advertisement by the New World Order.” In this video we see “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash in what appears to be somebody’s house. Judging by the reaction of Jeff Jarrett, it’s his.

Kevin Nash:
This is a beautiful house, isn’t it Jeff? Aww such nice looking children, it would be a shame if somewhere were to happen to them, wouldn’t it Jeff?

Jeff is shown shouting at the screen “You son of a bitch!”

Kevin Nash: To ensure your family’s safety, me and Easy E have a proposition for you. If you agree to meet us in the middle of the ring next week, we’ll have an offer for you that you can’t refuse. But if you don’t agree…

Taking out a lighter, Kevin Nash takes a picture off of Jeff’s wall and lights it on fire.

Kevin Nash: Things will get ugly.

The screen then goes all static again as a voice says “The following has been a paid advertisement by the New World Order.” The show fades to black showing Jeff Jarrett irate that the N.W.O. had invaded his home.

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