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Re: Canadian Man Going To Jail For Racist Forum Messages

Originally Posted by just1988 View Post
I train the University of Bolton hockey team. They're a complete bunch of idiots and often fuck up the drills which I set for them. So, I've started to make them do a lap every time one of them fucks up. Suffice to say, they don't make as many mistakes in training any more.

The same principle applies here. If the bloke's gunna go around posting stupid stuff all over the internet, he deserves his punishment (if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.) He'll soon learn to stop posting such stupid stuff and word will spread and will deter others from doing so.

They've only sentenced him to a month in prison, he'll most likely be put on a low-risk wing and just having a very boring time before being released. Giving him enough time to think and realise he shouldn't be posting such shite.
How do we decide what "stupid stuff" is? That's where the issue is. You can't give the government the power to stifle free speech at all because once they have that power it's hard to control how they use it. The legal term is precedent and if what just happened in Canada is upheld by other courts then they have just set a very dangerous precedent when it comes to the government limiting freedom of speech.
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