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Re: Oh, God. I might have to cook Thanksgiving.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
the fuck is a wk
It stands for "white knight" - it's an insult used by MRA idiots to describe any man who is civil to a woman on the internet. Apparently, the only reason to be civil or polite or kind to a woman is to obtain sex, according to their thinking. So, people being pleasant to me are trying to curry favor for a booty call.

Which is patently ridiculous. The people being helpful in this thread are just human beings being encouraging to another human being.

Also, I'm a little salty for Loudness red repping me for my Original Post, telling me to "grow up." Who wouldn't be a little nervous at the thought of being responsible for a big dinner, if they've never done it before? Age has nothing to do with it. And I've thought of some solutions, used suggestions from this thread for others, and . . . will eventually figure out what to do for the turkey. Oh, god. Let us pray I don't give everyone salmonella.

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