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Re: SPOILER *all five books* THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

^^^lol yeah that fight/chapter is fucking amazing.

Dayne could be Mance. It's possible. We've seen other characters in disguise like Griff.

But also, if Dayne was the amazing knight Jaime, Ned, and Barristan say, I just don't see him giving up the Tower of Joy. He'd have died defending it. He was a Kingsguard that wasn't guarding the king. What he was guarding was more important to the king.

Also, MANCE visits Winterfell disguised as a bard. Don't you think Ned would've recognized him? Tyrion knew who Griff was pretty quickly and I'm not sure Tryion had ever met Connington before. Tyrion is smarter than Ned, but Ned isn't clueless, especially in his homeland. I have to think he'd have recognized the perhaps the greatest swordsman to have ever lived and the man who almost killed him.

Don't really care much for Sansa. I like her chapters though, especially now that we get Baelish from her perspective.

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