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Re: Canadian Man Going To Jail For Racist Forum Messages

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
The last I checked, harassment is still a violation of the law in Canada as it is here. He better hope the people of color in the jail he is going to don't know why he is there. Get off your high horse here people. We don't live in a "free" nation. Nothing in the world is free, and that includes freedom. Stop giving me this "we have rights" bullshit because our rights are regulated by not only our government, but even the establishments that you work, and learn at. Stop giving me this the government can't take our guns because it's covered under the "Constitution", and stop with this we have free speech bullshit.

I was active for years, and the more I found out was that we actually have very little freedoms in this nation. Wake the fuck up Conservative gun owner, if the Police really wanted to take your rifles, and your guns they could. Unless you wanted to die fighting for them, there is really nothing you can do. Wake the fuck up hippie liberal political activism doesn't give you a voice when the media is ridiculing you. Both sides need to wake the fuck up, and realize you are under control whether you like it, or not. I mean this when I say bow down to the New World Order because things aren't going to change for the better.
Commie scum.

Originally Posted by Asenath View Post
He should have considered this before he involved himself in flagrant contempt of court. He was given a way to avoid jail. He did not do the required things. Et voila! Prison.
You must be a woman. No man would ever think this is a logical solution.
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